Drugstore Beauty Haul

Somehow I stopped buying makeup? Like when did this happen? I hit the pan of my powder? When did I go downhill? I decided that was the end of that, and thought it would be a good idea to treat myself to some little things. Summer is ending, school is starting, and that means my makeup routine and any routine in general will probably change. And plus, I just deserve a little something right now. TREAT. YOUR. SELF. 

The first thing I want to talk about is dry shampoo:

I don’t really use dry shampoo. When I used to, it was always one of two things: 1) it made my roots extremely greasy 2) it made my roots look powdery. Not cute. But I know that when school starts there are going to be more times than usual where I just don’t feel like washing my hair. It’s better not to on a daily basis, and if you think that’s gross then you may not know what silky soft hair is. Anywayyyss, I mainly bought this for when the day-after-shower day has my hair looking way greasier than I thought it would the night before. I’m really excited to use this. It smells SO SUGARY GOOD. My hair is going to smell like frosting. 

Next: conditioner.

You have heard me talk about this again and again. I love these little oval containers of heaven. I just wanted to mention it here because I did buy it in this haul and because I love talking about this conditioner. Still my holy grail. Great to repair hair, smells like the beach, and can be left in your hair for a little while in the shower like a mask. Good stuff. 


I watched a Kathleen Lights “Favorite Drugstore Makeup” video before I went to the store and she talked about this Maybelline Fit Me concealer. I usually use the Age Rewind concealer, but I started running out and wanted to try something new. It’s not uncommon for the Age Rewind one to get oily on my skin and make me feel like I need to blot my face. This doesnt usually bother me, but I don’the want to have to worry about this during class. This one is buildable, easy to apply, and has good coverage. It’s also small, so it will be easy to take with me. 


If you’ve been keeping up with me, you know that I prefer BB Cream over regular foundation. I don’t know many Wet n Wild products, so I thought I’d give their foundation a shot. This one is a good match for my skin tone. It has a weird spatula as an applicator, which I thought was gonna be strange, but it actually works pretty good. Its lightweight, and it is buildable, just like the concealer. I think this will be great for the fall/winter months. I will say that it is a kind of drying. For me, that’s great because I have medium-oily skin, so this will hopfully keep me from getting all oily throughout the day. If you like Wet n Wild and prefer buildable makeup, I would apply a moisturizer before this if you have dry skin. 

The next thing is a brush!!!: 

I really like brushes. I will go all out on some brushes. I will spend $20 on a brush and not be bothered. This one was probably like $2. You know E.L.F. has the hookup. I really wanted another face brush. This one is firmer than most brushes I own. I like it. I originally bought this brush for the next product I’m gonna show you, but I think I might turn this into a contour brush. 

Matte Powder: 

As I said earlier in this post, I hit the pan of my Covergirl face powder. Powders are essential to keeping your face, you know, just like, keeping your face….it’s important!!!! Okay? 

Oh my God, I got to clean my fingernails. Ewww, I’m sorry. NOBODY’S PERFECT. Okay, back to makeup, this is my first time using a white powder, which I guess is supposed to be like translucent. I really like this. It isn’t heavy, or cakey. And I really wanted to get a powder that was the same brand as the foundation. 


I’ve been trying to get an eyebrow pencil like this for a long time, I don’t know why I held off for so long. It is just so compact, I can just keep this with me. This is the L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Definer. 

It has this nice little spoilie at the end, which is great for combing through my eyebrows. The applicator is tiny. I mean tinnyyyyyyyyy. It is also light, so again it’s buildable. It’s great for a completely natural look. Glad I bought this. 

Lips boiiiiiiii: 

I usually wear nudes. And I went to the store and I was looking, and I was like “I always do nudes, I don’t wanna do a nude, let’s try something new”. I know girls that wear like a shade darker or lighter than I normal “nude” depending on their skin tone and I wanted to try that out. So I picked up this one. 

Really love this purple packaging. 

Again, Maybelline got me on their hook. Can’t help it. This is in the shade Nude Nuance. It’s an intense cranberry. I thought this was going to read more brown, and little lighter, but it actually appears more maroon for my lips. I like it, and I will continue to use it. Colors like these are perfect for fall, so I’m happy with this buy. It’s buttery, but not like sticky. Thanks again Kathleen Lights, for the recommendation. 

That’s everything I got this past trip. I got all this for under $50!!! That’s awesome. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this. See you Friday! Peace, 

Emma Katy 

Beauty Cosmetics Haul

Okay, so recently I’ve been treating myself to a lot of nice things because I’ve been working like a busy bee on crack for a long time, so I thought I deserved it. If you saw my post last Monday, you would see my H&M haul. When I went there, I also did a little makeup shopping. I picked up some more since then, and I wanted to share the new things I got with you.

