Exploring My Town: A Tiny Story

Exploring My Town: A Tiny Story

One of the most common things I hear in my little town, and something I say just about every weekend is “there’s nothing to do”. And while in most cases this is definitely the truth, lately this tiny East Texas city has been hitting hard with fun holiday activities. I thought I’d share one that I went to over the weekend, and maybe even inspire you to get out there and explore your own small town.

Everyone can agree that downtown is usually where the party’s that. This past Sunday, Nov 5th, they hosted a open house for our small businesses. This was an effort in introducing many of the new businesses opening up, giving them a chance to meet potential customers. It also gave us, sa citizens, to meet new people, do some exploring, and have a little fun.

Basically, you go to one of the participating businesses and pick up a card. This card as each business’ logo on the back. The objective is to walk around downtown and get your card punched by each business, and then once you’ve visited them all, you turn in your card for a chance to win $1,000 in gift cards!!! How awesome is that? Who could use an extra $1,000 in Christmas money? And all you have to do is walk around and eat stuff. I thought this was a very generous gift, and one I was definitely going to try to get my hands on.

I frequent our downtown area a lot because I love the restaurants we have, as well as our thrift store and shops. It was nice to visit the new little shops and see the things they had to other. Along our walking journey I heard many people say things like “Oh, I’ve never been here before,” or, “Wow, I didn’t know y’all had all this.” I think this was the main goal of this event. It was a chance to get more involved in our community, which I’m so thankful they put together for us.

I think I take my small neck of the woods for granted. We do honestly live in one of the cutest little places. This community we have is so nice and caring. It’s easy to carry on a conversation no matter where we happen to be. I’ve lived here for about 5 or 6 years now, and I can say there’s still so much here I didn’t realize we had. I think one of the best things about our town is the amount of small business owners. It’s nice to see that kind of thing. It gives us a chance to shop local, which means so much to me.

The shop photographed above is our Farmer’s Wife market. It’s a local business offering a variety of different specialty foods, high quality meats and cheese, and they even offer wines now. They have hands down the best packaging on everything. I love stopping by this little shop to visit my friend Andi (Love Ya) and to see what kind of healthy gems I can find. This was just one of the cute little stores participating in the open house yesterday. Click on the photo above to visit their website for more information.

One of the best things about Open Houses is the free samples.

We got to try red velvet cake, some amazing cookies, chicken salad, and a cheese ball. There was all kinds of things to eat and drink, which made walking around a little hard to do after about the 3rd or 4th business we stopped by. This cute boutique called Anthem had the BEST COOKIES ever!!!! We almost went back for more, but decided not to be selfish because someone else should have the chance to experience those cookies. I really liked the vibe of the store, so I’ll have to stop by again. Maybe I should do a little haul of all the stuff I get from my local stores. Let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in.

This event was a small one, but it was a meaningful one. I enjoyed walking around with my boyfriend, going to see a little piece of what our town had to offer. We had fun looking around. We decided that we’re definitely going to go eat at Pear’s. They have a really interesting menu. I already know I LOVE the pumpkin and tomato bisque, but I’m curious about their salads. We’ll have to see.


I may have posted this on Monday, but this wasn’t necessarily a fashion post. I had a really cute outfit picked out for this day but it ended up being around 85 degrees Fahrenheit and your girl said NOPE. But no worries! Next Monday I have something planned for y’all that’s gonna knock your cozy little socks off. Just you wait.

Want to see what’s new and happening in our town? Visit here to see what’s happening for the rest of November. I know there’s going to be our annual Deck the Halls fest next weekend, so mark your calendars for that folks!

Thank you, as always sweet readers, for stopping by. You know I love sharing my life with all of you. Your support means the so much to me. See you soon,

Day Trip to Tyler

My boyfriend and I have been trying to save up for our trip to Austin, so lately we haven’t been going out as much. But yesterday, we decided it was time to have some fun and go try out some new stuff.

I went over his place kind of early, but we ended up leaving around 12:00. He said he wanted to get sushi (an obsession I instilled in him) and I thought it’d be super fun to take him to get hibachi. It’s one of my favorite things to do, and I knew he would just love it. We picked out a restaurant and started our journey.

The ride there isn’t complete without a treat of some kind. We decided to stop by Efurd’s and get some homemade icecream. Great decision.

Don’t worry friends. It was just as yummy as it looks. Dakota’s favorite flavor is strawberry, and it was a great flavor choice. He actually helped me finish the whole thing. The first activity of the day was a success.

Then, we made it to our destination: Kawa’s. We walked in and was shook by how beautiful it was on the inside. Definitely glad we made that decision as well. We ordered the Louisiana roll (crawfish, cucumber, and avocado topped with spicy mayo). It was so good, I couldn’t even snap a picture before it was all gone.

And then the chef came out to prepare us our entree. It was Dakota’s first time, and I was excited to see his reaction to our chef’s jokes and tricks, and of course the legendary onion tornado. It was not a disappointment, and Dakota loved every second of it. Success #2.

