Fairly Local

I know what you’re thinking and YES the title is a reference to a TOP song. However, what we are talking about today for Lifestyle is something I think is very important in the world today, which is supporting your local economy. 

We live in a big box world, but there is honestly something so charming about little family owned stores and restaurants. It is so easy to find one-of-a-kind things and you can feel good knowing your money went to buying a child’s Christmas present or helping a couple pay bills. 

Yesterday I went and visited many locally owned businesses and captured these cute photos. Shopping local is way easier than you think. Instead of pouring money down the Starbucks drain, stop in to the hole in the wall coffee shop down the road. Instead of going to Walmart to find decorations for your apartment, check out the weird little antique store. Instead of going to the same store every girl shops at, check out your thrift store. (Needless to say I picked up a few thrifted items, so be prepared for that on Monday.) Yesterday I visited a cute little restaurant and had the most interesting food I’ve tasted in a long time. I’m actually going back today for another round of their tomato pumpkin bisque. It is so delicious.

It is so fun to find these places, making new memories, and putting your money where it matters. I encourage you to check out your city’s tourist website to find the things you unknowingly missed out on! 

This Monday I will be presenting a thrift haul with photos to show you what I had the priviledge to pick up. If you’re interesting in more Posts like this please do let me know!

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