Beauty Self Care Tips 2017

Beauty Self Care Tips 2017

As many of you may know, self care is a big deal for me. I have an extremely bad habit of getting distracted and forgetting to take proper care of myself. That means I’m constantly on the lookout for new and improved ways I can keep up with maintenance on myself. You can check out my Tips of Daily Care for more ways I found that help me, but today I wanted to focus on some beauty-related tips because lately I’ve been noticing some new things I thought some of you would find helpful.

  • Pick a scent

As I mentioned in my Fall Beauty Essentials post, I like to pick a scent. Right now I’m sticking with honey, because I love the products I’ve found, and the scent is literally so nice. Doing this makes me enjoy the products I’m using, and gives me a weird sort of peace of mind that all of my beauty products smell the same. You can take it a step further and pick a scent that ties into aromatherapy. I know many people choose peppermint, or other essential oils to help them with things like anxiety, depression, or energy.

While we’re on the topic of aromatherapy, I know of this brand called Monq. They have these diffusers for essential oils. They have blends that are supposed to help with things like providing energy, making you feel vibrant, and other peaceful things. You can check out their website here.

  • Determine your favorite products

There are certain things I’ve noticed that when I wear them, I instantly feel better about my appearance. This gives me a sense of security because I know that I love the way I look. Personally, the redness of my cheeks makes me really insecure. Also, since I have really bushy eyebrows, it’s easy for them to get out of control. And then, there’s my constant worry of having chapped lips. Although the thought of wearing a full face of makeup everyday seems amazing, it also isn’t practical, at least for me. So I’ve caught myself thinking “Just do your eyebrows”. Sitting down to do my eyebrows also makes me take a second to realize I have time to put on my concealer, and my lip balm. Doing these tiny things everyday has helped me feel more confidence in my appearance, which makes me feel better in general. It’s step in making more time for yourself in the morning, as well getting to use your beauty products on a more day-to-day basis.

  • Exfoliate

I used to not be a believer in exfoliation, but now I’m a diehard fan. I love exfoliates so much, it’s gotten to the point where I don’t even want to buy the soap unless it has sugar crystals, microbubbles, or some other form of scrubby substance. Ever since I began using exfoliates on my face, I’ve noticed a drastic difference in the way my skin feels. My face is soft, smooth, and I can tell all the oils and pollutants have been removed. You can use an exfoliating wash on your dry areas like your knees, elbows, and the bottom of your feet. I like to use a body wash with sugar crystals to make sure I’m soft all over. I even use a lip scrub from LUSH, which has definitely played a part in the smoothness of my lips this season. Click for their Honey Vanilla scrub, but they also have seasonal flavors like Sugar Plum and Santa Baby. I want to finish out the one I have before buying another, but it’s really tempting.

  • Do (or do not) paint your nails

Painting your nails is a good way to make sure you feel proud of your look. It’s just an extra sum-sum to say BAM! But really, when that color starts chipping and my nails start breaking, my self esteem is an ugly sight. I can’t stand to see the tips of my nails all chipped and torn. Or when you’re painting your nails and nail polish gets all over the tip of your finger. Don’t you just hate that? What I’m saying here is: if you’re going to paint your nails, make sure you’re gonna keep up with it. When the paint starts chipping, remove the polish. Trust me. Just do it. I have a bad habit of letting my polish chip all the all down to my cuticles, and I feel bad about it the whole time. I hate when I’m feeling bad and boujee, only to look down at my hands to realize they look like s**t. Paint them. When they chip, remove the polish. It’s time consuming, but it’ll make you feel better.

  • Wear perfume

Honey, do you wanna feel extra? Wanna walk around with that little kick in your step? Sprints on some of your favorite perfume. Every now and again you’ll get a whiff of it and it’ll remind you of who you are. You are the little lady or gentleman that smells goooooooddddddd. It makes a difference. You’d be surprised.

My last and biggest beauty care tip is this:

Understand and appreciate yourself. Some days your hair is going to look like a mess. And sometimes, there’s just nothing you can do about that. Somedays, you really just aren’t going to want to take off your nail polish, and you’re gonna have to just say “I’m doing what I can”. I don’t always feel like putting on concealer, or maybe I simply don’t have the time. But that’s okay. The tips above are just little things you can incorporate into your life if you’ve been feeling a little down. Add one or two into your daily routine. It may turn some days around for you.

