What’s In My Bag (for back to school)

I’m honestly pretty excited to start school this semester. I got some new supplies, which I’m super eager to use. The past school year was a hot mess. It was just constant running around and forgetting things. It seemed that no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get organized. And if it wasn’t for me taking duel credit courses this year, I would be behind. So over the summer I decided to buckle down for real this semester and start taking care of my business. 

Having your supplies organized and having a specific system in place can help a lot. In high school, I memorized everything. I have a great visual memory, so reading or rewriting the same phrases over and over again helped me pass all the tests. However, in college, the whole structure is different. A lot of the work is on your own, the note taking is continuous, and since you don’t get to see your instructor every single day of the week, you have to investigate some of the questions on your own. 

I did not realize any of that last year, but I have now and it’s time to redeem myself. So anyways, let’s get into what I’m keeping with me everyday to keep me well structured. 

(I didn’t include my school bag because I’m pretty sure I will be getting a new one.)

The first thing I want to show y’all is this makeup bad that I’m using as a pencil bag. This little egg guy is so inspirational. Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed in class, I just look at it, and I’m like “yeah, me too buddy”.

And it’s literally the exact size I needed for my pens and prncils. Makeup bag for the win. 

This little rectangular box is kind of like my organization station. I got this pretty thing from Staples, and it comes with post-it notes, an eraser, binder clips, paper clicks and magnets. I really love this, the only problem is that it isn’t secure. The little pieces keep falling out. I’m going to need to do something about that. 

I like having the post-its being the same design. And I used them to label my $0.25 notebooks by class. I got 4 of these spiral notebooks, and a little journal one that I’m turning into a bullet journal for school. Here’s a peep inside:

I’m new to bullet journaling, but with everything going on now, with school and my first job, my somewhat second job, this blog, and just everything else that comes with life, saying I’m busy is an understatement. But I think this would be a cool way to keep me really organized. I want to do an entirely separate post about my bullet journal, so I won’t go too much into detail here.

Not pictured is the tiny stapler I bought myself, my hygiene kit that I bring with me that has an extra toothbrush and hand sanitizer in it, because honestly I just never know where I’m gonna end up these days. I’m thinking of getting more tiny bags to keep things in, because I hate when there’s a bottomless mess in my school bag. I’m hoping to develop a system that works well for me, and to keep this blog up and running on its feet. 

I’m sorry for the late post. I thought I was going to have enough time yesterday to post, but I was mistaken. I know better now, and will keep adjusting to make sure I bring y’all the best content I can muster up! 

Thanks for everyone’s support. Thank you for reading, liking, commenting, sharing, all of it really means so much to me. I’ll let you know how this new system goes, and share whatever tips I gain. 


Emma Katy 

The Start of My Line

I have some really big things planned for the future and I wanted to share a little sneak peek of those upcoming adventures with y’all. I’ve started learning how to sew, redesigning some old clothes and making some new things. I’ve always been a creative person, and I found a new outlet for those things. 

So these shoes are the Keds brand and those black lines and details are hand drawn by yours truly. I made this while I was in high school and everyone really loved them. These shoes are great for the upcoming season because their breathable, lightweight, and the design insures no one will ever have the same shoes as you.

I am thinking of putting these (along with other pieces) up for sale to be available to people all over the world and especially my readers. So if you’re interested in buying something like this that I make myself, please please please please let my know. Here’s some more pictures:

I have the idea to go on Depop to sell individual items. I hope to get my store up and running through Depop by the end of this week. I’ll have more news and updates on this project as it all begins to come together. If you have ANY comments or suggestions, don’t hesitate to let me know. I’m so excited to start this adventure with y’all,  and now that I’ve made it public, I will definitely follow through. I would just really appreciate the feedback from you guys. Thanks so much for reading and being the best supporters ever. 

Art Over Brand 

Last Friday I posted about shopping in locally to help support the town you love and live in. However this week I want to talk about something equally important and perhaps a little more creative. 

Some of you may have heard of a company called Society6. For those of you who have not, its an online website where users can upload their artwork and customers can buy those artworks on a variety of different canvases. For example, they have shirts, tapestries, bags, and even phone cases are available on the site. I absolutely love the idea behind this site. I love to create art and knowing that there is a platform for artists to sell their work is amazing. 

I bought a phone case from the site a few months ago. Opening the package, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product. I also love how they offer phone cases for many different types of phones. My current one I have is below and is so beautiful. The artist’s name on the site is Henn Kim. She has some really nice designs. You can find her on Instagram to look at more of her work at: henn_kim 

These days it’s hard to find cute phones for anything other than the latest IPhone. I’m about to order another one tonight. It looks like this. 

Look at that beautiful design. I absolutely love it and am excited to start a collection. It may look pretty expensive, but you have to consider that these phone cases are unique, good quality, and supporting an artist. I’m looking forward to buying some shirts and decorating my apartment with these items when the time comes. 

I appreciate the fact that this website benefits independent artists and not huge corporations. You can sign up to the site if you’re interested in selling some art or you can buy art if you’re an art freak, or do both! I’m hoping to upload some designs of my own sometime. I will definitely let y’all know if that happens. 

I feel like this site is essential to any art lover and the ultimate styling option. No one else will have the phone case or shirt you have, and I find that as a huge plus.