My Red Obsession 

When I was in high school, there were a few things I hated and would never wear. I hated sweatpants, ballet flats (my favorite shoe were high tops or ankle booties), knee high boots, and a few other things. Among all of my very closed minded hated fashion was the color red. 

Red was like a crime to nature. I hated everything that looked red. I wouldn’t wear it, I wouldn’t draw or paint with it. Nothing. Nah dah. And as how I’ve stopped being so closed about the other things I stuck my nose up to (now I even wear sweatpants to work if the opportunity arrises) my wardrobe is now craving red. 

I’ve been wearing this red shirt like everyday for the past week. I love it with shorts and flats. It’s my boyfriends, so it’s oversized. It’s simply a bright red, so I have no idea why I love it so much right now, but I can’t get over it. 

Next is this button up revlon shirt. It has thin red stripes, but also other colors too, like black and green. It can be paired with a lot of things, my favorite being this black tank top and my green pants that I wore in my Breezy Beautiful post. It’s so weightless for summer, I can’t get enough of the silhouette either.

I realized I really liked red when I randomly put on red nail polish. Me? And red nail polish? That’s like never happened. What is even happening to me right now??? I also painted with it. 

That’s right. I painted these shoes. The original soles were a dark brown, and perfectly fine. But inspiration struck, and I went through all of my paints to (for some reason) pick RED!!! These shoes just need another coat of red, and a top layer to protect the color, and they’ll be good to go. Now I’m surrounded by it at all times. I’m even covering up with a red blanket as I write this. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse:

I’m drinking red things too. I officially have a problem. Shirts, shoes, nails, and now I’m ingesting it. I can’t help myself. 

I used to surround myself with cool colors, like blue, green, and purple. But now all the sudden I’m drawn to oranges, yellows, and especially red. I don’t know if it’s because of the summer or if it has something to do with my emotional or mental state, no clue. Just another thing in my life that’s changing. 

Thank you for reading!! I thought this would be a funny little thing to write about. Let me know if you have any current obsessions you can’t get enough of. See you soon!


Emma Katy

Style Icons I Adore

Fashion and style can be very complex things. It’s kind of interesting how people are drawn to completely different things to put on their bodies. Lately, I’ve really been trying to dive into the world of fashion, and I realized fashion is like a sculpture. You can shape and mold your own fashion world, and create worm holes to allow others in. There’s not only one fashion world, there’s millions of individual ones. So this blog post is really my appreciation of some ladies and their fashion world, and how the grass doesn’t always have to be green on the other side. It can be any color you want.

1) Kallie Kaiser 

Kallie Kaiser is a YouTuber that I follow. She is effortlessly pretty and super cool. She posts a lot of clothing hauls and look books (which are my favorite things to watch) but she also does GRWM’s and the occasional tutorial. I’ve been following her for awhile now and she never fails to surprise me. I love her sense of style, because it is full of variety, but totally matches her personality. One thing about her is she is obsessed with stars. 

She is also the master of natural makeup and lace/mesh tops. Everything she wears is daring, edgy, with a distinguishable touch of femininity.  Kallie is always up-to-date on the latest trends. Her hauls wouldn’t be complete without a new pair of Jeffrey Cambell’s. I always go to her channel when I’m looking for new stores to check out or trends I want to try out. Check her out on Youtube. You won’t regret it.

2) Rena Lovelis 

If you read my Spring Playlist you would see the band Hey Violet on there. Rena Lovelis is the lead singer of that band. I fell in love with the band and their style while watching their music video for Guys My Age. She is like my alter ego. If my personality was like anyone else’s, I would want to have her cute smile and powerful spunk. I mean, the bomber jacket in the picture above would’ve been cool with a collar, but without one it looks insanely stylish!! If I saw that in the store and picked it up, I would be so confused I wouldn’t even try it on. She’s the kind of person that would, which I commend her for. 

This girl is like the embodiment of the word “cool.” Her voice, her dance moves, her style, and most importantly her hair! You’ve got to check out their music, especially if you’re a moody teen girl like me. You’ll be dancing all the way to H&M.

3) GiGi Hadid

I know what you’re thinking: “obviously”. GiGi is beautiful, and ever since I saw her I knew her style was inspirational to me. I mean, Look at those pants! I never wanted a pair of pants like that until this picture. Her smile is adorable, and I think she is talented. I think she could make a garbage bag and crocs a trend. She is the queen of crop tops in my opinion. 

I mean, without those glasses in the picture above, this outfit would be pretty basic. I love how everything is tied in in all of her outfits and it reminds me that simple silhouettes can be chic. That’s what I appreciate most. How she somehow dresses up basics so easily, you don’t even notice. 

4) Zendaya

Zendaya has been a goddess since day one. No matter what she puts on, it always glows. Everything about Zendaya says sweet and smart, which I love. She gives off such a confident but welcoming vibe, I wish I could be her friend. I remember always being amazed at her award appearances outfits and how her evolving style never failed to posses elegance. There’s just something about her.

She’s bold. Trendy. Fearless. I love it. One of the things that also impressed me was her hair. She has pulled off so many different hairstyles, don’t shoot me if I say she reminds me of the flawlessness of Rihanna. I expect many more looks from her. She’s on my radar. 

Thank you all so much for reading. Fashion can be a VERY competitive thing, so I wanted to take some time out to throw a little shine on other goddesses. While getting dressed up is so fun, it can also be imtimidating. Don’t be jealous of your local fashionistas. I used to be, but then I realized that we were just different. There’s nothing wrong with that. 

Confidence is the best accessory. -unknown

Thank you for reading!! Spread some love to yourself and others. Come back soon.

(I do not own any pictures above).


Emma Katy 

        Embroidery Babe

        Embroidery is everywhere right now. It’s on jackets, crop tops, bralettes, jeans, just about anything you can imagine. I love this embroidery trend. I feel like it’s shedding light on a last art. You can find embroidered pieces just about anywhere, like Urban Outfitters, Romwe, and where I got this gorgeous satin jacket, Forever 21. 

        This jacket is probably one of the sickest bomber jackets I’ve ever seen. It has this beautiful embroidery design of flowers and little blue birds down the front. I got a medium and it fits like a glove. It’s warm to keep you from shivering on these last windy days, but light enough to wear into the spring. I paired it with my tank top I got from 2020AVE, some simple black skinny jeans, and black sneakers. I love how this jacket looks with the pattern underneath, and it would look great with a monochromatic shirt as well. 

        The look, feel, and style of this jacket gives the ultimate cool girl vibes. It is so easy to style, which definitely makes one of these a staple to any wardrobe. But if it’s already scolding hot where you live and you can’t help yourself from loving embroidery, I would try out some t-shirts or embroidered shoes. It’s an extra pop of color and texture that kicks an outfit up a knotch. 

        Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and get updates whenever I post!!! Have a great Monday, and come back soon!