I hope this helps y’all little spirits out there. We’re all beautiful in our own ways, taking each day one step at a time. I like to share my tips as I see them making my life flourish, and spread as much help as I can. Thank you for reading. Until next time,


Tips for Daily Care

In the midst of the hustle and bustle, there are very tiny gaps. And in these gaps lies the land of unhealthy foods, naps, and desperate attempts of getting dressed in a timely manner to get to class. We’re students. Or moms. Or hardworkers in general, and in the middle of it all, we waste the free time, and end up even more behind. 

So I am here to say that I too have fallen victim many-a-times to the grind. I have forgotten to eat, sleep, wash my hair, wash my clothes, and so much more due to working my a$$ off. But I decided enough was enough. 

So, here are some tips to use if you’re a busy buzz buzz bee like me. We got to help each other out, you know. I hope this works out for everyone. 


As soon as you get home, do the thing. The thing you were thinking about on the ride home. Whether it’s “I need to take a shower tonight,” or “I got to print this thing out,” or “I need to read Chapter blah”. As soon as you lock the door behind you and take your shoes off, do that thing. 

This will help you maintain a productive state. I know the feeling of your toes hitting your familiar floors and the urge to just crawl back into bed. I know that feeling well. That feeling is a close friend of mine. But sometimes, you just can’t always text back toxic friends. So block it out, and stay focused. 

If you get everything done as soon as you can, without distracting yourself with relaxation, when the time comes, you’ll be able to actually sleep. You’ll rest easy knowing that whatever you had to do, is already done. You may actually start dreaming again, with the peace of mind you’ll receive. 

  • A little victory is a victory 

Sometimes when people think of self care, they think skincare routine, polished fingernails, a clean room, and blah blah blah. The truth is, you simply can’t do everything everyday. If you don’t feel passionate about skin care, take it easy on the routine. Sometimes self care is as simple as brushing your hair that day. Don’t let the thought of relaxing stress you out. 

  • Eat something 

My main issue when I’m busy is that I don’t eat. I just don’t get hungry. Like I might once throughout the day, but otherwise I’m too worried about due dates and stuff to eat. This is very bad for me. It makes me tired, grumpy, and sick. If you’re like me, I recommend canned foods. 

Things like soups, green beans, and chili helped me out because all I needed was to grab a can out of the pantry and head to school. I didn’t have to wake up extra early and pack an Instagram worthy lunch, or spend a load of money on food. This isn’t always the healthiest option though, so pay attention to what canned foods you’re buying. 

I also recommend cereals. If you’re capable of eating cereal dry, that is the way to go. Or you could also try trail mix. This is an easy thing to prepare, that you can snack on continuously throughout the day to keep you full. 

  • Don’t forget about your passions 

I always tell people that one of the main reasons I started this blog was because I was so caught up in making money and school that I no longer did the things I love. Having a blog with an audience really keeps me motivated to continue being creative, doing the things I really enjoy to share with y’all, and remember what I’m working so hard for anyways. This blog has changed the route of my life in more ways than one. 

I’ve met good friends, figured out who my true friends are, tried new things, and it keeps me connecting to the hobbies and interests I have. Also, hearing back from you gives me encouragement to keep going, and whenever I have a bad day, I always remind myself of the goals of this blog. 

So yes, while making money and hustling is addicting, and it seems like you really are being productive, it can easily steer you away from your true goals. So make sure to carve out some time for reading, or writing, or makeup, or whatever it is that you like to do. This will help you mentally.

  • Sad days are sick days. 

A lot of people don’t understand that mental health is just as important as physical health. So if one morning you wake up and you’re literally in pain with a headache due to all your tasks, go back to sleep. Miss that day of school, or call in sick to work because yes, you are sick. Take some time to calm down, and when you’re ready, get up and finish whatever tasks are bothering you. Usually when I have a ton of homework, or my room is an absolute disaster, or I couldn’t sleep the night before, I just need to take the day off. Stress takes a major toll on you. Take that into account. 

  • Ask for help

Honestly, asking for help is not always easy for me. I like to feel like I have everything under control. I can say, “I did this and this and this with no help”. And that’s great. But you know what happens next? Now I’m exhausted, feel unappreciated, uncared for, and overwhelmed, when really, all I have to do is ask my mom, or dad, or my boyfriend, and they’ll be more than happy to help me. It is okay to admit that you actually don’t have control over every single aspect in life. 

  • You can look like shit 

Now that I run this fashion lifestyle blog, I feel pressure to dress up every single day. And sometimes, what I consider an interesting outfit, others consider trash. And lol, that’s okay. I have a great sense of fashion, but not a great sleep schedule. I don’t have to prove every single day exactly who I am. I can go to my Monday class wearing pajamas, and guess what. I’m still fashionable, just not today. I know a lot of times on self care tips or whatever they’ll tell you to dress up. They say something like “when you look good, you feel good”. And I say that’s it the other way around. When you feel good, you look good. So if you feel good in sweatpants and a T-shirt, or heels and a dress, then honey you are fire everyday of the week. 

