What’s In My Bag (for back to school)

I’m honestly pretty excited to start school this semester. I got some new supplies, which I’m super eager to use. The past school year was a hot mess. It was just constant running around and forgetting things. It seemed that no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get organized. And if it wasn’t for me taking duel credit courses this year, I would be behind. So over the summer I decided to buckle down for real this semester and start taking care of my business. 

Having your supplies organized and having a specific system in place can help a lot. In high school, I memorized everything. I have a great visual memory, so reading or rewriting the same phrases over and over again helped me pass all the tests. However, in college, the whole structure is different. A lot of the work is on your own, the note taking is continuous, and since you don’t get to see your instructor every single day of the week, you have to investigate some of the questions on your own. 

I did not realize any of that last year, but I have now and it’s time to redeem myself. So anyways, let’s get into what I’m keeping with me everyday to keep me well structured. 

(I didn’t include my school bag because I’m pretty sure I will be getting a new one.)

The first thing I want to show y’all is this makeup bad that I’m using as a pencil bag. This little egg guy is so inspirational. Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed in class, I just look at it, and I’m like “yeah, me too buddy”.

And it’s literally the exact size I needed for my pens and prncils. Makeup bag for the win. 

This little rectangular box is kind of like my organization station. I got this pretty thing from Staples, and it comes with post-it notes, an eraser, binder clips, paper clicks and magnets. I really love this, the only problem is that it isn’t secure. The little pieces keep falling out. I’m going to need to do something about that. 

I like having the post-its being the same design. And I used them to label my $0.25 notebooks by class. I got 4 of these spiral notebooks, and a little journal one that I’m turning into a bullet journal for school. Here’s a peep inside:

I’m new to bullet journaling, but with everything going on now, with school and my first job, my somewhat second job, this blog, and just everything else that comes with life, saying I’m busy is an understatement. But I think this would be a cool way to keep me really organized. I want to do an entirely separate post about my bullet journal, so I won’t go too much into detail here.

Not pictured is the tiny stapler I bought myself, my hygiene kit that I bring with me that has an extra toothbrush and hand sanitizer in it, because honestly I just never know where I’m gonna end up these days. I’m thinking of getting more tiny bags to keep things in, because I hate when there’s a bottomless mess in my school bag. I’m hoping to develop a system that works well for me, and to keep this blog up and running on its feet. 

I’m sorry for the late post. I thought I was going to have enough time yesterday to post, but I was mistaken. I know better now, and will keep adjusting to make sure I bring y’all the best content I can muster up! 

Thanks for everyone’s support. Thank you for reading, liking, commenting, sharing, all of it really means so much to me. I’ll let you know how this new system goes, and share whatever tips I gain. 


Emma Katy 

My New Healthy Self

Recently my boyfriend and I have been talking about getting more into shape. We want to eat better and exercise more, without giving up a lot of food or activities we already take part in. 

Let me rephrase that: we want to be fit without being very very fit. 

One year in high school, I would exercise every morning before school. And I would bring salads everyday for lunch. And that was before my “coffee nearly everyday” obsession. Life got busy, and I stopped exercising, taking my food intake seriously, and doing anything to stay awake during class. 

But life has slowed down due to school being out for the summer and a job with a predictable schedule, I’m trying to get back on my feet with taking care of my body. My boyfriend and I are taking this journey together, encouraging each other to exercise and eat better. 

Since we don’t want to give up our leisure lifestyle, I think it would be best to do a little exercising every morning (or whenever my body decides to wake up). I like to do crunches and planks, and my boyfriend likes to do pull ups and push ups. And as far as eating goes, I want to start eating better for lunch, and being more open minded for dinner. For my boyfriend, he wants it to be the other way around. More open minded for lunch, healthier for dinner. 

I’m also trying to limit my coffee, milkshake, and sugary drink intake more often. Sugary drinks are my weakness, so this will be a big step for me. Seeing as I work at a coffee shop now, it makes it so easy to indulge in an unhealthy drink very often. But now I’m making myself have a healthy drink, like smoothie or juice, for every unhealthy drink I have. Hopefully that will work.

