Fall Beauty Essentials

Fall Beauty Essentials

Last week I did a post about 5 cozy fashion essentials you need this fall. I thought it would be fun to keep the theme going and write about some beauty essentials needed and loved by me. Fall isn’t only the best time to dress for. I’ve been upping my game this season, especially with hydrating my skin, so I wanted to share all the products I’ve been using in hopes you’d love them just as much as I do.

To start off, I wanted to talk about lip balm. Taking care of my lips is really important to me this time of year. I have a really bad problem getting dehydrated, and it’s always the worst during the fall-winter time. My lips are the worst tell-tale sign of this. Every year it’s “your lips are so chapped”, “you should drink more water”, and my personal favorite “you should like, lick your lips or something”. I think it has to do with the wind constantly blowing against my face. You’d think it’d be the other way around, where I’d get chapped lips in the summer, but that is not so. I’ve been making sure to exfoliate my lips and then apply this lip balm that I got from one of my Ipsy packages. I also put this on at the start of doing my makeup to hydrate my lips throughout my routine before putting on lipstick. It’s been doing a great job at taming my chapped lips lately, and the orange is very festive for the fall season. Click on the picture to get your own in either Rose Blossom, Mint, or Honey (like mine).

I got this nail polish in my most recent Ipsy box (they’ve been sending me such great stuff lately). If you read that post, you’d know I was skeptical of this polish. It claims to restore nails and protect against toxins. I still don’t know if that’s true, but I have to say I love this color. It’s beautiful for this time of year, and the application is so nice. You know how sometimes when you apply nail polish and there’s those streaks? This nail polish doesn’t really do that. I hope the other claims ring true. I’m planning on wearing this color for awhile. It stands out against the crowd because it seems like everyone is doing forest green or burnt oranges nails right now. While those colors are festive as well, to me they’re just not moody enough for the vibe of the fall time. The picture up above will take you where you can try this stuff out for yourself.

Hydration, hydration, hydration. This OH HONEY lotion smells so good. If you haven’t noticed already, I think I mentioned to y’all before that I’m trying to do this new thing where I pick a certain smell and stick with it throughout the month or so. I originally decided to do this to help me get through all of my lotions or perfumes of Christmas and birthday past. I chose honey for October and I’m glad I did. Doing this has brought me to new products I would’ve never tried before. Anyways, as mentioned before, hydration will be a big deal for me, as I believe it will for most people. There’s something so drying about the cold. I’ve really been loving this lotion lately. It’s a hand lotion, but I’ve been using it all over my body. It makes me all soft and smooth. It’s compact size makes it perfect for taking with you on the go.

You may recognize this picture from my Double Ipsy Unboxing. Did you think I was playing around when I said I pick a scent and stick with it? Because I really wasn’t. I’ve been using this exfoliate every shower to help remove my makeup. It helps my skin feel fresh. I’m running out so I guess I’ll have to buy the full version soon. This product has opened my mind a lot to the world of skin exfoliates. I love it so much. I’m so glad I decided to put it to the test. My only complaint is that it ran out so fast! I need more already. This honey exfoliate is so good, I’ve even added to my skin care routine. You have to try it. The picture should redirect you.

You’ve heard me talk about this palette before. And look at it. How could I not? You’ve seen me create numerous looks with it, and there will most likely be more to come.  What lies before you on your screen is the ABH Subculture palette. I’ve used this eye shadow palette nearly everyday since the day I purchased it. I love it, honestly, truly. There’s so many looks possible with this bad boy, from natural to dramatic, subtle to obnoxious. It’s great for building wearable looks. One thing I’ve loved about this palette is that it’s helped me blossom with wearing darker colors on a more regular basis. There’s something just so daring about this color selection that makes me want to master the art of them all. It is the embodiment of Autumn, if I ever did see such a thing. This has been one of the best buys I’ve ever made in my entire makeup-loving history.

Thank you all for reading, as always. These beauty essentials keep me feeling festive, and I hope they do the same for you! Until next time,

Beauty Self Care Tips 2017

Beauty Self Care Tips 2017

As many of you may know, self care is a big deal for me. I have an extremely bad habit of getting distracted and forgetting to take proper care of myself. That means I’m constantly on the lookout for new and improved ways I can keep up with maintenance on myself. You can check out my Tips of Daily Care for more ways I found that help me, but today I wanted to focus on some beauty-related tips because lately I’ve been noticing some new things I thought some of you would find helpful.

  • Pick a scent

As I mentioned in my Fall Beauty Essentials post, I like to pick a scent. Right now I’m sticking with honey, because I love the products I’ve found, and the scent is literally so nice. Doing this makes me enjoy the products I’m using, and gives me a weird sort of peace of mind that all of my beauty products smell the same. You can take it a step further and pick a scent that ties into aromatherapy. I know many people choose peppermint, or other essential oils to help them with things like anxiety, depression, or energy.

