Tips for Daily Care

In the midst of the hustle and bustle, there are very tiny gaps. And in these gaps lies the land of unhealthy foods, naps, and desperate attempts of getting dressed in a timely manner to get to class. We’re students. Or moms. Or hardworkers in general, and in the middle of it all, we waste the free time, and end up even more behind. 

So I am here to say that I too have fallen victim many-a-times to the grind. I have forgotten to eat, sleep, wash my hair, wash my clothes, and so much more due to working my a$$ off. But I decided enough was enough. 

So, here are some tips to use if you’re a busy buzz buzz bee like me. We got to help each other out, you know. I hope this works out for everyone. 


As soon as you get home, do the thing. The thing you were thinking about on the ride home. Whether it’s “I need to take a shower tonight,” or “I got to print this thing out,” or “I need to read Chapter blah”. As soon as you lock the door behind you and take your shoes off, do that thing. 

This will help you maintain a productive state. I know the feeling of your toes hitting your familiar floors and the urge to just crawl back into bed. I know that feeling well. That feeling is a close friend of mine. But sometimes, you just can’t always text back toxic friends. So block it out, and stay focused. 

If you get everything done as soon as you can, without distracting yourself with relaxation, when the time comes, you’ll be able to actually sleep. You’ll rest easy knowing that whatever you had to do, is already done. You may actually start dreaming again, with the peace of mind you’ll receive. 

  • A little victory is a victory 

Sometimes when people think of self care, they think skincare routine, polished fingernails, a clean room, and blah blah blah. The truth is, you simply can’t do everything everyday. If you don’t feel passionate about skin care, take it easy on the routine. Sometimes self care is as simple as brushing your hair that day. Don’t let the thought of relaxing stress you out. 

  • Eat something 

My main issue when I’m busy is that I don’t eat. I just don’t get hungry. Like I might once throughout the day, but otherwise I’m too worried about due dates and stuff to eat. This is very bad for me. It makes me tired, grumpy, and sick. If you’re like me, I recommend canned foods. 

Things like soups, green beans, and chili helped me out because all I needed was to grab a can out of the pantry and head to school. I didn’t have to wake up extra early and pack an Instagram worthy lunch, or spend a load of money on food. This isn’t always the healthiest option though, so pay attention to what canned foods you’re buying. 

I also recommend cereals. If you’re capable of eating cereal dry, that is the way to go. Or you could also try trail mix. This is an easy thing to prepare, that you can snack on continuously throughout the day to keep you full. 

  • Don’t forget about your passions 

I always tell people that one of the main reasons I started this blog was because I was so caught up in making money and school that I no longer did the things I love. Having a blog with an audience really keeps me motivated to continue being creative, doing the things I really enjoy to share with y’all, and remember what I’m working so hard for anyways. This blog has changed the route of my life in more ways than one. 

I’ve met good friends, figured out who my true friends are, tried new things, and it keeps me connecting to the hobbies and interests I have. Also, hearing back from you gives me encouragement to keep going, and whenever I have a bad day, I always remind myself of the goals of this blog. 

So yes, while making money and hustling is addicting, and it seems like you really are being productive, it can easily steer you away from your true goals. So make sure to carve out some time for reading, or writing, or makeup, or whatever it is that you like to do. This will help you mentally.

  • Sad days are sick days. 

A lot of people don’t understand that mental health is just as important as physical health. So if one morning you wake up and you’re literally in pain with a headache due to all your tasks, go back to sleep. Miss that day of school, or call in sick to work because yes, you are sick. Take some time to calm down, and when you’re ready, get up and finish whatever tasks are bothering you. Usually when I have a ton of homework, or my room is an absolute disaster, or I couldn’t sleep the night before, I just need to take the day off. Stress takes a major toll on you. Take that into account. 

  • Ask for help

Honestly, asking for help is not always easy for me. I like to feel like I have everything under control. I can say, “I did this and this and this with no help”. And that’s great. But you know what happens next? Now I’m exhausted, feel unappreciated, uncared for, and overwhelmed, when really, all I have to do is ask my mom, or dad, or my boyfriend, and they’ll be more than happy to help me. It is okay to admit that you actually don’t have control over every single aspect in life. 

  • You can look like shit 

Now that I run this fashion lifestyle blog, I feel pressure to dress up every single day. And sometimes, what I consider an interesting outfit, others consider trash. And lol, that’s okay. I have a great sense of fashion, but not a great sleep schedule. I don’t have to prove every single day exactly who I am. I can go to my Monday class wearing pajamas, and guess what. I’m still fashionable, just not today. I know a lot of times on self care tips or whatever they’ll tell you to dress up. They say something like “when you look good, you feel good”. And I say that’s it the other way around. When you feel good, you look good. So if you feel good in sweatpants and a T-shirt, or heels and a dress, then honey you are fire everyday of the week. 

I hope these tips help y’all out. These are more geered to your mental self care rather than physical self care. Share this post for your friends and family who may need some tips on relaxing. Have a great rest of your week. Peace,

Emma Katy 

Adulting (Success) No. 3 How to: Money Management 

My whole life I’ve been a money saver. When I would get money for birthdays or holidays it would always be put away for a later occasion. I’m not sure why that mentality always stuck with me, but I’m grateful for it. My family members know that I’m very strict on myself (and quite stingy to say the least) about how and when I spend my money. God has blessed me with a sense of financial security to the point where I feel pretty confident at even my young age. I thought I should share my tactics with my readers and maybe they would help you as you make your way into the adult life with me. 

