Mini Winter Lookbook 2018

Mini Winter Lookbook 2018

Over the past weekend, my friend Chelsey ( and I took advantage of the nice weather we had for about 30 seconds to shoot a little winter lookbook for y’all. I feel like it’s been forever since the last time I did one of these, so I’m super excited to be creating outfits again. Let’s get into it.



The first look I have is a bit on the laid-back-grungy-side. The over-sized button up with the deep purple hue brings that out in me. I wore a simple grey t-shirt underneath with some black skinny jeans and ankle boots. A look like this is perfect for those days you don’t feel like getting dressed, but know you would feel better trying a little bit. It was definitely the most comfortable of all these looks. This is something I wear on a regular basis throughout the winter.

Wintertime Sadness:

I don’t know what it is about this look that is so moody. The grey wall just feels like winter and the soft pink amps up the mellow vibes. What I did to create this was wear a monochromatic pink t-shirt dress with the same grey top as the first look. I tied the shirt in a knot to make the silhouette more chic. The thigh high socks are for warmth and as you can see the boots are versatile.

To me, this outfit has a very blurred line between soft grunge and sad prep? What I’m saying is, I don’t know who I am. And I feel like this look definitely reads that. Maybe that’s why I love it so much.

I hope I’ll be able to wear cute dresses like this again in the near future. We’ll see. With this weather being warm and cold, it’s hard to know what to dress like in the mornings. I am a huge fan of layering, and I would love to continue being bold with dresses this season.


This look plays around a lot with neutrals. It has the neutral dress and shoes, the white socks, and the pale pink. I did the same thing with the prior look, where I threw a top over my dress. I like doing this to layer up and recreate a basic dress into a functional skirt. It keeps me warm while also letting me wear some of my favorite pieces. You could always throw on some cute tights underneath if the socks aren’t enough.


Are overalls still a thing? I don’t even care. This look gives me Nancy Wheeler inspiration. The stripes matched with overalls has and always will be a major mood. I’ve had these overalls for two years, and after being made fun of when I wore them the first time, I thought I’d put them up for good. But here we are, fresh into the new year, and I’m ready to venture out of my comfort zone again.

The dark denim overalls really set this look apart from other recreations. To make sure your figure still shows through, I like to wear a crop top underneath instead of a full t-shirt. I feel like the artist I am in this outfit. I honestly love this. I paired this look with my black faux leather booties.

Thanks for reading everybody. Chelsey and I had a lot of fun making this for you. I hope it inspires some look for y’all in the future.

Styling Tips 


A really important part of fashion is knowing how to style your clothes and finding unique versatile pieces to mix and match. This technique will give your outfits a strong dose of your beautiful personality which is what fashion is really all about.

In this blog post I wanted to show you 2 pieces that were easy to find, fun to style, with 2 seperate looks. The 2 pieces are my black thin material button down shirt and my heeled faux leather boots.




For this first look, I used the same dress for my post “Button Down Beauty”, the black shirt overtop, and my purple boots. This is a very simple look that’s easy to create but fun to prance around in.

The second look is another dress, but this one is a high neck ribbed grey fit and flare dress. This look, although undoubtedly similar to the first, differs in mood and tone. Whereas the first look is playful, this look is very serious and brings a whole new vibe to the table.




Adding simple accessories like a belt or high socks, or lightweight clothing pieces such as a jacket or tights can add a lot to one outfit to help you stand out in a crowd. The button down changes the look from being just of a dress, and the boots add sophistication to the overall look.

1st look dress: Forever 21

2nd look dress: Urban Outfitters 

Photographer: William Wolfe @

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