Fall Haul (Pt. 2)

Everyone, I have a confession to make. I am a shopaholic.

I know. Who would’ve guessed? Well, probably my boyfriend.

Last Monday I showed you some new pieces I bought over the weekend. Wednesday I showed you some looks from a new eyeshadow palette I got. And Friday I was sick… but here we are Monday and as promised, I have Part 2 of my Fall Haul ready to go for y’all. Brace yourself. This is one of my best shoots yet.

This haul was created to highlight the new items I bought from Forever 21. Unfortunately, this post is not sponsored.

Starry Day:

Yellow, we meet again. And I see you brought your old pals mom jeans and ankle booties. How clever of you.

This color yellow is a more vibrant hue than I would normally shoot for. But as soon as I laid eyes on it, I fell for the stars. It was unique. It was dramatic. And it’s super soft.

The purple boots balance this look perfectly. This is an ideal example of how contrasting colors can really bring an outfit together. The top and the jeans are both from Forever 21. I’m back on my high waisted craze.

Queen B:

Queen of damn near everything and it’s about time y’all recognize. You all saw this killer crop top in my last Haul post because I just got it. I saw the fishnets online and immediately thought of this top and thus the outfit was born.

Fishnets were really trending starting in the spring, and over the summer. However, I’m FINALLY jumping on the band wagon, just as everyone else is hopping off. I do not mind that at all. The fishnets look so good under these jeans, the crop top lets them peep through on my midsection, and your girl slays. As usual.

This look totally gives me 90’s grunge mixed with modern high end style vibes. It’s the fishnets combined with the GUCCI rip off and the heels that do the trick. I’m in awe. This was definitely one of my favorite outfits.

As the weather slowly changes from scorching hot to mildly chilling, a look like this is perfect to transfer from day to night. The crop top is not too much, the jeans are loose fitting, and the entire fit is comfy. Ahhhhhhh!!! I need more cropped hoodies!

Vintage Babe:

Vintage has never been a style I go for. It just wasn’t anything I was into. I loved grunge and girly things in high school, but slowly I find myself bouncing between vintage and streetwear looks, or mix matching the two. For the look above, I kept the fishnets on, changed into my HUF shirt that I also got last weekend, and changed my jeans….

LOOK AT THESE JEANS!!! You can see from my face how comfy they are. They’re two toned, the left leg being the medium wash and the right leg being the light wash. I admire these jeans.

The reason this look reads as vintage is because I get the vision of a mom taking two completely different colored jeans, having to sew them together and hand them down for their kid. I love it. A piece like this would usually be completely out of my comfort zone, but I’m into it.

If pants aren’t your thing, F21 has a skirt and I believe a jacket version just like these. I hope these become a major trend. Go get your piece for they’re all gone.

Moto Baddie:

I am warning y’all right now, do not sleep on me this season.

Red and yellow are calling my name, but burnt orange will always be my fave. The jacket, the jeans, the boots, I got it all honey. You need it too.

The jacket is the Red Moto jacket from Forever 21. Every girl deserves a nice faux leather jacket, and while it used to be that black was the staple, I am living for this red one. Dare to stand out my ladies.

I used my hand painted boots to bring this look together. If you love these booties as much as me, fear not, they will soon be up for sale on my Depop. I got you covered, don’t worry.

Thank you for reading. I hope you loved this post as much as I loved putting it together for y’all. Shoutout to Cassidy for taking these super awesome photos for me.

If you’re enjoying these hauls/ mini lookbooks, let me know. They’re one of my favorite things to do. Let these looks inspire you this season. I’d love to see any recreations you come up with.

Until next time,

Emma Katy

Spring Lookbook (2017)

It’s that time again for a LOOKBOOK! This is by far one of my favorite things to write about and create for you guys. It is so much fun every time and my beautiful friend/model/photographer Hailey is such a wonderful partner for this. You can check out our first Mid Winter lookbook here.

February is the shortest month of the year, so before we know it, Winter will be over and Spring will be here. Y’all know what that means!! Flowers, allegeries, and wardrobe additions. (While doing this shoot, we also got to go shopping, so I may be posting another Haul soon!!!)

This lookbook is mainly centered around crop tops, shorts, flats and we even played around with some velvet! Okay, here we go.

Here is our first crop top. Hailey told me that she’s definitely feeling these forest green colors, and I think the color looks so great on her. I also LOVE her light wash jeans. I see light wash jeans and shorts trending into the Spring season.

Extra Points for Tucking in My Shirt

Well here is a sneak peek of that haul I may create. So we went to the mall before taking pictures and an H&M recently opened up. You could see my excitement on my Twitter (JeSuisArt). So I got these pleated shorts that Hailey and I are LIVING for. The shirt is such a good investment. It has an embroidered quote that says “Life is rocky when you’re a gem.” And a little diamond. How cute!!! These sandals don’t really match. I broke the whole “don’t wear brown with black” rule, but I think it actually looks pretty nice.

