Princess Peach (Spring Makeup)

If you read my makeup haul, you know that I recently picked up the Too Faced Peachy palette. It’s a really beautiful palatte that smells like peaches, and I love it a lot. I’ve been seeing peach colors all over everything for this Spring Season and I’m in love with this color trend. So I decided to put a sum sum together for y’all. 

This eye look only used the Peachy palette and black eyeliner. I love the vibrancy of these colors. They blend very well together. I also love how you can slowly build up these colors. They aren’t too pigmented at first, but you can steadily get there, which I really enjoy.

I also used a peachy liquid lip velvet. I think the liquid lip and the eyeshadow look so cute together. They match perfectly to me. I could see myself wearing this look all throughout the Spring and Summer months pulling this look off all over the place.

For this look, I uses the colors Georgia first, then I warmed up my outer corners with Candied Peach. Then deepened my creases with Summer Yum. And to really peach up and pink up my lids, I used Just Peachy. For my lips, I used the Rimmel London SHOW OFF lip velvet. I do not know the exact shade, which I apologize deeply for. 

This look made me feel adventurous and beautiful, which is what makeup is supposed to do. Thank you so much for reading and I hope this inspires your makeup looks for the upcoming season. 

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