Drugstore Beauty Haul

Somehow I stopped buying makeup? Like when did this happen? I hit the pan of my powder? When did I go downhill? I decided that was the end of that, and thought it would be a good idea to treat myself to some little things. Summer is ending, school is starting, and that means my makeup routine and any routine in general will probably change. And plus, I just deserve a little something right now. TREAT. YOUR. SELF. 

The first thing I want to talk about is dry shampoo:

I don’t really use dry shampoo. When I used to, it was always one of two things: 1) it made my roots extremely greasy 2) it made my roots look powdery. Not cute. But I know that when school starts there are going to be more times than usual where I just don’t feel like washing my hair. It’s better not to on a daily basis, and if you think that’s gross then you may not know what silky soft hair is. Anywayyyss, I mainly bought this for when the day-after-shower day has my hair looking way greasier than I thought it would the night before. I’m really excited to use this. It smells SO SUGARY GOOD. My hair is going to smell like frosting. 

Next: conditioner.

You have heard me talk about this again and again. I love these little oval containers of heaven. I just wanted to mention it here because I did buy it in this haul and because I love talking about this conditioner. Still my holy grail. Great to repair hair, smells like the beach, and can be left in your hair for a little while in the shower like a mask. Good stuff. 


I watched a Kathleen Lights “Favorite Drugstore Makeup” video before I went to the store and she talked about this Maybelline Fit Me concealer. I usually use the Age Rewind concealer, but I started running out and wanted to try something new. It’s not uncommon for the Age Rewind one to get oily on my skin and make me feel like I need to blot my face. This doesnt usually bother me, but I don’the want to have to worry about this during class. This one is buildable, easy to apply, and has good coverage. It’s also small, so it will be easy to take with me. 


If you’ve been keeping up with me, you know that I prefer BB Cream over regular foundation. I don’t know many Wet n Wild products, so I thought I’d give their foundation a shot. This one is a good match for my skin tone. It has a weird spatula as an applicator, which I thought was gonna be strange, but it actually works pretty good. Its lightweight, and it is buildable, just like the concealer. I think this will be great for the fall/winter months. I will say that it is a kind of drying. For me, that’s great because I have medium-oily skin, so this will hopfully keep me from getting all oily throughout the day. If you like Wet n Wild and prefer buildable makeup, I would apply a moisturizer before this if you have dry skin. 

The next thing is a brush!!!: 

I really like brushes. I will go all out on some brushes. I will spend $20 on a brush and not be bothered. This one was probably like $2. You know E.L.F. has the hookup. I really wanted another face brush. This one is firmer than most brushes I own. I like it. I originally bought this brush for the next product I’m gonna show you, but I think I might turn this into a contour brush. 

Matte Powder: 

As I said earlier in this post, I hit the pan of my Covergirl face powder. Powders are essential to keeping your face, you know, just like, keeping your face….it’s important!!!! Okay? 

Oh my God, I got to clean my fingernails. Ewww, I’m sorry. NOBODY’S PERFECT. Okay, back to makeup, this is my first time using a white powder, which I guess is supposed to be like translucent. I really like this. It isn’t heavy, or cakey. And I really wanted to get a powder that was the same brand as the foundation. 


I’ve been trying to get an eyebrow pencil like this for a long time, I don’t know why I held off for so long. It is just so compact, I can just keep this with me. This is the L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Definer. 

It has this nice little spoilie at the end, which is great for combing through my eyebrows. The applicator is tiny. I mean tinnyyyyyyyyy. It is also light, so again it’s buildable. It’s great for a completely natural look. Glad I bought this. 

Lips boiiiiiiii: 

I usually wear nudes. And I went to the store and I was looking, and I was like “I always do nudes, I don’t wanna do a nude, let’s try something new”. I know girls that wear like a shade darker or lighter than I normal “nude” depending on their skin tone and I wanted to try that out. So I picked up this one. 

Really love this purple packaging. 

Again, Maybelline got me on their hook. Can’t help it. This is in the shade Nude Nuance. It’s an intense cranberry. I thought this was going to read more brown, and little lighter, but it actually appears more maroon for my lips. I like it, and I will continue to use it. Colors like these are perfect for fall, so I’m happy with this buy. It’s buttery, but not like sticky. Thanks again Kathleen Lights, for the recommendation. 

That’s everything I got this past trip. I got all this for under $50!!! That’s awesome. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this. See you Friday! Peace, 

Emma Katy 

All Natural All Purpose Skincare 

If you’re like me, summer skin care can be quite the challenge. I’ve gone through a few skin care products, and I’m always on the lookout for new (and all natural) products to help me take care of my skin. 

Giving consideration to the fact that it’s summer, a lot of skin care will be taking place within the next few months as we have to deal with sun burns, bug bites, scratches from playing outside, and everyday skin irritations like pimples. 

This is one of the reason why summer can be so expensive. You have to buy sun screen, bug spray, aloe vera, Neosporin, etc. But what if I told you that you could have all that in one cute little tin? 