We left Kawa’s with a full stomach and a box of leftover food (even though we shared one plate), and headed off to our next adventure. Barnes & Nobles. I love book stores, and I needed to pick up the next book on our book club reading list: Everything Everything. I also wanted to wander around a little, shelf shopping, just for fun. I got my book, and we were off again.

My boyfriend really wanted to go to the pet store. He wanted to hold a snake. So we went to Pet Land first, but they didn’t have snakes. They had an abundance of adorable puppies, bunnies, birds, and fish of all types. But no snakes. So we went to PetSmart. There we found some tiny corn snakes that he really liked. He didn’t get to hold them, but it was great we went there because we got to look around for some stuff for our new hamster Pebbles. We got Pebbles about a week or so ago. She was awaiting us at PetCo, where apparently everything is hella expensive. At PetSmart we found her a house upgrade (it came with a hamster wheel, food bowl, platform and climbing tube, AND was four times the size of her old cage) for $8.00. How insane is that?! We also got her some little yogurt treats, since she’s a good little hamster.

After that we were kind of worn out by running around all day. It was about 5:00 at that time, and we decided we should probably head home before the tiredness and heat get to us. But there was still one more destination I wanted to go: Andy’s Frozen Custard. My friends said it’s a go-to place every time they’re in Tyler, so I had to drop by. I’m so thankful I did.

Such a cute hole-in-the-wall place. I’m so glad we stopped by. I got a small Custom Concrete with caramel and cheesecake. It was upwards of $5 but it was one of those things where you’re like “I deserve this.”

Look how good that looks. Don’t you want some? Well too bad it was half way gone 5 seconds after we got into the car. It’s long gone. I am an icecream foodie, and this place was a win. Every activity was a won yesterday. It’s like we could do no wrong.

We got in the car to go back home, and my boyfriend was going on about how awesome the hibachi was. And how ridiculous  $5 for a cup of ice cream was. I told I had so much fun. And we smiled together.

I didn’t take any pictures of my outfit because I didn’t dress up. I didn’t wear makeup. I didn’t even want to wear a bra. It just goes to show you that even a fashion blogger can be sluggish and still have the time of her life.

Thank you for reading. I love sharing my stories with you all. It means the world to me. I know my posts have been very off schedule, but I’m still trying to have quality content for you all.


Emma Katy

A Visit to NOLA


An Overview of the City

New Orleans, Louisiana. My family and I are orginally from this area, but as life would have it, we’be moved away to a small town in Texas.

However, we visit all the time. Now that my brother and I are older, sometimes my parents will disappear home with only a phone call to let us know. But they decided to bring us along recently, to throw a very special birthday party for my dad.


That’s him washing my mom’s windshield. He has no idea I took this.

And that’s the back of parents’ head, laughing in the front seat to some inappropriate jokes. You can’t tell from this picture, but they’re deeply in love.

Here’s my cute grandparents, Maw Maw and Paw Paw. They raised my weirdo funny guy of a dad, and got a little emotional at how old their youngest son has become. Before we headed off back home, my grandma said to my dad “you got it good, man”. Cutest thing ever.

While we were down in New Orleans, I wanted to document everything we got to do and share with y’all, to give you a little taste of the French city.

Great Food from La Madeleine’s

First thing we did on Saturday was eat. We went to a place my mom loves called La Madeleine. My mom and I got the chicken ceasar salad, our favorite dish ever, and I got a little bowl of French Onion soup. (You can ask my boyfriend how much I LOVE French Onion soup. He’ll tell you).

Here’s me and my mom. And yes, that’s the shirt from my 2020ave haul. We spent the day with my cousin Megan and my Nanny, who’s real name is Denise. They helped us put together my dad’s party.

We also went shopping and grabbed some coffee.

I got this super cute T-shirt. You can check it out on my Twitter. There’s a link on my homepage.

The next day my cousin Megan and I spent the whole day together. Even though she was burdened by homework, she made some time for me.

We went and ate a place called Parrot Pete’s. Here’s what I got:

That my friends is ANOTHER ceasar salad, but this time it has crawfish on it. Only in the south. It was absolutely delicious. 

One of the best things about New Orleans is there is art everywhere. Little statues cover the ground, and people from New Orleans are proud of their origins.

Statue outside our restaurant 

After Brunch, and although there is art everywhere, I couldn’t get enough. So I made my family go to some art museums in the downtown area.

In this museum, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, featured southern artists and Southern themed subject matter.

The museum was 4 stories high, with all kinds of different styles. My whole family really enjoyed the whole experience. I hope to visit more museums soon.

Here is me, my brother Christian, and in the top picture, my beautiful cousin Megan.

They give you a little entrance sticker, and someone started the tradition to put your sticker on the street lamp. I marked my brother’s sticker with lipstick.

It was fun to visit my family and celebrate my dad’s birthday. I loved visiting the artistic aspects of the city I’m from. I hope to travel more soon and share my experiences with you all.