Her Smile is SO CUTE!

For this look, Hailey brought this super pretty dusty rose crop top that we both adore. I think the best part is the high neck element it bring to the table. Hailey is super great at picking colors, as I see this color merging it’s way into Spring. Crop tops were trending last year as well, and I think they will continue to still be relevant. We loved this top so much, we decided to share it!

Now the style piece in the outfit above is most definitely the shorts. They are amazing. I love prints all of the sudden, and they can be so much fun to play with. I’ve been checking out other bloggers and we all agree; stripes are totally gonna be hitting the sidewalks this season. I switched out my sandals for these adorable lace up flats. This outfit is destined for the beach.

So as I said earlier, we went shopping at H&M and Hailey picked up these beautiful, high waisted, no pocket having shorts. I think they fit her body wonderfully and look so cute paired with this all black crop top. Doesn’t she look gorgeous? Crop tops ARE for everyone and honestly, it is a huge barrier to break. I didn’t feel comfortable wearing crop tops until around this year, and still have a hard time feeling confident with my tiny belly punge. But I’m slowly merging into them, and maybe if I drink more smoothies, they’ll become more popular for me. If you have worries about incorporating crop tops into your wardrobe, have no fear. You can totally work it!!!

Here’s that velvet we were talking about

This is our finale piece. Here we have for you guys the stripes, the crop top, the velvet and the shoes. It wouldn’t be spring for me if I didn’t wear a dress. And this one I got at an outlet store, and quite honestly I hate the top. I don’t appreciate the neckline of this dress, or its sleeves. But I had the idea to through this almost see through top on over it, and wow, it changes up the look completely. And the jacket, can we just rage about the jacket for a second? This jacket came with a dress in the exact same print, however the dress became too small for me so I gave it away. But I totally kept the jacket because I’m not crazy, you know. I’ve had this thing since about freshman year, but you can only wear a statement piece like this so many times. Velvet bomber jackets, and bomber jackets in general, are circulating the magazines once more. I almost bought a silk floral one from H&M that was too die for and super cheap. Now I’m kicking myself for it.

Hailey and I had such a fun time putting this together for y’all. After we were done, we went and pigged out at Panera Bread that you can see behind us. I recently got some makeup and clothes, so if you’re interested in seeing a haul of those things please let me know. Thank y’all so much for reading. Follow me for more updates via email and I will see you Wednesday.

Haileys INSTA: haileymc.no

My INSTA: Emmakaty_

Valentine’s Day Outfits

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and I thought I could put together a few romantic 0utfits for the love filled day. I know for some people, Valentine’s Day can be a lonely time, but there is no law saying you can’t dress up and love yourself. So in this collection I put together some Valentine themed outfits, that you could use for a dinner date, club night with your girlfriends, or a casual errand run.


This first outfit is for a casual day time look, playing around with a pale pink. I love the shape of this top.

This shirt is thrifted, the pants are a few years old, and these shoes are from a piano performance.

I love the simplicity of this outfit. It’s really just the top that is so gorgeous, but I think the shoes add a touch of sophistication that elevates this look to the next level.

A little extra detail I added was a flower bow on top of my low bun. It added a little bit of femininity.

I can see anyone wearing this outfit to a movie date, or anywhere that doesn’t require too much uncomfort.

 Courageous Night Out

For this look, I grabbed a jacket to protect myself from the chilly nights. I’m wearing my velvet dress from my 2020Ave Haul, which you could read here. I wore the same adorable shoes, and a pink lace bralette underneath, to insure I didn’t have any wardrobe mishaps.

The best part of this dress, is the crushed velvet. I love how the colors move and bounce off the light.

I also cant get over the way it looks with this jacket. The grey looks good with the grey undertones in the velvet. I love the length, and the way this outfit makes me feel.

Ugh, this dress would be so cute for a dancing date, or something fun for Valentine’s, like going to the arcade or something. I don’t know, that’s just where I see myself in a killer dress like this I guess. Fancy or childish are the only two routes you could go.

Romantic Date 

This next dress is a cliche Valentine’s Day dress, but it is stunning. Are you ready? Here it comes.

The color. The lace. The elegance, I can’t stand it. This dress makes me feel like a wandering Arhrodite, and I cannot shake the feeling.

You could do so much with this dress. You could throw a little cardigan over it, put a belt on it to flare it up, add a scarf or thigh high socks, and you’re good to go. It’s the perfect color for drinking wine in (which I won’t be doing lol. I’m not 21 yet), or eating chocolate covered strawberries in, as it probably won’t stain.

The high low style of this dress is really what gets me I think. I love feeling of the delicate lace brushing against the back of my legs. I put a jeweled headband on, which I think was a nice add on for the outfit.

So there you have it, soft pinks, deep reds, and simple silhouettes are the way to go this Valentine’s Day. I hope everyone had a super fun time!! Thanks for reading. Be sure to follow me with your email for an update everytime I post something trendy!