The first thing I wanted to show you is this amazing concealer. It’s age rewind, which I don’t need but it never hurts. The application of this product is so nice, it blends really well, and it comes in this small size, or a bigger one, which I really like because it allowed me to try the product out before investing a ton of money. This is a really nice concealer, and as y’all know I’ve been looking for a good for a long time. I’m glad I finally found a good light weight concealer at the drugstore.

Brushes are such a good thing to have, but they can be pretty pricey, so I usually limit myself to one or two per makeup trip. This time I picked up the It Cosmetics eyeshadow brush in 112. It’s a good quality blending brush that’s a really good size. The next is the Face Expert Real Techniques brush. I love this brush. I feel like you could use it for a lot, like bronzing, high lighting, foundation, and (what I currently use it for) dabbing on blush. I love the real techniques brush, and am kind of on the fence about It Cosmetics, but I will need to experiment more to really create an educated opinion.

The next thing that I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH is the Hoola Bronzer. I know, I know, you’ve heard just about everything about this bronzer. It’s definitely worth the hype. It’s gorgeous on fair skin tones. I got the tiny one which was a (wow) $15.00. Totally worth it in my opinion. I don’t use a lot so it will last a while for me.

So, if you read my Everyday Makeup Routine, you know that I didn’t really care much for blush. Well the tables have turned my friends. I got this Too Face Blush in the shade Justify my Love. This blush is soooooo pigmented you really have to use a light hand. It’s a pretty hot pink that reminds me of that wind blushed look you get during the Winter, you know? The other one I got as a birthday gift from Sephora, along with the Tartiest lip paint -up there in the top corner- and I love the shade of both products. The blush is a nice nude color that is compact, you can throw it in your purse or car, and boom. Beautiful everywhere you go. The blush is the Amazonian Clay blush in the shade Paaarrttyyy. I’m so excited to use it. I LOVE Tarte products. The lip paint is ugh, gorgeous. It’s also a nude color, (shade Birthday Suit), and I love the size honestly. This color is a lot like the Katy Kat Matte lipstick in the shade Spinx. That would be a good doupe for this lip paint. It really enhances my natural lip color. Here’s some swatches of all three products:

From left to right, we have the Tarte blush, Too Faced blush -you can see the difference in tones- and then the lip paint. The lip paint looks darker here than it appears on the lips. The formula of the liquid lip is just perfection. I could rage about Tarte all day.

The next thing I picked up was the Stila highlight in the shade Kitten. I was watching Kathleen Lights last night on YouTube and she was talking about this exact same highlight. She said it was getting negative reviews, but I love this highlight. It is soft to the touch, almost like a cream, but it’s a powder. I love this for everyday wear. It glimmers beautifully. I think it would be great in the inner corner of rosy eyeshadow looks because as you can see its a nice rosy silver color. I’m obsessed. A goal is to hit the pan of this highlight before investing in another. Stila has some pretty good products. I have a liquid lipstick from them which is beyond the best liquid lip I own. You can see its beauty here.

And here we have the statement piece. So my friend Hailey and I were discussing which one I should get because I was bouncing back and forth between this Too Faced Peachy palette or the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. We had decided Modern Renaissance was the best choice, but when I went to Sephora they were out. So I picked up the Peachy one and I’m glad I did. I will still go back for MR but this one is so beautiful. The colors are insane.

The reason why Hailey and I thought that MR was better is because the layout of this palette is. A. Mess. I used it for the first time today, and although the colors are unlike any other palette that I own, it is so hard to coordinate a look. It’s definitely possible to make a full eye look, but it requires more creativity.

The reason why I wanted a palette with light oranges and pinks and such was because I’m planning a very special look for you guys in the upcoming future. It’s going to be epic, and I’m going to be using this palette, so stay on the lookout. I may create more than one because one thing I can say is that this palette definitely inspires me.

That’s everything I got so far. I am loving it all and having such good quality makeups really makes me wanna create more looks. I hope y’all find this helpful and it inspired you to try out new products you wouldn’t normally try. Give me some feedback on any comments or suggestions you have, I really love hearing from you. Don’t forget to subscribe to get updates when I post. The link is on my homepage.

Fall Makeup Look: Golden Glitter

Fall Makeup Look: Golden Glitter

Good afternoon friends! I hope all of you have had a wonderful day, week, and year! It is coming to an end soon after all. NOVEMBER already???? Is October really over? I’ve checked the calendar 5 times and yes, Halloween was yesterday, and yes I’m distraught about it.

