Spring Playlist

(Hey Violet/ I do not own picture)

If you guys can’t already tell I am soooo excited for Spring to start. Winter who? I am so over it being cold and ready for it to be warm again. So to kind of get y’all in the springy mood with me, I thought I’d put together a Playlist of songs I am absolutely loving right now. I don’t take into account whether these songs are old or new, they’re just songs that I’ve been listening to and thought y’all might get a kick out of. 

1.) Hey Violet- Guys my Age 

Okay so I don’t think this song is super old but I recently just found it and have listened to it everyday since. It is super catchy and has a really cool vibe. I absolutely adore the music video and if you follow me on Twitter you would know how good the styling in this video actually is. 

2.) GIA- Straight Up 

 Gia is – I’m assuming- is a new artist coming up considering how she only has about 3 videos on her YouTube channel. I showed this song to my brother and he told me it was a cover of J. Cole’s song. I knew it was a cover, but didn’t know of who. Anyway, the way she sings is ugh, so different. I love it.

3.) Night Lovell- Trees in The Valley

This song is really cool. It has a totally new beat mixed up and a new tone. I just think this song is cool like when you’re mad or moody, or hanging out with a few people. 

4.) The Neighbourhood- Single

The vibe of this song is one that I definitely love. It’s chill, it’s soft, it’s happy but kind of serious at the same time. I don’t know. You just have to listen to it. 

5.) Beyoncé – Hold Up

Alrighty, I know I’m totally behind on the whole Lemonade game but I never really kept up with Beyoncé. But my friend Hailey told me she really liked her so I was like well let me educate myself. So I found this one, with the video of the iconic yellow dress and baseball bat and the whole time watching it I was thinking “ummm, why didn’t Beyoncé play Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad?” But anyway, this song is NOTHING like I’ve ever heard before. Like the way the song flows and stuff was only freedom in it, no structure. Super cool stuff. 

6.) Sia- The Greatest 

This song is wow. It’s very inspiring to me personally because I feel like I can be anything when I listen to it. I think Sia is so good at singing in a way that when you listen to the song, you know right away that it is her spilling her guts on this track. 

7.) Eden- Drugs 

Now you know those days where you feel like a mess and oh my gosh, life is hard, and ugh,  everyone just leave me alone,  I’m damaged hellllooooooo. That’s this song wrapped up in a blue box that’s busted up and leaking just for you. Spring and summer isn’t always you know, happy days. So here’s a song with a sick beat to take you home on a rainy night. 

8.) BANKS- Weaker Girl

If you’ve ever heard of Lorde, Lana Del Rey, or Halsey you will probably love BANKS. Especially if you have an attitude problem. Since I already gave you a song to wallow in, here’s your “fuck em” song. Spring is all about growth. This song definitely represents that. 

9.) Tove Lo- Cool Girl

Here’s your power song to get back on your feet with. Tove Lo has a way of writing songs and singing them in a way that’s cool and different and strong. Give this song a listen and feel your confidence make its way down your spine.

10.) Bea Miller- Force of Nature 

This song I picked because you know Nature and in Spring the flowers grow and all that so I thought it was a good pick and it’s always a song I like to listen to and sing really loud. It’s a feel good song. 

So as you now know, I have a moody, serious, thoughtful, and bitchy alter ego. That’s just me. A lot of this songs have that vibe. I’m usually the bubbly laughing person, so I don’t know why I listen to this music. But hey, if you usually listen to upbeat songs, give these a good listen to. You might surprise yourself. 

Thank you all for reading. I hope you enjoyed and are looking forward to the weather too. 

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