While we’re on the topic of aromatherapy, I know of this brand called Monq. They have these diffusers for essential oils. They have blends that are supposed to help with things like providing energy, making you feel vibrant, and other peaceful things. You can check out their website here.

  • Determine your favorite products

There are certain things I’ve noticed that when I wear them, I instantly feel better about my appearance. This gives me a sense of security because I know that I love the way I look. Personally, the redness of my cheeks makes me really insecure. Also, since I have really bushy eyebrows, it’s easy for them to get out of control. And then, there’s my constant worry of having chapped lips. Although the thought of wearing a full face of makeup everyday seems amazing, it also isn’t practical, at least for me. So I’ve caught myself thinking “Just do your eyebrows”. Sitting down to do my eyebrows also makes me take a second to realize I have time to put on my concealer, and my lip balm. Doing these tiny things everyday has helped me feel more confidence in my appearance, which makes me feel better in general. It’s step in making more time for yourself in the morning, as well getting to use your beauty products on a more day-to-day basis.

  • Exfoliate

I used to not be a believer in exfoliation, but now I’m a diehard fan. I love exfoliates so much, it’s gotten to the point where I don’t even want to buy the soap unless it has sugar crystals, microbubbles, or some other form of scrubby substance. Ever since I began using exfoliates on my face, I’ve noticed a drastic difference in the way my skin feels. My face is soft, smooth, and I can tell all the oils and pollutants have been removed. You can use an exfoliating wash on your dry areas like your knees, elbows, and the bottom of your feet. I like to use a body wash with sugar crystals to make sure I’m soft all over. I even use a lip scrub from LUSH, which has definitely played a part in the smoothness of my lips this season. Click for their Honey Vanilla scrub, but they also have seasonal flavors like Sugar Plum and Santa Baby. I want to finish out the one I have before buying another, but it’s really tempting.

  • Do (or do not) paint your nails

Painting your nails is a good way to make sure you feel proud of your look. It’s just an extra sum-sum to say BAM! But really, when that color starts chipping and my nails start breaking, my self esteem is an ugly sight. I can’t stand to see the tips of my nails all chipped and torn. Or when you’re painting your nails and nail polish gets all over the tip of your finger. Don’t you just hate that? What I’m saying here is: if you’re going to paint your nails, make sure you’re gonna keep up with it. When the paint starts chipping, remove the polish. Trust me. Just do it. I have a bad habit of letting my polish chip all the all down to my cuticles, and I feel bad about it the whole time. I hate when I’m feeling bad and boujee, only to look down at my hands to realize they look like s**t. Paint them. When they chip, remove the polish. It’s time consuming, but it’ll make you feel better.

  • Wear perfume

Honey, do you wanna feel extra? Wanna walk around with that little kick in your step? Sprints on some of your favorite perfume. Every now and again you’ll get a whiff of it and it’ll remind you of who you are. You are the little lady or gentleman that smells goooooooddddddd. It makes a difference. You’d be surprised.

My last and biggest beauty care tip is this:

Understand and appreciate yourself. Some days your hair is going to look like a mess. And sometimes, there’s just nothing you can do about that. Somedays, you really just aren’t going to want to take off your nail polish, and you’re gonna have to just say “I’m doing what I can”. I don’t always feel like putting on concealer, or maybe I simply don’t have the time. But that’s okay. The tips above are just little things you can incorporate into your life if you’ve been feeling a little down. Add one or two into your daily routine. It may turn some days around for you.

I hope this helps y’all little spirits out there. We’re all beautiful in our own ways, taking each day one step at a time. I like to share my tips as I see them making my life flourish, and spread as much help as I can. Thank you for reading. Until next time,


October Monthly Favorites

October Monthly Favorites

This month has probably been one of my favorite months out of the entire year of 2017. Many things have happened, and new things are on the rise. Since I’ve been enjoying the world around me so much lately, I thought I should share the things I’ve been using, watching, wearing, and doing with you. Monthly favorites is a series I want to start doing on my blog, so definitely let me know if you enjoy this post.



Lately, I’ve noticed that I run for the same pair of jeans every opportunity I get. These jeans are from Forever 21. They are high-waisted, light weight, and have a little bit of distressing down the pant. You’ve seen these before in my Fall Haul (P. 2). Click on the picture below to read that post.

I believe these are definitely a must-have, especially with the winter season approaching because you get the luxury of pants, but also the comfortable aspect of loose fitting sweatpants. Since they are high-waisted, these jeans are easy to style with sweaters and flannels.


My next October favorite has got to be this purse my mom gave me. I absolutely love the color scheme for the whole month. It fits everything I need: my wallet, makeup bag, keys, my phone, including some extras like gum and receipts I don’t need. I usually go for neutral tone purses so they will match any outfit I happen to be wearing. What I love about this purse is the subtle purple detail. Enough to scream “FALL!!!”, minimal to go with everything.


