Updated Skin Care Routine

“Give me clear skin or give me death!” 

-Every teenager ever

Skin care was never much of a bother for me before this summer. Recently, its become something I care about a lot. It’s probably due to my new minimalistic makeup routine. Since I’m wearing less foundation, that means less coverage. So it’s been more important for me lately to make sure my skin is properly taken care of.  I’m so glad I ventured down this skin care path because now I feel more confident going out with less makeup, which is great for a season as hot as this one. And if you’re in school or you work early, a skin care routine at night is a good way to protect yourself if you don’t feel like putting on a full face of makeup the next morning. 

I don’t use very much, but what I use has so far been very effective. I find that rotating between some of these products is very helpful in keeping my skin clear longer. 

The first thing I wanted to share is this lotion. Really any lotion will do the trick, but this is the one I’ve been using. I’m on a vanilla craze right now and this smells so good. I put this on my arms and legs right after I get out of the shower. It softens my skin while leaving behind a nice scent. I used to just let lotions sit forever and ever, but now that I’ve decluttered, I’ve made a pact with myself to use up every single lotion one by one. I’ll be sad the day this is all gone, because then I’ll have to smell different. 

This next product I’ve been using pretty regularly. I think Neutrogena has some of the best quality acne treatments out there. They can be on the pricey side but this little tube has lasted me for months because you only need a small amount each time you use it. I’m pretty sure this is supposed to go on pimples that already exist, like a post-treatment but I use this to prevent pimples from coming. It works really well when I use it daily. I apply this on my face right after I take a shower and I can feel it tighten my face, if that makes any sense. Just go buy this stuff if you have medium oily skin. It’s great. It’ll dry you out real quick. 

These two tiny things are two of the prettiest things I own. I got these as a birthday present from Sephora, so if you have a birthday coming up, get a Sephora membership card and get yourself some of this. I believe it’s French which makes me feel luxurious. But it also sucks because I can’t read any of it. There’s little pieces in English, but overall I was really intimidated when I got this. I’ve never used a “serum” before so I was sceptical. Basically you drip drop the serum onto your trouble areas of your face, then rub it in. (P.S. this stuff smells AMAZING). Next you apply the creme that’s in the pink bottle. This is supposed to help reduce dark spots. After using it, the first few days I noticed a more even skin tone, less blotchiness, and my acne dark spots -the kind you get from picking at pimples- had pretty much vanished. I was so surprised. Thanks a lot Sephora. Now I have to buy the big size. Clear skin or fooooddd??? The question troubles me time and time again. I apply this after I apply the acne treatment, and always after a shower. And I always apply it in the morning. My skin care routine basically happens after my showers. 

I’ve taken so many pictures of this stuff for you guys. First in an Ipsy unboxing, then my makeup routine, and now here. I love love love love this stuff. I use this as the base of my makeup, and even though you’ve already heard me rave about this stuff, here we are again. When I don’t use this Italian face toner, I’m self conscious all day. I’ve been using this for awhile now. I noticed my redness has gone down and my pores seem smaller. It just creates a more even skin tone. I do notice that if I don’t use this regularly, my blotchiness comes roaring back into existence and no honey, that’s not pretty. 

I’ve just gotten into investing some time into my skin care. I’ve been DYING to try out some Glossier products. 

My friend Maddie talks about them all the time. There products are great for people with oily skin. Look how gorgeous and glowing she is. 

She talks about their products on her instagram: @weirrdhoney. I’m thinking about investing in some Glossier products after I finish my French stuff, as to keep with my minimalistic tactic. 

If you’re interested in using these products, be sure to check out her rep profile. She has a video explaining her favorite products and how they can be helpful to people with a similar skin type. I’m really interested in their serums, now that I’ve gotten obsessed. 

Having a skin care routine to follow helps me feel like I’m taking better care of myself. It makes me feel more confident on those days when I really just don’t feel like wearing makeup. I thought this would help those of you struggling with acne, heavy foundation, new college schedules, and all the buzzy bees out there that need something simple. 

Thank you for reading. You guys are the best. Make sure to come back next Wednesday for a hair care routine!!! 


Emma Katy 

Day Trip to Tyler

My boyfriend and I have been trying to save up for our trip to Austin, so lately we haven’t been going out as much. But yesterday, we decided it was time to have some fun and go try out some new stuff. 

I went over his place kind of early, but we ended up leaving around 12:00. He said he wanted to get sushi (an obsession I instilled in him) and I thought it’d be super fun to take him to get hibachi. It’s one of my favorite things to do, and I knew he would just love it. We picked out a restaurant and started our journey. 

The ride there isn’t complete without a treat of some kind. We decided to stop by Efurd’s and get some homemade icecream. Great decision. 

Don’t worry friends. It was just as yummy as it looks. Dakota’s favorite flavor is strawberry, and it was a great flavor choice. He actually helped me finish the whole thing. The first activity of the day was a success. 