There are a few things I suffer from every summer. The first: insect bites. I don’t know what it is but I can’t be outside for 5 minutes without all kinds of attacks. Mosquitos and ants are the absolute worst. Bug bites on my arms and legs, ant bites on my toes, and NOTHING works. I could bathe in bug spray and it wouldn’t stop the little buggers from eating me alive. And all those weird “itch stoppers” from the drug store never work. Now, I have this green little guy to stop the itches and get me back out there. Second: cuts. I am one of the clumsiest people you will ever meet. Being able to be in shorts and open toed shoes this summer means that I will start to develop mysterious cuts all over my body. It’s ridiculous really. The third thing I suffer from: pimples. I am outside either at the lake swimming, or fishing, and (hopefully bike riding this summer), all day. That means I’m not only sweating, but all that nature is making its way inside my pores. Pimples galore, let me tell you. 

Now I’ve found a product that is a natural remedy to all my summer problems, packaged adorably and conveniently in this cute little tin I can keep in my purse or hand to my boyfriend to put in his pocket. This is a great alternative instead of buying 5 or so different (chemical based) products. 

Okay okay, I’ll tell you where you can get one of your own. There’s a 1oz tin (like mine) that is $3.00 and a 2oz tin that sells for $5.00. If you are interested in ordering one you can send an email over to swartzwhitingfarm@gmail.com or shoot them a message on their Facebook store Stardust and Wishes. They would be happy to help you obtain a fun green goo of your own to protect you, your kids, and even your animals from the not so hot aspects of summer. 

Thank you for reading! This product is seriously one of the best out there. You can rely on me to bring you great products as affordable prices. Stay safe and be careful this summer!! (This post is unsponsored.)


Emma Katy

My Everyday Makeup Routine 

Welcome back to Trendy Gazette. Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone has had a great week so far and is looking forward to the weekend. 

For this post I wanted to get real with y’all. Your girl gets tired. There will be many days where I will just throw on some pants and wear the shirt I slept in. Being a full-time college student, part time worker, and dedicated blog writer, I am often tired beyond belief. But those days that I do have the energy to put more effort into my look, I wanted to show y’all this simple makeup and my go-to look that can be done in less than 15 minutes. 

A little bit of my collection

Okay, starting off with what I carry around in my makeup bag, I have my Profusion Contour kit, my blush, Nyx setting spray, Tartiest Pro palette, Falsies mascara, Trend Bold Brow kit, my brushes, Hard Candy Photo Ready Primer, Revlon BB cream, Covergirl concealer, and lastly some lip liners and liquid lipstick. These are my essentials that I take with me traveling. 

My face makeup

I start off with my primer. This creates a smooth canvas for your makeup and this primer helps prevent camera flashes from lighting up your makeup. Another benefit, is that it covers your pores, which I absolutely need. I despise my pores, but I’ve been testing new ways to shrink them, like effective face masks, which you can read here.

Then, I use my concealer to cover blemishes and redness. I’m currently on the hunt for a new concealer. I really want a color correcting one, so if you have any suggestions, PLEASE let me know. After my concealer is blended, I use my Revlon BB cream to create an even skin tone. 

Next is the game changing part. The eyebrows. I love my eyebrows, and this kit gives me everything I need to perfect them. Here’s a look inside:

The. Best. Eyebrow. Kit. Ever.

It has two different brow colors. I use the lighter one to outline my brows and the darker one to fill them in. There’s also a brush, brow wax (that comes in handy), an eyebrow pencil, and clear setting gel -that I am obsessed with- 

Definitely worth every penny

Next I do my eyeshadow, which is my favorite. Eyeshadow is such a creative way to stand out. But for an everyday look, I use three colors from this palette. Three colors are a great way to highlight, define, and deepen your eyes with only a little bit of time. This palette is great because it offers so many combinations that you could use it a week straight and no one would guess. Then, I apply a thin layer of mascara.

Contouring and highlighting, I save for the end. I didn’t have much use for highlighting until my mom got me this beautiful creation. 

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate this beauty. It’s stunning, and it makes me look stunning. It’s convenient, seeing as it’s all in one place. A dab of highlighter here, a blended line of contour there, and viola, you look like you spent an hour and a half on your makeup when really it took five seconds.

For lips, I’ve been using lip liners and liquid lipsticks, and they’re all nudes or pinks. I have yet to venture out into a bold lip color, but I hope to do that soon. 

Last but not least, setting spray. I sometimes forget this step, but it is ideal for long work days, school days, and anytime you’re going somewhere that you might be for awhile. 

All these products are easy to apply in a quick manor, and easy to play with. I hope you found this post helpful. I don’t always have the energy to wear a full face of makeup, which is totally okay, but I think the basics, (face, brows, eyelids, and lips, works wonders. I usually skip eyeliner, cutting creases, and powders. These steps are a great way to do minimum work for a full effect. 

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