I hope these tips help y’all out. These are more geered to your mental self care rather than physical self care. Share this post for your friends and family who may need some tips on relaxing. Have a great rest of your week. Peace,

Emma Katy 

Updated Skin Care Routine

“Give me clear skin or give me death!” 

-Every teenager ever

Skin care was never much of a bother for me before this summer. Recently, its become something I care about a lot. It’s probably due to my new minimalistic makeup routine. Since I’m wearing less foundation, that means less coverage. So it’s been more important for me lately to make sure my skin is properly taken care of.  I’m so glad I ventured down this skin care path because now I feel more confident going out with less makeup, which is great for a season as hot as this one. And if you’re in school or you work early, a skin care routine at night is a good way to protect yourself if you don’t feel like putting on a full face of makeup the next morning. 

I don’t use very much, but what I use has so far been very effective. I find that rotating between some of these products is very helpful in keeping my skin clear longer. 

The first thing I wanted to share is this lotion. Really any lotion will do the trick, but this is the one I’ve been using. I’m on a vanilla craze right now and this smells so good. I put this on my arms and legs right after I get out of the shower. It softens my skin while leaving behind a nice scent. I used to just let lotions sit forever and ever, but now that I’ve decluttered, I’ve made a pact with myself to use up every single lotion one by one. I’ll be sad the day this is all gone, because then I’ll have to smell different. 

This next product I’ve been using pretty regularly. I think Neutrogena has some of the best quality acne treatments out there. They can be on the pricey side but this little tube has lasted me for months because you only need a small amount each time you use it. I’m pretty sure this is supposed to go on pimples that already exist, like a post-treatment but I use this to prevent pimples from coming. It works really well when I use it daily. I apply this on my face right after I take a shower and I can feel it tighten my face, if that makes any sense. Just go buy this stuff if you have medium oily skin. It’s great. It’ll dry you out real quick. 

These two tiny things are two of the prettiest things I own. I got these as a birthday present from Sephora, so if you have a birthday coming up, get a Sephora membership card and get yourself some of this. I believe it’s French which makes me feel luxurious. But it also sucks because I can’t read any of it. There’s little pieces in English, but overall I was really intimidated when I got this. I’ve never used a “serum” before so I was sceptical. Basically you drip drop the serum onto your trouble areas of your face, then rub it in. (P.S. this stuff smells AMAZING). Next you apply the creme that’s in the pink bottle. This is supposed to help reduce dark spots. After using it, the first few days I noticed a more even skin tone, less blotchiness, and my acne dark spots -the kind you get from picking at pimples- had pretty much vanished. I was so surprised. Thanks a lot Sephora. Now I have to buy the big size. Clear skin or fooooddd??? The question troubles me time and time again. I apply this after I apply the acne treatment, and always after a shower. And I always apply it in the morning. My skin care routine basically happens after my showers. 

I’ve taken so many pictures of this stuff for you guys. First in an Ipsy unboxing, then my makeup routine, and now here. I love love love love this stuff. I use this as the base of my makeup, and even though you’ve already heard me rave about this stuff, here we are again. When I don’t use this Italian face toner, I’m self conscious all day. I’ve been using this for awhile now. I noticed my redness has gone down and my pores seem smaller. It just creates a more even skin tone. I do notice that if I don’t use this regularly, my blotchiness comes roaring back into existence and no honey, that’s not pretty. 

I’ve just gotten into investing some time into my skin care. I’ve been DYING to try out some Glossier products. 

My friend Maddie talks about them all the time. There products are great for people with oily skin. Look how gorgeous and glowing she is. 

She talks about their products on her instagram: @weirrdhoney. I’m thinking about investing in some Glossier products after I finish my French stuff, as to keep with my minimalistic tactic. 

If you’re interested in using these products, be sure to check out her rep profile. She has a video explaining her favorite products and how they can be helpful to people with a similar skin type. I’m really interested in their serums, now that I’ve gotten obsessed. 

Having a skin care routine to follow helps me feel like I’m taking better care of myself. It makes me feel more confident on those days when I really just don’t feel like wearing makeup. I thought this would help those of you struggling with acne, heavy foundation, new college schedules, and all the buzzy bees out there that need something simple. 

Thank you for reading. You guys are the best. Make sure to come back next Wednesday for a hair care routine!!! 


Emma Katy