However, since we’re starting a new month, I figured I should change things up a bit. I burnt my pumpkin candle, so now I’m switching to my Hazelnut & Cream candle. I’ve used up all of my honey facial scrub, so I’ve switched to an unscented one I got from Ispy (surprise, surprise). Since all these changes are happening, I figure I should change up my color scheme too.

I don’t know if many of you do this, or if I’m the only weird one around, but along with changing out candles and products, I also include changing out colors. For the early part of Autumn, I really enjoyed red and yellow. Then, for October, I switched to oranges. Now that the leaves are officially dying, I’m going to be switching to browns and golds. I wanted to do a makeup look inspired by this change. It’s been awhile since I’ve done just one makeup look, so I made this sort of like a tutorial for those of you who may want to recreate this look at home.

The glitter eyeliner over black eyeliner trend has been surfacing for some time now. Lately, makeup enthusiasts everywhere have been getting more and more creative with how they wear their looks. I wanted to jump on the bandwagon because I love it so much, but wanted to make it wearable this fall season.

I love how the glitter shines subtly enough to be realistic, but dazzling enough to be glamorous. The neutral browns make it so your eye makeup isn’t too smokey, which I find makes this look sophisticated. Adding the pop of gold just brings your eyes to the top of the flattering pyramid. I’m going to go through this look step-by-step with you, showing what products I used, the order I went in, and some tips along the way.

(Gentle reminder that these steps are the ones I took to create the look that’s photographed. Feel free to add additional steps that fit you best and add your own unique beautiful touch.)


You could start off with a primer, or toner, or moisturizer, basically just whatever you prefer. You could start with all 3 if that what makes you feel best. I usually start with a face toner. Since it’s more of a personal choice, I’m going to start this off by showing y’all my concealer:

This is my Maybelline Fit Me concealer. As you can see, I use it A LOT. You saw this in my Drugstore Beauty Haul not too long ago. This wonderful creation has done so much for me. It does a fantastic job at evening out my skintone and hiding my blemishes. This was definitely a good buy. I buff this out with my Face Expert Real Techniques brush and set it with my It! Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores powder that I got from Ipsy.

Step 2:

Next, I’m sure to go in with my ColourPop Brow Boss eyebrow pen and spoolie duo. I got this from yet another Ipsy package (click on the image above to read that post). This pen makes doing my eyebrows so simple that it’s easy to throw into my morning routine. I love this little guy.

Step 3: Now here’s the fun part.

Now, we get into the eyeshadow. For the actual shades, I wanted to be sure I stuck to the neutral browns, since that is the color palette I’m going for this November. I decided to put my ABH palette back in it’s adorable box and whip out my other Autumn palette: Kat Von D Shade and Light.

(Please excuse all the loose eyeshadow littering this palette)

As you may know, this Shade and Light palette comes with 3 quads. There’s this brown toned one on the left. The black and white quad in the middle. Last, there’s the red and orange group on the right. For this look, I utilized this brown quad.

I used the top light shade as a transition, so I applied it all over my lid. Then, using an angled blending brush, I went in with the light brown shade on the far left to darken up my crease and outer corners. To deepen the look, I used the middle darkest brown mostly in my outer corners with a fluffy brush in circular motions. This created a really subtle smokey look. You could also use the lightest shade in your inner corners and brow bone, but I decided to leave it out. If you’re someone that likes a natural look, a quad like this is perfect for you.

Step 4: Now the hard part.

This is a double liner look, but I really used three eyeliners. I used the gel eyeliner for my waterline, which I’ve really been loving to do lately. This just pulls everything together for me. It adds a little something special to the look itself. Then, to do the duo of glitter and regular black liner, there’s a couple different ways you could about it.

You could start with the golden glitter eyeliner, overdrawing it. Then, go in with the black eyeliner a little thinner, like you usually would. This way you could make sure you don’t get any glitter on the black eyeliner, but you have to wait for the glitter eyeliner to dry.

The second way is to draw your black winged eyeliner like usual, and then try to go on top with the glitter eyeliner. I think this is the process most people try to take when creating looks like this, and it’s honestly harder for me. I definitely prefer drawing the glitter liner first, then going back in with black. However, it depends on what kind of eyeliner you’re using.

I used The Color Workshop eyeliners with a brush tip. The brush makes it easy to get that sharp wing and to get as close to your lash line as you can get. It takes a little while to dry, but once it is complete, the black goes on top of the gold beautifully.

Step 5:

Top off your look with your favorite mascara, lip color, and setting spray. The mascara I used was the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes tester I received from (can you guess it?) Ipsy. I used my Stila matte beautiful liquid lipstick, and my revlon setting spray. I hope you all enjoyed this look, and that you’re as inspired by the season as I am.

Thank you for reading. Until next time,