Fall Haul (Pt. 2)

Everyone, I have a confession to make. I am a shopaholic.

I know. Who would’ve guessed? Well, probably my boyfriend.

Last Monday I showed you some new pieces I bought over the weekend. Wednesday I showed you some looks from a new eyeshadow palette I got. And Friday I was sick… but here we are Monday and as promised, I have Part 2 of my Fall Haul ready to go for y’all. Brace yourself. This is one of my best shoots yet.

This haul was created to highlight the new items I bought from Forever 21. Unfortunately, this post is not sponsored.

Starry Day:

Yellow, we meet again. And I see you brought your old pals mom jeans and ankle booties. How clever of you.

This color yellow is a more vibrant hue than I would normally shoot for. But as soon as I laid eyes on it, I fell for the stars. It was unique. It was dramatic. And it’s super soft.

The purple boots balance this look perfectly. This is an ideal example of how contrasting colors can really bring an outfit together. The top and the jeans are both from Forever 21. I’m back on my high waisted craze.

Queen B:

Queen of damn near everything and it’s about time y’all recognize. You all saw this killer crop top in my last Haul post because I just got it. I saw the fishnets online and immediately thought of this top and thus the outfit was born.

Fishnets were really trending starting in the spring, and over the summer. However, I’m FINALLY jumping on the band wagon, just as everyone else is hopping off. I do not mind that at all. The fishnets look so good under these jeans, the crop top lets them peep through on my midsection, and your girl slays. As usual.

This look totally gives me 90’s grunge mixed with modern high end style vibes. It’s the fishnets combined with the GUCCI rip off and the heels that do the trick. I’m in awe. This was definitely one of my favorite outfits.

As the weather slowly changes from scorching hot to mildly chilling, a look like this is perfect to transfer from day to night. The crop top is not too much, the jeans are loose fitting, and the entire fit is comfy. Ahhhhhhh!!! I need more cropped hoodies!

Vintage Babe:

Vintage has never been a style I go for. It just wasn’t anything I was into. I loved grunge and girly things in high school, but slowly I find myself bouncing between vintage and streetwear looks, or mix matching the two. For the look above, I kept the fishnets on, changed into my HUF shirt that I also got last weekend, and changed my jeans….

LOOK AT THESE JEANS!!! You can see from my face how comfy they are. They’re two toned, the left leg being the medium wash and the right leg being the light wash. I admire these jeans.

The reason this look reads as vintage is because I get the vision of a mom taking two completely different colored jeans, having to sew them together and hand them down for their kid. I love it. A piece like this would usually be completely out of my comfort zone, but I’m into it.

If pants aren’t your thing, F21 has a skirt and I believe a jacket version just like these. I hope these become a major trend. Go get your piece for they’re all gone.

Moto Baddie:

I am warning y’all right now, do not sleep on me this season.

Red and yellow are calling my name, but burnt orange will always be my fave. The jacket, the jeans, the boots, I got it all honey. You need it too.

The jacket is the Red Moto jacket from Forever 21. Every girl deserves a nice faux leather jacket, and while it used to be that black was the staple, I am living for this red one. Dare to stand out my ladies.

I used my hand painted boots to bring this look together. If you love these booties as much as me, fear not, they will soon be up for sale on my Depop. I got you covered, don’t worry.

Thank you for reading. I hope you loved this post as much as I loved putting it together for y’all. Shoutout to Cassidy for taking these super awesome photos for me.

If you’re enjoying these hauls/ mini lookbooks, let me know. They’re one of my favorite things to do. Let these looks inspire you this season. I’d love to see any recreations you come up with.

Until next time,

Emma Katy

Adulting (Success) No. 3 How to: Money Management 

My whole life I’ve been a money saver. When I would get money for birthdays or holidays it would always be put away for a later occasion. I’m not sure why that mentality always stuck with me, but I’m grateful for it. My family members know that I’m very strict on myself (and quite stingy to say the least) about how and when I spend my money. God has blessed me with a sense of financial security to the point where I feel pretty confident at even my young age. I thought I should share my tactics with my readers and maybe they would help you as you make your way into the adult life with me. 

The most important thing I want to discuss with you is where to put your money. I currently have 3 different accounts. 

