Fall/Back To School Lookbook

Summer time is dreadfully coming to a close, and although that means less time swimming, more time schooling, and no time to ourselves, it also means new fashion trends!! So it’s really not so bad.

I wanted to make a huge look book for you readers, and although I asked a few people to get involved, I sadly received a lack of participants. Nevertheless, I’m more than happy to present to you the looks I came up with, in collaboration with one of the cutest girls I have ever met.

Autumn (isn’t her name so appropriate for this post?) is an adorable young woman going into her senior year of high school. She’s a cutie, and I really loved working with her. Be ready to see her smile and firey red hair in upcoming posts.

Look at her glowing. She said that she doesn’t usually wear yellow, but decided she wanted to try something new. This dress is absolutely stunning, and can easily transition from work day to fun afternoon.

Her styling skills are inpressive. She paired this bright feminine dress with these super masculine Doc Marten’s, with yellow stitching. A subtle but effective way to bring an outfit together.

Denim is always a staple, but even more so for school this year I think. Wearing a lightweight shirt like this is the perfect way to stay compliant with school dresscodes. Y’all know I love a good button up.

This next one may be my favorite of Autumn’s collection.

She wore the same denim shirt, but in a different way, tucking it into her black jeans. This is the perfect example of why skirts like these are so great for the school season. It’s easy to create different looks using virtually the same pieces.

Aren’t these jeans the cutest? This outfit is so simple, but elegant. Sometimes less is more. Autumn said this outfit was really comfortable, and easy to put together. It’s so easy to see her confidencein this look.

Maroon, maroon, maroon. Is it really Fall without maroon? It just isn’t. Again Autumn shows us the art of simplicity and chic.

The lace and the maroon combination could not scream October any louder. This shirt was made for pumpkin season. Easy to style for back to school because it could be worn as is over pants or a skirt, and layered under a cardigan or jacket.

Last but not least, we have the comfy outfit. Autumn said she chose to do an outfit like this one because you don’t always feel like dressing up everyday. But wait:

A little detail in the back for some extra interest. There’s always a way to cozy but stylish at the same time.

Being comfy and cozy is always a priority during the school year. Leggings, an oversized sweatshirt, and some tennis shoes is the ideal Monday look.

Now, because Autumn is in high school, she is in school longer and more days than I am. She always has to abide by a dress code, which I do not. So my looks have a tad bit more freedom, but overall, I was going for the same things. Comfortable looks I wouldn’t mind sitting around in all day, and wouldn’t be too hard to put together in the morning.

Sweater season is back and y’all know I’m ready. I ventured deep onto the abyss of my closet and found this beautiful pearl.

I paired this soft F21 sweater with my chic H&M shorts. And I also grabbed this book that DEFINITELY read and didn’t just use as a prop.

I’m all about the tucked in look for every season, because I usually go for oversized everything. When it comes to fall, I traditionally wear sweaters, but don’t tuck them in. This year I wanted to try something new. I really like the concept, as you can tell with my next outfit.

4 syllables: Com-fort-a-ble. Easy way to look poor and like a business woman at the same time. Confuse them with your style.

I’m in love with this silhouette. The A line skirt simply can’t be beat, and the soft sweater. This outfit was out of my traditional comfort zone, but once on I felt better than I had all summer. I’m so ready for fall.

Beige and orange are quickly becoming my favorite colors to wear. It was red and black, but now I’m evolving. I see myself in many versions of these colors in the upcoming months.

Next though, may be my favorite of my own outfits.

Maroon, we meet again!!! Simply can’t stray away from maroon. Here, you see me behind the counter at the Jo’s NTCC location. I think I was looking at the rain, and remembering that I left my umbrella in my car.

This picture was taken before the previous one, when I was blissfully happy. This shirt, you’ve seen before in my 2020Ave haul. I’ve mentioned that haul like 20000 times, so you KNOW their products are soo good.

I tied this shirt into a rose knot just to add a little flavor. I like to do this when the outfit just needs something extra, and the shirt is long enough. It’s also a good way to create a cropped silhouette without cutting the shirt or tucking it in (because you don’t want to do that everyday like I tend to).

And these pants are actually maternity pants. Can you believe that? Thank the Gods of thrifting for this find. These little cargo Capri pants have saved my life on multiple occasions. Get yourself a pair for those cold classrooms, but lingering hot days.

That’s it this week folks. I know it’s pretty late, but finding help for this post put me in the gutter more times than not. I hope some of these looks inspire you this season. Have fun! Peace,

Emma Katy

Emptying My Closet (Donating)

As we discussed in my last post, I’ve been doing a ton of decluttering. I went through the majority of stuff already. Decluttering made me be honest with myself about my interests, hobbies, and personality. Growing up, I became interested in different activities, different decorations, and a whole lot of art supplies. 

