Mid-Winter Lookbook

This post is a collaboration with my really good friend Hailey. She’s a beauty that is effortlessly cute, and we had a lot of fun taking these pictures for y’all. This lookbook doesn’t have a central focal point except for the weather being cold and all these looks being comfortable. I hope you enjoy what we put together. 

 I was really feeling maroon and leggings this season and my friend Hailey was rocking sweaters. We both ended up bringing black pants which just goes to prove that when in doubt, wear black. 

This post kind of goes as a reminder that a little creativity can create a nice outfit, even if you don’t feel like wearing thousands of layers. As a side note, I had enough energy in the morning the do my makeup but not my hair, and Hailey was saying how her hair was so frizzy. My point is, don’t be rough on yourself for not always going the full distance. You still look amazing!

Hailey’s INSTA: haileymc.no

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