Last but not least, my running shoes have had me comfy all day, nearly everyday. I got these from Walmart. I’ve been going to the gym lately and decided I needed some new workout shoes. I figured I’d pick up a cheap pair, since I’m not actually running outside or anything. Again, I usually go for neutrals with my shoes. Finding these black and white ones was perfect for me. They’re easy for me to match with any outfit, which has me wearing these to class almost every morning. I like this because it means I’m always somewhat gym-ready, and that motivates me to actually go to the gym. They also have memory foam on the bottom. They’re comfy for me to wear for long periods of time, so I like to slip these on for my day at work.


Nail polish:

You’ve seen this nail polish a few times before, and here it is again. I really do like this nail polish. I can say that it is pretty chip resistant. Also, my nails are usually quite brittle and break easily at the length they are now, but so far I haven’t experienced any hang nails. I’m still unsure about the actual restoration or protection of this nail polish, but I love it nonetheless. I thought I’d mention it again because it has become such a staple for me.

Hair Care:

Remember in my Fall Beauty Essentials post I told you that I pick a scent and stick with it. Yeah, I really wasn’t playing around. I have honey lotion, honey lip balm, honey face scrub, and now I show you honey conditioner (I also have the shampoo as well). I love this stuff to no end. It has done so much for me. My hair is incredibly softer since I started using this conditioner. It’s been easier to brush my hair, style my wavy locks, and my hair is noticeably healthier. I’m so glad I found this conditioner.

Makeup (eyeliner):

Last for my beauty favorite this month is this Steve Laurant eyeliner pen. I love this. You saw this in my Double Ipsy Unboxing post. I’m telling y’all, Ipsy stays sending out great stuff. I was unsure about Ipsy when I first started it, but I’m so glad I stayed loyal. This pen is perfect for everyday looks. It’s completely matte black, which I love. I had some trouble with it at first, but ever since I got it down, it’s been winged eyeliner ever since.



This candle, as you can see, has been burning day after day after day. It’s called Purely Pumpkin, and the name is true. It’s almost gone, which is fitting since October is almost over. I got this candle from Hobby Lobby. I love the orange frosted glass, the shape of it, and the smell. Ugh, it’s so sweet. Once this candle is completely burned, I’m excited to think all the different stuff I could use it for. Who doesn’t need empty glass jars lying around? I’m thinking I could probably store some beauty products in here, or make my own body scrub to keep, or something else artsy. I love the little jar so much; I’ll figure something out.


Fairy Tail

Image result for fairy tail anime

Many of you may not know this, but I love anime. I have been watching Fairy Tail pretty much every evening. I’m currently watching the finale as I write this post this every second. It’s nearing the last episode of the first season and I’m filled with sorrow. I guess I’ll have to move to a different anime once I finish this 48 episode season.

Mini Review:

Characters: The main characters of the first season are illustrated above. On the right: Erza, the baddest b***h in town. She’s definitely a great feminist icon because she’s super strong, serious, sexy, and one of the best fighters all around. The flying cat is Happy. He’s my favorite. He’s definitely sassy, just like me. Then, there’s Natsu. If you’re ever in need of inspiration speech, just watch an episode of Fairy Tail. He’s the type of person that gets everyone motivated. I hope I can inspire people as much as he does. He simply never ever gives up. Next, the blonde is Lucy. She’s pretty cool. She’s nice, but she cries a lot. She’s like the little sister of the entire group. Last is Grey. Gray? Grey? I don’t know how to spell it. He’s kind of rude, but he cares about people too. Him and Natsu don’t get along. Fire and Ice, right? But they’re like brothers, so that makes it hilarious.

Story line: The story line is awesome because the show takes turns highlighting the different characters. You get to learn everyone’s back stories, which for some reason is extremely important to me. I have to know where a character came from and what they’re all about before I can care about them. Obviously I love the story. I’ve watched this so fast.


For the past month I’ve been drinking smoothies. Smoothie in the morning, smoothie in the evening. Strawberries, bananas, blueberries, yogurt, orange juice, and that’s pretty much it. I don’t add any sugars. And since when do I like orange juice? I don’t. But I can’t even taste it in a smoothie. This means I’m getting all the nutrients from foods I don’t usually consume much faster.

Having a smoothie honestly makes me feel so much better about myself. I always think “Drink your fruit, eat your veggies” because I usually have a smoothie with a salad. I wish I would’ve gotten some pumpkin puree and figured an interesting way to mix it in this October. I guess I still could. But it’s not really the same, you know?

I hope you liked my October Favorites. I’m thinking doing Monthly Favorites is a good way to recap on the things I’ve been enjoying. Thank you for reading. See you Wednesday.