The most important thing I want to discuss with you is where to put your money. I currently have 3 different accounts. 

  1. First of all I have my savings account. This account is pretty self explanatory. Not everyone is in the position to save up a whole lot of money at one time. But for example small dollars and coins will actually go a long way. Saving coins played a big part with helping me buy my first car. For my situation (and probably many of yours as well for college students) you may not have many bills -I pay my car insurance- so if I made $250 to $300 that week (working part time for example) I would put $100 in my savings account. I did this no matter what. It takes a lot, but I suck it up and say “this is going to help me start my own business one day” and just do it. 
  2. The second account I have is my Bills/Emergency account. This is another savings account, but there’s more leeway with this one. Say one week you strike a little gold (instead of $250 you make $273.45) that extra $23.45 would go into this bills account leaving you with $250. Then you would put the $100 in the other account. Now you’re probably saying to yourself “Lol yeah right. That extra 23 bucks could buy me like 4 or 5 coffees.” I know, I know, but doing this will slowly build up another pile of money that you can withdraw your bill money from, like a little safety net protecting you from poking into your savings. Now if something comes up and you need an extra $35 or $60 dollars you weren’t expecting to dish out this week, you have a nice little stash you can withdraw from. 
  3. Your checking account is the last one. It’s where all your spending money lies. So to recap you had $273.45. Put a little in your emergency account leaving you with $250.00. Put more in your savings which leaves you with a huge amount of $150.00. So this money management is obviously aimed at someone with perhaps a part time job and only a few bills, not grown adults with children and such because obviously I’m in no position to give advice on that. Okay, so for a 19 year old college student like me I look at that $150.00 and I see $20.00 for gas, some money for food and hanging out with friends, and maybe a small trip to Sephora. 

    But the holy grail pot of gold way of growing your money is this last tip. Now that you have $150.00, try to spend around $80.00 or $120.00 until next pay day. You’ve already did the responsible stuff by putting money and way in savings, and now I’m telling you not to spend the rest??? By all means yes, treat yourself. But if you spend less money then you make, you will eventually gain more and more money. 

    Let’s say you spent $120, leaving you with $30. The next week you do the responsible stuff and end up with $180. Spend some of that and the next week you end up with $200. The next week you end up with $245 and so on. This last tip will get you where you need to be where you can stop living pay check to pay check. Trust me on that. It takes a hell of a lot of discipline to tell yourself “No, I don’t need large fries on the way home.” Or “No, I can just wait until Friday to go get that book I really want”. It is super super super hard, but trust me, it pays off so well. 

    Now they are also some small ways of saving. Something I always did was put my coins in a piggy bank and rolled them up. Like I said, doing this gave me a few extra hundred dollars for buying my car. There have been stories of people saving like $700 in coins alone. How awesome is that? That could be you. 

    Another way is being unafraid to ask for discounts. When I buy work shoes I ask if they have a coupon I can use (since obviously I don’t just buy nonslip shoes for no reason) and they give about 15% off. Or if you go out to eat, ask if they have any specials going on right now. Also, looking for coupons before you go shopping is a get way to save a little extra money. 

    So far this is how I’ve been managing whatever kind of income I do rally up. I hope it helps the other struggling adults out there like myself. Thanks for reading!!

    Adulting Failure (No. 2) 

    As many of you know, becoming an adult is about one of the worst you could do. But here we are, at our late teens and early twenties, making our struggles through life. I did have a little bit of success, which you can read here. For me personally, I have many responsibilties. I always thought I was pretty good at giving the right amount of attention to each task, but lately it seems my attention span has been getting shorter and shorter. 

    Sometimes I think about my mom. She goes to school, goes to work, handles us, and a thousand things I don’t even know about. If she can keep track of so much, then surely I can remember the stuff I have to do. 

    A new thing I’ve been doing is scheduling my weeks by dates, and writing down every single task I have to do that week. Here’s a screenshot: 

    So here I have Monday through Sunday. Seeing as today is Friday, I’ve already finished a lot of the stuff I had to this weekend. I’ve also started a new system where I print out a paper calendar, and write down significant events. 

    I have 2017 print out so far. And have as many important things written down as I can. But if I’m being for real with you, it is not enough. 

    I don’t know what to do guys. But as a grown up, you have to keep track of your days. If anybody has any ideas please let me know. 

    Let this post serve as a reminder that nobody has all their stuff together. Everybody is struggling with something, whether it’s school, work, family, time, or money. We all have our stresses, especially as a young adult. And I don’t know about you, but I always hear “you’re so young; what do you have to worry about?” And honestly, all of us have stuff to worry about. 

    I think the main reason why I have such a hard time keeping everything in order is because I have so many new plans. I have a lot planned out for the next few months, including things for this blog. It’s an extremely busy but exciting time right now, which is what our late teens and early twenties are andll about! Don’t get too down on yourself if you don’t have it all figured out. None of us do.