We want to eat better food, or really just balance out our diet. We want to eat more sushi, we both love salad, and we really enjoy cooking. The eating part I’m not too worried about, it’s more of keeping up the exercising. Today I actually made myself because my boyfriend exercised yesterday so I was like “okkayyyyy I should”. 

Another way I want to start being more healthy is by reading more and being creative. I love learning, and I feel like there is always something to learn from everything there is to read, watch, or listen to. My friends and I are trying to start a bookclub, to get me more educated and smart. I also watch Netflix All. The. Time. I do it because it’s fun but also to learn you guys. I’m educated myself in front of the TV. Maybe I should start doing crunches whole watching Netflix. Sounds like a plan to me. 

With Summer coming up, I’ll have more free time to invest in my personal wellbeing. I’m looking forward to it. 

Thanks for reading. If you have any ideas on how to better yourself and your life this summer, let me know. I love hearing from y’all. Be safe out there. Hopefully, I’ll have more clothing to show you soon. 


Emma Katy

Myself in 5 Years

A lot of times as a child you get asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Over time this question evolves into “what do you like to do in your free time?”, “what are you going to do after high school?”, “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”, and finally the competitive question “what are you doing these days?”. 

It seems like your whole life you are expected to know what category you want to fall into, and have some sort of idea on who you want to be. And the ironic thing is that so many people want you to have an answer and then when you provide one they say, “oh watch, that will change. You’ll change your mind a thousand times.” Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. 

I’ve gotten to the point where I am now asked and asking myself where I will be in 5 years. If you’ve ever had a conversation with me, you understand that I am completely goal oriented. I set my goals, meet my goals, and then set new ones. This leads to a lot of success, but it also leads to a lot of exhaustion. Nevertheless, I power on. And since I’ve been thinking about this topic so much lately, I thought I could share with you exactly how I think my life will go so we can all look back later and laugh.

I am 19 right now. That means in 5 years I will 24 years old. 

  1. I see myself finished with school with a degree in either Business Administration or Business Management. 
  2. I imagine myself in a cute little apartment in a cute little place with cute little plants all over the living room.
  3. A tiny car or little bike will probably be my mode of transportation depending on where I decide to live. 
  4. Obviously I see my boyfriend Dakota there, and we’re probably engaged or married. Most likely engaged though. And we cook together and fight a lot but love each other. It’ll be great. 
  5. This blog will still and always be a major part of my life. I’m hoping by then it will be my full time commitment. I need your help to get me there. 
  6. I see a happily simple life in a nice town doing what I love with the person I love. Maybe there’s a puppy there too. 

All of the time I think about my future. I worry that sometimes I think so much about my future that I forget about the present. When I look at my life right now, I see it as foundations blocks for my life tomorrow. My classes, my car, my passions, all just building blocks waiting for upgrades as my life progresses. 

If you ever found my journal you would find notes after notes after notes of plans and ideas for my future. Earlier I wrote:

It’s like we’re slow motion stumbling into adulthood right now trying to land on our hands but scraping our elbows. 

That’s exactly what life feels like right now. Stumbling and tripping, bracing myself for impact but loving the fall. 

I have short term goals too. Like finishing this semester with a passing grade. Turning this passion I have for writing to you guys and slowly creating it into a career. Figuring out the next place to go after here. Traveling while I’m young. Being with my friends while I can. 

The picture in the beginning of this post is a picture of downtown New Orleans. That’s a type of place I think I may like to live. That may change, but right now that’s sort of a visual of where I would like to be soon. 

I hope y’all enjoyed reading this. Know that it is alright to not know exactly how you want to spend your life. Not too long ago I was pretty sure I wanted to go into Graphic Design or something. I started this blog and now, thanks to all the love and support I’ve gotten from you, it’s taken over my life. Now I want to go into business. A lot of changes and uncertainty has been making its way into my life lately. It’s okay to stumble. It’s okay to make mistakes. 

But while we’re young and building our foundations, we should at least be happy.