Blooming Baby

Today I wanted to do a more personal post with you guys. I feel like lately it’s been all business, fashion, makeup, and adulty stuff, so I kind of thought diving into my life on a more personal level would be a good break from all that. And hello, I love talking about myself.

I think a lot of people who read this blog know me from school or work, and a lot of you are family members. So many of you already know me, but we don’t always get to catch up. Here’s our chance. Please contact me back and let me know what all of you are up to as well. 

I recently turned 19 not too long ago, which feels pretty unreal. I mean, it’s always like right when you get used to saying how old you are, it changes again. I have to say though, I am terrified of turning 20. It’s like, that’s it. No more teenage years. Things really settle there it seems. My boyfriend turns 20 this May. I’m not sure how he’s feeling about it. 

Speaking of my boyfriend:

Dakota and I have been together for 2 years tomorrow. How insane is that?? That’s a long time. We’ve been through a lot together already and look forward to more adventures coming our way. He’s always supporting me and my decisions, checking in on me, and inspiring me everyday. He helps out more with this blog than y’all know. 

Look at those blue eyes ladies? Aren’t they just adorable? I tell him a lot how his eyes are like the ocean or little crystals. And his smile is heartwarming. We’re celebrating our anniversary this Sunday by taking a day trip out of town. I will be taking lots of pictures and showing y’all some of the things we got to experience, including what we wore, this upcoming Monday. 

So the title of this post “Blooming Baby” comes definitely from the season we are in, but also for the growing up I am doing. I mean, who knew a fun little blog would turn into a dedication? Would inspire me to start a more creative path? In high school I always thought I would use my artistic skills to form a career. That’s like, who I was in high school. Always drawing or something. And now to see my passions manifest into something that reaches different countries all the over the world is amazing!! 

 There are so many new things going on and coming up, but don’t worry. Keep up with me and you’ll find out soon enough. Hopefully, there will be a lot more traveling and experiences, (especially museums and coffee shops). I’m hoping to find more hole-the-wall places, visit nearby towns, maybe go on a cruise or festival or something. I’m almost 20. It’s about time to start getting lost. 

Another thing that’s been on my mind a lot is friends. After high school, my closest friends and I sort of found different paths in life, which is totally natural. We knew the day would come, and we accepted it with smiles. We were more excited that each of us had specific plans for the future than we were worried about wedging our ways into each other’s lives. I have good friends that I work with, good friends that I run into, and good friends that I don’t talk to everyday, but I know they always have my back. 

Now more than ever, I find it important for me to separate myself from toxic things and people. I’ve always had a very bad habit of letting hurtful people in my life, and I don’t want to do that anymore. It’s important to surround yourself with people who genuinely only want the best for you, especially at this very vulnerable stage in life. 

I’m blooming into a powerful young woman, and I see this happening for lots of ladies all over the world. It’s a wonderful thing. I wanted to give y’all a little update and for you to know I’m human too, not just outfits and makeup. It truly does mean the world when I hear someone tell me they read my blog. Thank you so much. I will be updating you more as life gets crazier! Thank you for reading and I will see you soon. 

Courage & Thought 

It has been a little while since I’ve posted on my blog and that has mostly been due to a lack of significant ideas and a busy schedule. However, my boyfriend and I will be taking pictures tomorrow afternoon and I will have a lovely blog post up this Monday. It will be a clothing post, followed by a makeup post, and that suceeded by a lifestyle post as usual. I deeply care about my content and want to update regularly, but I do see these more personal posts happening in the future. 

I wanted to talk about an issue I go through, so I know other young girls go through this too. It is the feeling of not living up to expectations, or wondering how that girl stays perfect while you can hardly get dressed in the morning. I finally put my mind to ease on these thoughts, and figured I should share what I did to keep me confident. 

First of all, every girl has days they don’t dress up, or put makeup on, and no girl sticks to her oh so hipster nighttime routine on the daily. That’s a part of life. I post about fashion and makeup but if you caught me at my 8:00 a.m. class you would never know I run a blog. So give yourself a break. 

Secondly, being a girl is hard (and don’t let anyone tell you it is). But the that doesn’t mean we let our obstacles derail us. People will compete with you, insult you, threaten, and provoke you but being a women is a weapon on itself. 

Third, beauty doesn’t exist. What’s pretty to one is ugly to the other. Trying to fit everyone’s definition of pretty is exhausting and a waste of time. Don’t worry about being beautiful, worry about being you. 

I maintain this blog because it’s fun. I hope people find joy in reading it. Do everything in life with a fun heart. I don’t know if this post helped anyone today, but I did want to be active and share something with the people who do keep up with my blog. Keep your head up, ain’t nobody gonna tear you down.