Beach Baddie

Alright it’s been a little while since I’ve posted a beauty tutorial on eyeshadow. Eyeshadow is my favorite part about doing my face and I usually stick to the same bleh, boring colors. But I thought I’d play around a little bit and show you all what I came up with.

I’ve mentioned summer like 500 times already and it isn’t stopping, no no no. It’s only begun. And I decided to take the inspirational season to work it into this post. For the first look, we have a really simple easy to do. And then the second is bolder and more complex. 


Tell me about it, Stud. 

This is a very bright look. To create this look I used a pale off white as a transition shade. Then I went in with a neutral (not warm) brown to darken my creases. Finally I used my eyeshadow from my Profusion palette, the shade Cleopatra, to golden up my lids. The shimmer is what reminds me of sand. I love this look for a day to the beach or lake. I always love gold, and I feel like this bright pop is perfect for the season. 

Tidal Wave

This eye look was my favorite. I love how perfect I got the blue crease. It looks like a freaking blue rainbow on my eyelid. This look is very dramatic and definitely noticable.

To create this look, I started with the same brown as before to buff out my outer corners. I used a greenish sparkley eyeshadow from the same Profusion palette called Mermaid and dragged it all along my crease. I kept it messy because I knew I’d be cleaning it up. Then, I used a STUNNING blue in the shade Genie in a Bottle from the same palette to really add a pop of color. I left my lid bare, kind of like a cut crease but different, because I loved the effect it gave to the look. 

This look was made for summer nights, where ever they take you. I kept the wing small, to maintain some balance. But hey, let’s not forget about the lips. 

I really wanted to have sort of a Mermaid vibe going on so I went with my metallic mouse liquid lipstick. Doesn’t it look so pretty with the matte blue? It really adds a mood to this look, am I right? 

Thanks for reading!!! I hope you draw some inspiration from these looks. It’s so fun to play around with eyeshadows for me, to expect more of these. Happy Wednesday!! 

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