Breezy Beautiful

Today is Monday which means I got a new look to show y’all. If you haven’t noticed, the weather here in East Texas has easily reached the 70’s on a normal basis. Time to ditch the skinny jeans for me. Usually during the summer my wardrobe consists of shorts, dresses, or swim suits. So I decided to go on the lookout for some new articles of clothing to stay slaying this summer. 

I picked up these really cute pair of army green pants at Old Navy the other day. They’re baggy like sweatpants but loose and flowy like a dress. 

I got a size 4 but I think I maybe should of gotten a size 2. I like for these to fit high waisted, and these easily sink to my hips. But I love how comfortable these pants are. They’re breezy enough so I can wear these well into the summer without fainting of heat stroke. 

This shirt is the same way. It’s this peach button up blouse from H&M. This shirt can be worn by itself or over another t-shirt as y’all know I love to wear. It was about 77 degrees outside today, but this outfit was so nice to be out in. 

And then we have these killer sunglasses. These are Micheal Kors black aviators my mom got me for Christmas. They make me feel like I actually know what I’m doing when it comes to this whole fashionista thing. In order to highlight this accessory, I pulled my hair back with a simple black headband. 

The best thing about taking pictures with my boyfriend is he makes me laugh all the time. I put my hand up to shield my face and he was like “put your sunglasses on. That’s what they’re there for.” It makes me giggle every time I look at this picture. 

Finally, we have these (a little bit dirty) shoes from H&M. I’ve been seeing these half shoes all over the place and finally found these adorable ones when I was out shopping. They’re black and made with soft suede material. They’re very different than anything I’ve seen. My boyfriend teases me and calls them “elf shoes”. I love them so much. As I was saying earlier, I wanted to venture out and find new things. Usually I wear flip flops during the summer, but these slip-ons are my new go-to shoes. 

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1 Piece 3 Ways 

Today I wanted to do a little something different and show y’all how you can get 3 different vibes from the same article of clothing. My boyfriend photographed me for this one, and he had me cracking up laughing the whole time. This is a fun thing I wanted to do, and I hope y’all like it as much as we enjoyed making it. What I’m styling for you today are these stunning pair of black pleated trousers. I’ve been looking for some comfortable pants to wear besides jeans and thought these were so cute. I got them from Forever 21. I ordered a size medium, and think these fit me pretty perfectly. 


For this look, I wore my Chevron stripe sweatshirt that I got from F21 also, and some black booties I got from JCPenny like forever ago. I tucked in my sweatshirts to give me some form, because these pants are not very form fitting at all. I like this look for a cute date night out walking, and it’s definitely great for colder months.


This look is so cute. The colors are adorable and the silhouette is incredible. I wore this mock neck pink thin sweater that I actually cropped myself to accompany the pants and booties. I see me wearing this to a play at the theatre or a restaurant where they have cloth napkins and expensive light fixtures. If crop tops are your thing, this look is a treasure you have to try out. 

Cool girl:

This last one is my favorite look. Please let me know which one is your favorite. This look was the most comfortable of all. I wore a form fitting grey and black striped tee with this bottom down shirt I thrifted. This outfit can go anywhere, from something as simple as a walk downtown or something cute like a casual date. 

All of these looks are different, but use the same base, these gorgeous pants. I have never owned a pair of pants like these before, but I love them a lot. My favorite parts are the high waisted feature and the pleated design. 

If you’re interested in more posts like this, please leave a comment to let me know. Thank you all so much for reading. It truly means the world to me. 

Embroidery Babe

Embroidery is everywhere right now. It’s on jackets, crop tops, bralettes, jeans, just about anything you can imagine. I love this embroidery trend. I feel like it’s shedding light on a last art. You can find embroidered pieces just about anywhere, like Urban Outfitters, Romwe, and where I got this gorgeous satin jacket, Forever 21. 

This jacket is probably one of the sickest bomber jackets I’ve ever seen. It has this beautiful embroidery design of flowers and little blue birds down the front. I got a medium and it fits like a glove. It’s warm to keep you from shivering on these last windy days, but light enough to wear into the spring. I paired it with my tank top I got from 2020AVE, some simple black skinny jeans, and black sneakers. I love how this jacket looks with the pattern underneath, and it would look great with a monochromatic shirt as well. 

The look, feel, and style of this jacket gives the ultimate cool girl vibes. It is so easy to style, which definitely makes one of these a staple to any wardrobe. But if it’s already scolding hot where you live and you can’t help yourself from loving embroidery, I would try out some t-shirts or embroidered shoes. It’s an extra pop of color and texture that kicks an outfit up a knotch. 

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