What’s In My Bag (for back to school)

I’m honestly pretty excited to start school this semester. I got some new supplies, which I’m super eager to use. The past school year was a hot mess. It was just constant running around and forgetting things. It seemed that no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get organized. And if it wasn’t for me taking duel credit courses this year, I would be behind. So over the summer I decided to buckle down for real this semester and start taking care of my business. 

Having your supplies organized and having a specific system in place can help a lot. In high school, I memorized everything. I have a great visual memory, so reading or rewriting the same phrases over and over again helped me pass all the tests. However, in college, the whole structure is different. A lot of the work is on your own, the note taking is continuous, and since you don’t get to see your instructor every single day of the week, you have to investigate some of the questions on your own. 

I did not realize any of that last year, but I have now and it’s time to redeem myself. So anyways, let’s get into what I’m keeping with me everyday to keep me well structured. 

(I didn’t include my school bag because I’m pretty sure I will be getting a new one.)

The first thing I want to show y’all is this makeup bad that I’m using as a pencil bag. This little egg guy is so inspirational. Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed in class, I just look at it, and I’m like “yeah, me too buddy”.

And it’s literally the exact size I needed for my pens and prncils. Makeup bag for the win. 

This little rectangular box is kind of like my organization station. I got this pretty thing from Staples, and it comes with post-it notes, an eraser, binder clips, paper clicks and magnets. I really love this, the only problem is that it isn’t secure. The little pieces keep falling out. I’m going to need to do something about that. 

I like having the post-its being the same design. And I used them to label my $0.25 notebooks by class. I got 4 of these spiral notebooks, and a little journal one that I’m turning into a bullet journal for school. Here’s a peep inside:

I’m new to bullet journaling, but with everything going on now, with school and my first job, my somewhat second job, this blog, and just everything else that comes with life, saying I’m busy is an understatement. But I think this would be a cool way to keep me really organized. I want to do an entirely separate post about my bullet journal, so I won’t go too much into detail here.

Not pictured is the tiny stapler I bought myself, my hygiene kit that I bring with me that has an extra toothbrush and hand sanitizer in it, because honestly I just never know where I’m gonna end up these days. I’m thinking of getting more tiny bags to keep things in, because I hate when there’s a bottomless mess in my school bag. I’m hoping to develop a system that works well for me, and to keep this blog up and running on its feet. 

I’m sorry for the late post. I thought I was going to have enough time yesterday to post, but I was mistaken. I know better now, and will keep adjusting to make sure I bring y’all the best content I can muster up! 

Thanks for everyone’s support. Thank you for reading, liking, commenting, sharing, all of it really means so much to me. I’ll let you know how this new system goes, and share whatever tips I gain. 


Emma Katy 

Closet PurgingĀ 

Lately I’ve been showing you all the new stuff I’ve been buying for my summer wardrobe. And there’s most likely more to come seeing as I still haven’t found the perfect one piece, and I could always use more dresses. 

But there is an ugly side to the changing season shopping, which is running out of room in your closet. There’s stuff from winter that I obviously won’t wear right now, but I love. So what is there to do? 

My biggest problem is T-shirts. As y’all know I’m dedicated to picking up T-shirts whenever I can. However, this is a space hazard to my closet. A good way I’ve learned to get rid of some of my old T-shirts is to turn the logo into a patch. Some people make blankets out of their old T-shirts, but I think making the logo into a patch gives me more freedom to be creative. I can put the patch on another clothing piece or something later. 

Then, there’s just plain old giving your old (lightly worn) clothes away to a donation center. This can kind of back fire on me because I go thrift shopping a lot, and I’m pretty sure I almost picked up one of my old pieces once. Besides that, it’s a great way to give back to your community and purge your old clothes. 

I’ve had to part with some pieces recently that I never thought I’d get rid of. But doing this is like a cleansing experience. I think every season deserves a purge. I still need to get rid of some tank tops that are way too small for me right now. You can purge (and should) with a lot of things. My hardest purging is with my shoes and art supplies. But it really, really, needs to get done. 

I get rid of a clothing piece if I can no longer see a new outfit, or at least not one that makes me feel like I want to wear it tomorrow. Also, if the shirt isn’t big enough to become pajamas, it’s got to go. 

Jeans are hard to trash, or give away, because new jeans are so expensive. I really am stingy when it comes to jeans. I think that’s way I’ve started to test out new types of shorts and pants. But unfortunately, my life always leads back to a desperate need for a few good pairs of jeans. I no longer want to deny myself that treasure. Some jeans I wear now are so uncomfortable, but I think it’s time to cut them out my life. I recently watched a cool DIY video about using old jean pockets as organization decoration. I think I may try it out. I’ll link the video here

A few tips for closet purging: 

  1. If the item no longer speaks to you, toss it. 
  2. If you’re really low on room, toss an item that looks similar to another item. 
  3. Try on old clothing pieces you love, but haven’t worn in awhile to see if they still fit. (I have dresses I save for special occasions but when I try them on, they no longer fit me comfortably) 
  4. If an item holds sentimental value, try finding a way to re-purpose it. 
  5. Think of the new clothing you want to buy while tossing old clothes. (It helps) 
  6. Box up seasonal clothing (sweaters, thigh high socks, and jackets) and move them to a new location until that season arrives once more. (Like early Christmas) when you open that box again, you may find pieces you no longer like and completely forgotten about, which will help you toss it.

I hope you found this post helpful. There are Youtube videos you could watch too, if you’re having this similar problem as me. 


Emma Katy