  1. First of all I have my savings account. This account is pretty self explanatory. Not everyone is in the position to save up a whole lot of money at one time. But for example small dollars and coins will actually go a long way. Saving coins played a big part with helping me buy my first car. For my situation (and probably many of yours as well for college students) you may not have many bills -I pay my car insurance- so if I made $250 to $300 that week (working part time for example) I would put $100 in my savings account. I did this no matter what. It takes a lot, but I suck it up and say “this is going to help me start my own business one day” and just do it. 
  2. The second account I have is my Bills/Emergency account. This is another savings account, but there’s more leeway with this one. Say one week you strike a little gold (instead of $250 you make $273.45) that extra $23.45 would go into this bills account leaving you with $250. Then you would put the $100 in the other account. Now you’re probably saying to yourself “Lol yeah right. That extra 23 bucks could buy me like 4 or 5 coffees.” I know, I know, but doing this will slowly build up another pile of money that you can withdraw your bill money from, like a little safety net protecting you from poking into your savings. Now if something comes up and you need an extra $35 or $60 dollars you weren’t expecting to dish out this week, you have a nice little stash you can withdraw from. 
  3. Your checking account is the last one. It’s where all your spending money lies. So to recap you had $273.45. Put a little in your emergency account leaving you with $250.00. Put more in your savings which leaves you with a huge amount of $150.00. So this money management is obviously aimed at someone with perhaps a part time job and only a few bills, not grown adults with children and such because obviously I’m in no position to give advice on that. Okay, so for a 19 year old college student like me I look at that $150.00 and I see $20.00 for gas, some money for food and hanging out with friends, and maybe a small trip to Sephora. 

    But the holy grail pot of gold way of growing your money is this last tip. Now that you have $150.00, try to spend around $80.00 or $120.00 until next pay day. You’ve already did the responsible stuff by putting money and way in savings, and now I’m telling you not to spend the rest??? By all means yes, treat yourself. But if you spend less money then you make, you will eventually gain more and more money. 

    Let’s say you spent $120, leaving you with $30. The next week you do the responsible stuff and end up with $180. Spend some of that and the next week you end up with $200. The next week you end up with $245 and so on. This last tip will get you where you need to be where you can stop living pay check to pay check. Trust me on that. It takes a hell of a lot of discipline to tell yourself “No, I don’t need large fries on the way home.” Or “No, I can just wait until Friday to go get that book I really want”. It is super super super hard, but trust me, it pays off so well. 

    Now they are also some small ways of saving. Something I always did was put my coins in a piggy bank and rolled them up. Like I said, doing this gave me a few extra hundred dollars for buying my car. There have been stories of people saving like $700 in coins alone. How awesome is that? That could be you. 

    Another way is being unafraid to ask for discounts. When I buy work shoes I ask if they have a coupon I can use (since obviously I don’t just buy nonslip shoes for no reason) and they give about 15% off. Or if you go out to eat, ask if they have any specials going on right now. Also, looking for coupons before you go shopping is a get way to save a little extra money. 

    So far this is how I’ve been managing whatever kind of income I do rally up. I hope it helps the other struggling adults out there like myself. Thanks for reading!!

    Adulting (Success) No.1

    For this lifestyle post, I had the idea to share a little tip with you guys about saving some money. I thought it would be kind of cool and informative to share my successes and failures at being an adult. A lot of my friends are the same age I am, and we all have our own stories of struggling through adulthood and finding our way. So I’m going to start a little series of adulting, hopefully more sucesses than failures, as new things happen to me. 

    This post will be about cooking in. I consider this an adult win because it has been emotionally and financially rewarding. 

    My tip is simple: Go grocery shopping every time you decide to cook in. This helps you save money because you are only buying for the meal you are having that night, instead of buying for the entire week or so. You can get all the ingredients you need, and whatever you have leftover can be for a new meal. This prevents you from overspending. It is also a way to stay healthy, because you can buy fresh ingredients for the meal you’re having. It’s actually not pricey to buy fresh vegetables, unless you’re buying in bulk for dishes you “might” make. 

    What we had this night was soup. I got this at my work for cheap, and it made enough for the next day. So instead of spending over $40 to go out, the whole meal actually cost us about $10. 

    My boyfriend recently got his place, so there is a little bit of improvising to do. We didn’t have a wisk, so we used a mixing beater, and we didn’t have a latel so we used a very effective mug to scoop the soup.

    We made the soup, and I had a little craving for something extra. So we put saltine crackers on a pan, melted butter to spread on them, and sprinkled garlic salt over the crackers. We baked those for a little while, and they came out pretty good. The tasted like an overprized appetizer you would get at an Italian restaurant. 

    My boyfriend and I have cooked together a few times now, and it has really helped both of us save money. We get to be creative with new dinner ideas, and when an ingredient is forgotten or something, we can improvise. We have and lot of fun cooking, and everytime feels like a date. 

    This tip is more aimed towards couples just starting out in the real world. It is not very realistic for big families to go grocery shopping every other night, but for those of us that are broke and trying to save a little extra cash, cooking in is a great way to have a nice little date night. 

    These little experiences are really what being a young adult is all about. Struggling happens to everyone just stepping foot outside their parents’ door. More posts like this are this come. Thank you for reading.