What’s In My Bag (for back to school)

I’m honestly pretty excited to start school this semester. I got some new supplies, which I’m super eager to use. The past school year was a hot mess. It was just constant running around and forgetting things. It seemed that no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get organized. And if it wasn’t for me taking duel credit courses this year, I would be behind. So over the summer I decided to buckle down for real this semester and start taking care of my business. 

Having your supplies organized and having a specific system in place can help a lot. In high school, I memorized everything. I have a great visual memory, so reading or rewriting the same phrases over and over again helped me pass all the tests. However, in college, the whole structure is different. A lot of the work is on your own, the note taking is continuous, and since you don’t get to see your instructor every single day of the week, you have to investigate some of the questions on your own. 

I did not realize any of that last year, but I have now and it’s time to redeem myself. So anyways, let’s get into what I’m keeping with me everyday to keep me well structured. 

(I didn’t include my school bag because I’m pretty sure I will be getting a new one.)

The first thing I want to show y’all is this makeup bad that I’m using as a pencil bag. This little egg guy is so inspirational. Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed in class, I just look at it, and I’m like “yeah, me too buddy”.

And it’s literally the exact size I needed for my pens and prncils. Makeup bag for the win. 

This little rectangular box is kind of like my organization station. I got this pretty thing from Staples, and it comes with post-it notes, an eraser, binder clips, paper clicks and magnets. I really love this, the only problem is that it isn’t secure. The little pieces keep falling out. I’m going to need to do something about that. 

I like having the post-its being the same design. And I used them to label my $0.25 notebooks by class. I got 4 of these spiral notebooks, and a little journal one that I’m turning into a bullet journal for school. Here’s a peep inside:

I’m new to bullet journaling, but with everything going on now, with school and my first job, my somewhat second job, this blog, and just everything else that comes with life, saying I’m busy is an understatement. But I think this would be a cool way to keep me really organized. I want to do an entirely separate post about my bullet journal, so I won’t go too much into detail here.

Not pictured is the tiny stapler I bought myself, my hygiene kit that I bring with me that has an extra toothbrush and hand sanitizer in it, because honestly I just never know where I’m gonna end up these days. I’m thinking of getting more tiny bags to keep things in, because I hate when there’s a bottomless mess in my school bag. I’m hoping to develop a system that works well for me, and to keep this blog up and running on its feet. 

I’m sorry for the late post. I thought I was going to have enough time yesterday to post, but I was mistaken. I know better now, and will keep adjusting to make sure I bring y’all the best content I can muster up! 

Thanks for everyone’s support. Thank you for reading, liking, commenting, sharing, all of it really means so much to me. I’ll let you know how this new system goes, and share whatever tips I gain. 


Emma Katy 

How to: Whiten Shoes

Hello my beautiful readers. Today I wanted to talk about the importance of white shoes that are actually white. The white sneakers trend is going insane lately. People are pairing them with dresses, pants, shorts EVERYTHING. I love my new white sneakers from Rue 21, but they get dirty so easily. 

When I was in high school, it seemed like the boys were so obsessed with keeping their shoes clean. I never understood it at the time until I got myself a pair of gorgeous white K-Swiss sneakers with five gold stripes. I loved those shoes and scorned anyone who dare step close to them. And now with these white shoes, its become extremely important for me to keep them clean. 

So, I know there are plenty of hacks and tricks out there that are cheap ways to whiten your shoes, but not all those tips can be used on the different materials that shoes are made of. 

This product pictured above “Shoe MGK”, is a shoe cleaner that is absolutely AMAZING. My brother invested in a little travel kit, which is above, (minus the rag to wipe off the shoes) which cost him about $18. That might seem pricey, but you can use this on suede, leather, canvas, vinyl, virtually all kinds of materials. 

All you have to do is dampen the brush and pour a little bit of product on and get to scrubbing! 

It is an easy process that is fast and simple. Having white shoes honestly makes me feel so much better. It is something to be proud of honestly. Actual white shoes can really elevate an outfit. 

Here’s a before and after:

You can definitely see the difference here. My shoes went from worn out to brand new. In my opinion, this product is awesome. Although the hacks might seem cheaper, and therefore better, you will want to consider the damage it could cause on your shoes. 

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