Then, we made it to our destination: Kawa’s. We walked in and was shook by how beautiful it was on the inside. Definitely glad we made that decision as well. We ordered the Louisiana roll (crawfish, cucumber, and avocado topped with spicy mayo). It was so good, I couldn’t even snap a picture before it was all gone. 

And then the chef came out to prepare us our entree. It was Dakota’s first time, and I was excited to see his reaction to our chef’s jokes and tricks, and of course the legendary onion tornado. It was not a disappointment, and Dakota loved every second of it. Success #2. 

We left Kawa’s with a full stomach and a box of leftover food (even though we shared one plate), and headed off to our next adventure. Barnes & Nobles. I love book stores, and I needed to pick up the next book on our book club reading list: Everything Everything. I also wanted to wander around a little, shelf shopping, just for fun. I got my book, and we were off again.

My boyfriend really wanted to go to the pet store. He wanted to hold a snake. So we went to Pet Land first, but they didn’t have snakes. They had an abundance of adorable puppies, bunnies, birds, and fish of all types. But no snakes. So we went to PetSmart. There we found some tiny corn snakes that he really liked. He didn’t get to hold them, but it was great we went there because we got to look around for some stuff for our new hamster Pebbles. We got Pebbles about a week or so ago. She was awaiting us at PetCo, where apparently everything is hella expensive. At PetSmart we found her a house upgrade (it came with a hamster wheel, food bowl, platform and climbing tube, AND was four times the size of her old cage) for $8.00. How insane is that?! We also got her some little yogurt treats, since she’s a good little hamster.

After that we were kind of worn out by running around all day. It was about 5:00 at that time, and we decided we should probably head home before the tiredness and heat get to us. But there was still one more destination I wanted to go: Andy’s Frozen Custard. My friends said it’s a go-to place every time they’re in Tyler, so I had to drop by. I’m so thankful I did. 

Such a cute hole-in-the-wall place. I’m so glad we stopped by. I got a small Custom Concrete with caramel and cheesecake. It was upwards of $5 but it was one of those things where you’re like “I deserve this.” 

Look how good that looks. Don’t you want some? Well too bad it was half way gone 5 seconds after we got into the car. It’s long gone. I am an icecream foodie, and this place was a win. Every activity was a won yesterday. It’s like we could do no wrong. 

We got in the car to go back home, and my boyfriend was going on about how awesome the hibachi was. And how ridiculous  $5 for a cup of ice cream was. I told I had so much fun. And we smiled together. 

I didn’t take any pictures of my outfit because I didn’t dress up. I didn’t wear makeup. I didn’t even want to wear a bra. It just goes to show you that even a fashion blogger can be sluggish and still have the time of her life. 

Thank you for reading. I love sharing my stories with you all. It means the world to me. I know my posts have been very off schedule, but I’m still trying to have quality content for you all. 


Emma Katy 

June Ipsy Blog

This month’s Ipsy bag was pretty good everyone. There’s a few good things I’m excited to use, and others I will definitely use, but am not necessarily excited. 

 First, I got this dark blue nail polish. I like the packaging of this product a lot. I think it’s sleek and pretty. The color is also something I would definitely wear in the fall/winter. Nail polishes aren’t really my thing right now, so I’m not too excited about this one. 

The second thing I got, I thought was a nail polish. It looks just like a nail polish doesn’t it? Well, it’s actually a lip and cheek color. You can use it as both, a gloss and a blush. At first glance, I thought “man, really? Two nail polishes?”, because I don’t usually use nail polishes too often anymore. But taking a look again I saw “Whipped Fouette” and decided to see what this really was. Thank goodness I did. Now I’m super excited to try this out. 

And just in case I don’t like the NYX thingy as a blush, they sent me this other one. I love the packaging of this little cutie as well. It reminds me of Benefit. 

And I get that these are sample sizes, but I mean, come on. This is really tiny. I am pretty stoked about this color though, because I usually go for darker (more warm) blushes than bright pink ones. 

Now, lotions are a weird thing for me. I love to smell them. I love to buy them. But I don’t actually use them. They just hang out around my house. I recently watched a decluttering video on YouTube  (big surprise) and this one girl was talking about how she has so many lotions, she decided she was going to use every single one of them before she bought anymore. And I thought “I’m gonna do that too.” I recently fell in love with the scent of Vanilla, so I have a Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion I’m using up right now. I’m thinking I will save this lotion for when I go through my Coconut phase. I am excited to use this though, one day in the future. 

The last thing I have to show you all is this mascara. I’m very picky about my mascaras. As you can see, I’m very picky about a lot of things. I don’t know what it is but I’m so afraid of the clumpy eye look. This one is from a brand I never heard of before (which is cool because that’s what Ipsy is all about). I’m hoping that I really like this one. I also love this packaging too. And for you fellow Instagram wanna-be-famous-ers out there, the aesthetic is important, so the packaging is important. 

This was everything I got this month. To be completely honest, I haven’t even started using last month’s stuff. So if you aren’t ready to have new thing everywhere, don’t do a subscription like this one. I finally got to a place where all of my things are organized better (which you will see Friday). Just a little disclaimer.


Emma Katy