#OOTW (Summer)

So I never really got the opportunity to do a summer look book for you guys, even though I was dying to. I really really was. But I figured I could conjure up the next best thing, and make an Outfit Of the Week post, sharing with you all what I’ve been wearing on a regular basis.

I ran a voting post on my twitter: (@JeSuisArt) and I got some good feedback saying that a fall/back to school lookbook would be very interesting! So I will definitely get that going for yall. Follow me on Twitter so you can see some more stuff, and even have a deciding factor in what you’d like to see on my blog! I love getting feedback and hearing from y’all.

So let’s get started. Basically, in the summer my wardrobe consists of a lot of T-shirts, shorts, and the every occasional killer outfit. It can be very hard to style statement pieces in the heat, but sometimes I get lucky. The week below was a compilation of these outfits. I hope you like them.


This is definitely one of my favorite outfits. I got lucky one day and found this adorable graphic crop top. And then, I remembered these white linen shorts. So comfy, let me tell you. But as I stood in the mirror, it just felt like something was missing. I felt overexposed basically. And you know what I say, “when in doubt, wear a button down”. I threw on the oversized button down, and viola. A super amazing outfit was born.

The fit itself was comfy, but paired with the oversized shirt, it got borderline heat stroke hot. So although I loved this look for the first hour or two of my day, it became kind of unrealistic as the sun got higher and higher in the sky. Nevertheless, it’s definitely an outfit I love.


See that smile? That’s the smile of a girl who IS NOT dying of heat stroke. This outfit was inspired by my work schedule. All my coworkers probably have seen my favorite T’s by now, seeing as I am an outfit repeater. Since I was working this day, I decided to make sure I was comfortable, wearing this oversized shirt (so soft) and these dark wash denim shorts (so flattering). Shoutout to Jo’s for letting me wear shorts. I can’t wait for our NTCC location to open!!


You can never go wrong with stripes.

Please ignore my hair in these pictures. My hair was perfect when I left my house, but the humidity got the better of it. The headband helped, like I metioned it would in my Tips for Lazy girls post. <<<check out that post for some super cute tips!!  But anyway, back to the outfit. Even though this T-shirt dress is long sleeve, it has been a staple this summer. The fabric is lightweight, the fit is loose (unless you wear a cute belt on your waist like I do), and it’s easy to just throw on. Simple, chic, and breathable.


Dresses are an easy heat fix in the summer. It’s a way to be covered, but also have freedom, and breathability. I love sundresses, and lately midi dresses have been my rage.

See it!? There’s that not dying of heat stroke smile again. I went out to dinner with my book club girls so I wanted to get a bit dressed up. This dress, as you loyal followers will know, is from 2020Ave. The olive green cardigan is from deep within the depths of my closet (I have no idea where it came from, but you could easily find a similar one in your local thrift store). To add some styling I tied the cardigan into a knot in front of my chest. I think it just adds a little sum. And the DRESS! Let’s zoom in on this print.

Get can’t enough!! Can’t get enough of this stunning fabric. So easy to style, and so east to transition among the seasons. Definitely proud of this outfit.


If you follow me on Instagram (emmakaty_) you would have seen this outfit not too long ago.  As you can tell, the sun was especially bright that day. This is perhaps the best outfit of this whole week in my opinion. Let me explain why:

This is kind of just me walking around in pajamas. Oversized shirt. Super soft shorts. What else does a girl need? I love the mix of the yellow words and blue fabric shorts. I just think the combination is artistic, if that makes sense. This outfit has all the elements of fashion needed to stunt. Colors, silhouette, comfortable, breathable, adorable, affordable unique, and it’s really basically PAJAMAS. It does not get any better than that my friends.

Comment and let me knkw which one is your favorite!! You have a pretty diverse #OOTW to choose from. This is literally my style all the time, constantly changing. I like to keep everyone on their toes. But I’m always stylish. Thanks for reading!!

Emma Katy

#GIRLBOSS Book and Series Review

Are you in the mood for an inspirational story? I know I always am. Especially when it comes to girls making their dreams come true. 

Lately, I’ve really been getting into reading. I always have been into reading, but as high school came to a close, I could never find the time for it. I was always busy worrying about something else.

But now, school this semester has ended and I decided that it’s time to start going back into my hobbies, such as writing, painting, and reading. I recently picked up a few books based on some fashion icons and I wanted to review one for you in case you had an interest in checking these out. 

The book “#GIRLBOSS” is one of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read. I love the story of Sophia Amoruso and gritty rise she had to success. She has a “go get em” attitide and a powerful spunk about her. Her writing is honest, filled with plain raw facts, a few curse words, and overall a sense of overwhelming inspiration. I relate to Amoruso because I share a common dream as she had when starting her online retail shop Nasty Gal. 

The book isn’t in chronicle order of the way things happened for Amoruso. Rather, it is a guideline for new #GIRLBOSSes to follow, with little hints of her own life and personal experiences. She talks about dreams, how to achieve them, and the reality that this life is at our fingertips. This book is truly an amazing read, especially if you ever come around to doubting yourself. In includes adorable fashion sketches with quotes to live by, and it also features some stories of other #GIRLBOESSes who followed their dream. I kind of feel like this book was written for me. I relate so much to the story, to the writing, to the attitude. The most exciting thing about that is I hope it means I’m a #GIRLBOSS too. 

I think I will read this book many times in my future to remind myself that my dreams are possible, and the road will be rocky. The best place to start is from the bottom, right??? I hope so. 

One day (when I had been dreaming of buying the book but hadn’t made the trip to Books A Million! yet) I went to Netflix and searched it. I have no idea if they just released it and I got super lucky that day, or if it had been there for months. Either way, I was sooooo excited when I found it, and started watching the series before ever getting the book.

Season 1 is available right now, and I have no idea if there will be more season but idea really really really hope so. Whereas the book is inspiring, the show is hilarious. I love the characters, the dialogue, and most absolutely—the style. The looks are to die for cute, and the acting is, well, Netflix y’all already know. 

I love the show. The jokes are vulgar, not made for gentle ears, and there are so many twists and turns. I would kill to have a best friendship like Sophia and Annie. So cute. So strong. 

If you have the opportunity to check out the show, press play and prepare to laugh. Reading the book and watching the show was a fun experience. I’m definitely glad I picked this book up. If you have big dreams, especially in the fashion business, I consider this a MUST READ. 

Thank you so much for reading. Let me know if you want me to write more book reviews as I see a few coming this summer. Have a good one. 


Emma Katy