Exploring My Town: A Tiny Story

Exploring My Town: A Tiny Story

One of the most common things I hear in my little town, and something I say just about every weekend is “there’s nothing to do”. And while in most cases this is definitely the truth, lately this tiny East Texas city has been hitting hard with fun holiday activities. I thought I’d share one that I went to over the weekend, and maybe even inspire you to get out there and explore your own small town.

Everyone can agree that downtown is usually where the party’s that. This past Sunday, Nov 5th, they hosted a open house for our small businesses. This was an effort in introducing many of the new businesses opening up, giving them a chance to meet potential customers. It also gave us, sa citizens, to meet new people, do some exploring, and have a little fun.

Basically, you go to one of the participating businesses and pick up a card. This card as each business’ logo on the back. The objective is to walk around downtown and get your card punched by each business, and then once you’ve visited them all, you turn in your card for a chance to win $1,000 in gift cards!!! How awesome is that? Who could use an extra $1,000 in Christmas money? And all you have to do is walk around and eat stuff. I thought this was a very generous gift, and one I was definitely going to try to get my hands on.

I frequent our downtown area a lot because I love the restaurants we have, as well as our thrift store and shops. It was nice to visit the new little shops and see the things they had to other. Along our walking journey I heard many people say things like “Oh, I’ve never been here before,” or, “Wow, I didn’t know y’all had all this.” I think this was the main goal of this event. It was a chance to get more involved in our community, which I’m so thankful they put together for us.

I think I take my small neck of the woods for granted. We do honestly live in one of the cutest little places. This community we have is so nice and caring. It’s easy to carry on a conversation no matter where we happen to be. I’ve lived here for about 5 or 6 years now, and I can say there’s still so much here I didn’t realize we had. I think one of the best things about our town is the amount of small business owners. It’s nice to see that kind of thing. It gives us a chance to shop local, which means so much to me.

The shop photographed above is our Farmer’s Wife market. It’s a local business offering a variety of different specialty foods, high quality meats and cheese, and they even offer wines now. They have hands down the best packaging on everything. I love stopping by this little shop to visit my friend Andi (Love Ya) and to see what kind of healthy gems I can find. This was just one of the cute little stores participating in the open house yesterday. Click on the photo above to visit their website for more information.

One of the best things about Open Houses is the free samples.

We got to try red velvet cake, some amazing cookies, chicken salad, and a cheese ball. There was all kinds of things to eat and drink, which made walking around a little hard to do after about the 3rd or 4th business we stopped by. This cute boutique called Anthem had the BEST COOKIES ever!!!! We almost went back for more, but decided not to be selfish because someone else should have the chance to experience those cookies. I really liked the vibe of the store, so I’ll have to stop by again. Maybe I should do a little haul of all the stuff I get from my local stores. Let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in.

This event was a small one, but it was a meaningful one. I enjoyed walking around with my boyfriend, going to see a little piece of what our town had to offer. We had fun looking around. We decided that we’re definitely going to go eat at Pear’s. They have a really interesting menu. I already know I LOVE the pumpkin and tomato bisque, but I’m curious about their salads. We’ll have to see.


I may have posted this on Monday, but this wasn’t necessarily a fashion post. I had a really cute outfit picked out for this day but it ended up being around 85 degrees Fahrenheit and your girl said NOPE. But no worries! Next Monday I have something planned for y’all that’s gonna knock your cozy little socks off. Just you wait.

Want to see what’s new and happening in our town? Visit here to see what’s happening for the rest of November. I know there’s going to be our annual Deck the Halls fest next weekend, so mark your calendars for that folks!

Thank you, as always sweet readers, for stopping by. You know I love sharing my life with all of you. Your support means the so much to me. See you soon,

Nifty Thrifty

Okay so as promised in last Friday’s post, today I will be showing you the items I got thrifting with a really cool friend of mine.

This sweater above is sooooo cozy and comfy. It fits like a sweater dress, but it’s actually a few sizes too big, so for my outfit, I rolled up the sleeves. It is a thick knit, with light grey, dark grey, and white thread. It sinches at the bottom and wrists. My absolute favorite part is the buttons by the neck.

This shirt is so beautiful. I absolutely love this print, reflecting back to the Dark Florals I showed you in a few posts back. These colors scream fall to me. It’s a soft material, long sleeve shirt, that fits a little snug but isnt uncomfortable. I matched with with my highwaisted destroyed mom/boyfriend jeans and the look was killer. This was definitely a good find.

Moving right along, this sweater is cute and chic. It’s also a thick knit, with grey, white, and a hint of blue threading. It’s a high neckline and long loose sleeves. I love the feel of this material. It should keep me warm throughout these early months of winter. I could pair with a nice Khaki jean pant and black or maroon boot.

This next sweater, ugh so dusty rose and simple, I love it. The BEST part is the neckline. Here’s a close up:

How adorable is that?! It is such a small feature but makes a big difference. This nice pattern also circles the wrists. It’s unbelievable how soft this sweater is. I can see this sweater with a light wash jean, white jeans, or even a cute skirt.

Last but not least we have this super huge, super grunge, and super autumn button down shirt. (Didn’t I tell you button downs are in and totally easy to find!!?)

This shirt fits like a dress on me and is great for those oh-so-often lazy days. I’m obsessed with these colors and think this will look so cute over pants/leggings, a dress, or matched with thigh high boots.

That’s everything I got at my local thrift store spending only $20!!! I also picked up a completely random CD because the cover art was really cute. Anyways, I’m super excited to style these clothes and photograph in them. I hope this inspires you to save a few bucks while also supporting your local stores.

PSA: Considering that this is Thanksgiving week, I won’t be posting this Wednesday and Friday. However, I am starting a Care series in my beauty posts. Everyone have a safe and fun Thanksgiving!!!

Please feel free to comment any ideas you would like to see from me. Thank you so much for reading. It really does mean the world to me.