I know this isn’t exactly a “looks” topic, but I wanted to write about this in this category because the biggest change I noticed was my clothes. I emptied my dresser. Now I open up my dresser drawers and am shocked by how much I don’t have to wear. It actually makes me feel good, because before, I would together an outfit and legitimately worry that a better combination lied somewhere deep in the depths of my wardrobe. Now I can clearly see what I own, meaning I can leave the house in my best outfit possible. 

Now, being pretty much a grown up trying to find my path, I went through all these old things, like books, art stuff, clothes, and things like that. I had to ask myself if I actually am ever doing to take this hobby up, am I REALLY ever do to do such-and-such, and so on. 

I filled two garbage bags full of clothes. Tops, pants, and shorts to give to Goodwill. I shop at Goodwill, so I will probably steer clear of the one I donate to, in order to prevent buying my old stuff again. I also got together books I’ll never read, supplies I’ll never use and other stuff. 

I always think about giving back to my community. It’s an important thing to consider for each of us to do. My gently used things can be beneficial to plenty of people in my community. 

Some of us may not always be able to donate money or time. When I think about being charitable, I always think I don’t have enough to give. But one book, or one shirt, could make a lot of difference to one person, and that’s really the whole point. 

I consider this a success because decluttering not only helps me clear my mind, focus on what’s important, and help me mature. It’s also getting me to be involved in my local community by doing something selfless. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed in your living space, or like everything needs to be organized, try decluttering. Going through your stuff will give you a better sense of what you have, let you throw away/donate things you never use, and create more space for the things you love. 

Thanks for reading. I hope this inspired you to empty out the suffocating things in your life. It’s liberating to minimalize, in my opinion. And also, knowing that you’re offering something to other members in your community is fulfilling. 


Emma Katy 

Closet PurgingĀ 

Lately I’ve been showing you all the new stuff I’ve been buying for my summer wardrobe. And there’s most likely more to come seeing as I still haven’t found the perfect one piece, and I could always use more dresses. 

But there is an ugly side to the changing season shopping, which is running out of room in your closet. There’s stuff from winter that I obviously won’t wear right now, but I love. So what is there to do? 

My biggest problem is T-shirts. As y’all know I’m dedicated to picking up T-shirts whenever I can. However, this is a space hazard to my closet. A good way I’ve learned to get rid of some of my old T-shirts is to turn the logo into a patch. Some people make blankets out of their old T-shirts, but I think making the logo into a patch gives me more freedom to be creative. I can put the patch on another clothing piece or something later. 

Then, there’s just plain old giving your old (lightly worn) clothes away to a donation center. This can kind of back fire on me because I go thrift shopping a lot, and I’m pretty sure I almost picked up one of my old pieces once. Besides that, it’s a great way to give back to your community and purge your old clothes. 

I’ve had to part with some pieces recently that I never thought I’d get rid of. But doing this is like a cleansing experience. I think every season deserves a purge. I still need to get rid of some tank tops that are way too small for me right now. You can purge (and should) with a lot of things. My hardest purging is with my shoes and art supplies. But it really, really, needs to get done. 

I get rid of a clothing piece if I can no longer see a new outfit, or at least not one that makes me feel like I want to wear it tomorrow. Also, if the shirt isn’t big enough to become pajamas, it’s got to go. 

Jeans are hard to trash, or give away, because new jeans are so expensive. I really am stingy when it comes to jeans. I think that’s way I’ve started to test out new types of shorts and pants. But unfortunately, my life always leads back to a desperate need for a few good pairs of jeans. I no longer want to deny myself that treasure. Some jeans I wear now are so uncomfortable, but I think it’s time to cut them out my life. I recently watched a cool DIY video about using old jean pockets as organization decoration. I think I may try it out. I’ll link the video here

A few tips for closet purging: 

  1. If the item no longer speaks to you, toss it. 
  2. If you’re really low on room, toss an item that looks similar to another item. 
  3. Try on old clothing pieces you love, but haven’t worn in awhile to see if they still fit. (I have dresses I save for special occasions but when I try them on, they no longer fit me comfortably) 
  4. If an item holds sentimental value, try finding a way to re-purpose it. 
  5. Think of the new clothing you want to buy while tossing old clothes. (It helps) 
  6. Box up seasonal clothing (sweaters, thigh high socks, and jackets) and move them to a new location until that season arrives once more. (Like early Christmas) when you open that box again, you may find pieces you no longer like and completely forgotten about, which will help you toss it.

I hope you found this post helpful. There are Youtube videos you could watch too, if you’re having this similar problem as me. 


Emma Katy