Adulting (Success) No.1

For this lifestyle post, I had the idea to share a little tip with you guys about saving some money. I thought it would be kind of cool and informative to share my successes and failures at being an adult. A lot of my friends are the same age I am, and we all have our own stories of struggling through adulthood and finding our way. So I’m going to start a little series of adulting, hopefully more sucesses than failures, as new things happen to me. 

This post will be about cooking in. I consider this an adult win because it has been emotionally and financially rewarding. 

My tip is simple: Go grocery shopping every time you decide to cook in. This helps you save money because you are only buying for the meal you are having that night, instead of buying for the entire week or so. You can get all the ingredients you need, and whatever you have leftover can be for a new meal. This prevents you from overspending. It is also a way to stay healthy, because you can buy fresh ingredients for the meal you’re having. It’s actually not pricey to buy fresh vegetables, unless you’re buying in bulk for dishes you “might” make. 

What we had this night was soup. I got this at my work for cheap, and it made enough for the next day. So instead of spending over $40 to go out, the whole meal actually cost us about $10. 

My boyfriend recently got his place, so there is a little bit of improvising to do. We didn’t have a wisk, so we used a mixing beater, and we didn’t have a latel so we used a very effective mug to scoop the soup.

We made the soup, and I had a little craving for something extra. So we put saltine crackers on a pan, melted butter to spread on them, and sprinkled garlic salt over the crackers. We baked those for a little while, and they came out pretty good. The tasted like an overprized appetizer you would get at an Italian restaurant. 

My boyfriend and I have cooked together a few times now, and it has really helped both of us save money. We get to be creative with new dinner ideas, and when an ingredient is forgotten or something, we can improvise. We have and lot of fun cooking, and everytime feels like a date. 

This tip is more aimed towards couples just starting out in the real world. It is not very realistic for big families to go grocery shopping every other night, but for those of us that are broke and trying to save a little extra cash, cooking in is a great way to have a nice little date night. 

These little experiences are really what being a young adult is all about. Struggling happens to everyone just stepping foot outside their parents’ door. More posts like this are this come. Thank you for reading. 

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