Old Navy Haul

As I told y’all, I’ve been doing a lot of shopping lately. And I’m gonna keep shopping until my wardrobe is full for the summer. My last shopping trip I went to was at Old Navy. I got SO MUCH STUFF from their Memorial Day sales weekend. Nearly everything was 50% off.

Old Navy had a lot of good basics, like T-shirts, shorts, and even active clothes. I feel like everything they make is pretty high quality. It can be hard to find staple pieces there, but if you look hard enough you will find them.

The first thing I love is this white T-shirt with a little American Flag finger peace sign. I think the patch is adorable. The shirt itself is a little see-through, but it looks great with a cami underneath. I actually got this in a size large because the flowiness will make it much more wearable in the summer time, along with the color.

The next thing is this olive green T-shirt with “Live Well & Travel Often” written on it. I wish I would’ve sized up for this shirt, but it is amazingly comfortable and soft.

“All American” I like this shirt because I feel like it is patriotic, but I hope everyone feels included to wear it. I love the lettering, the grey texture, and the fit. It is so comfy. I love it so much. Keep in mind, all of these T-shirts were 50% off.

One of the best things I have in this haul is this dress. I adore flowy dresses, and this one is definitely flowy. It has a collared neck, some panelling on the chest and a tiny V neck. It’s so interesting. I love the design. It’s as if someone sketched it with a pen.

I’ve been on the lookout for shorts. Any kind of shorts except Jean shorts. I don’t know what it is but I feel like Jean shorts just make me look so clumpy. These linen shirts were also on sale at Old Navy and they are so cute. I don’t like how the white is see through, so I’ll probably just be wearing these to the lake as a cover up. The draw string is so cute, in my opinion. I think these are great for the weather, seeing as their light weight.

The last (but certainly not least) thing I bought is this adorable sleep romper. These were hidden in the store, I swear. I walked around the store like 3 times before finding these. I am in a romper phase or something at this point. I also see this as a bathing suit cover up, or even a layering piece. Super soft, comfortable, and affordable! This shopping trip was a total gold mine. I love the color, and the striped designs.

Thank you so much for reading! Y’all need to go shopping at Old Navy. They have some good stuff for summer. Old Navy was a store I used to never consider. But I’m slowly moving from stores like Rue21 to Old Navy and others. Eventually I’ll be shopping at like JCPenny. Y’all stay hydrated and wear breathable clothing.


Emma Katy

Summer Wishlist

This summer, my wardrobe is definitely in for a makeover. I got rid of A BUNCH of clothing leaving lots of free space for new and adventurous clothing. I thought I would compile together a few things that I’m really wanting this summer season. So let’s get into it!

I’ve been looking for one piece bathing suits for a while and we all know that Zaful can always hook you up. This bathing suit above, with the simple silhouette and mesh detailing looks straight off the Pacsun website. I love the mesh at the collar and down the sides. And before or after swimming I can see this paired with my red track shorts and ugh, that is a LOOK.

Another one piece I’m obsessed with. I love the cut out back and sides, the lace up detail and really just the print itself is such a selling point. And again, this looks like such a high end piece but is so affordable. Another must have. 

So Rompers were really in last year, and I see then making a come back this year. I love how men, more so than before, are also jumping into the trend. I love the colors and designs in this. It is like a rainbow on the ground. So cute for summer. 

Isn’t this top to die for? It’s embroidery, which y’all know I’m down for, but it’s yellow?? There’s a white version, but I love this yellow one. Since when? First red, now yellow. I think this top would be so cute with high waisted shorts. 

Okay, the price of this shirt is wow. Ridiculous. But it’s Tommy. And I love it so much. No telling if I will actually bite the bullet for this shirt and drain my bank account. I’ll have to scavenge through some thrift stores first for it just to be sure I don’t skip any deals. 

If I bought this romper, along with the other in this post, I’d have 3 cover up rompers. And I’m so cool with that. I have a 3rd one that I want to show yall, and trust me, it’s so adorable. 

I kept looking at the dresses when I was online shopping but I was more drawn to the rompers, which was the exact opposite of how I was last year. Just proof your style can change and not to force anything. 

These are a few things that I really really want this summer, or similar multiple clothing articles. Thanks for reading!! 


Emma Katy

Short H & M Haul

I think H&M is my favorite store. They have basics (like Jean shorts and tank tops) but they also have more personable clothing (like cigarette pants and graphic tees). I’m a huge fan of their graphic t-shirts.

Yesterday, which was Monday, my friend and I went to H&M and I picked up a few things. I consider this to be part one of a summer haul, because I still have a lot more clothing to get for the summer. But this is a good start. And I wanted to share these things with you all.

The first thing we have is this super cute T-shirt. H&M clothing runs very small in my opinion, so to prevent this thin -see through- shirt from sticking to my body, I sized up to a large. I really like the pale pink color with the white trim. I think this piece is a basic T that I could match with almost anything.

Graphic T shirts have always been my go-to. They’re an easy way to elevate an outfit without very much effort. During the summer, when it’s way too hot to be layering multiple pieces if clothing, every shirt counts. I love the color of this shirt and the lettering. The material is very lightweight, so it will be perfect for this season. The only thing I don’t like too much about the material is that it wrinkles VERY easily, but that’s a small price to pay.

If you have an Instagram you know how trendy this shirt is. The embroidered rose is just in right now. The thing that really makes this shirt stand out is the “Live a life in Full Bloom” quote above the flower which I absolutely am obsessed with. This shirt is actually mesh, with a built in tank crop top underneath.

See how you can kind of see my hand beneath the fabric? Since its mesh, this shirt is an obvious must-have for summer. That 3 trends in one. Embroidery, mesh, and a crop top. Perfect. And it’s gorgeous on the body. Throw on a pair of Jean shorts and boom! Got yourself an outfit.

These next shorts are my holy grail shorts. Okay let’s back up. One time is the recent past I went to H&M and picked up some shorts exactly like these but in grey. Those shorts are. my. life. I love those shorts. So when I went back I decided I had to get another pair in a new color and picked this dark blue.

These shorts are just comfy and cute. Soft to the touch. Very durable shorts. I don’t know; there’s not much to say except that you NEED a pair of these. As soon as I got home, I put these on. That’s love.

Thank you all so much for reading. Be sure to pick up those shorts on your way out of my website. You won’t regret it!! Be prepared for more hauls, beauty and clothing, making random appearances for the next few weeks. Next I’m gonna hit up a thrift store near by. I haven’t done a thrifting haul in a lonnngggg time.


Emma Katy