So Valentine’s Day isn’t until tomorrow, but since I post Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, today will be the finale of my Valentine series of blog posts. 

So far I’ve posted all about everything you need for Valentine’s Day, from outfitsmakeup, to even gifts. “So what else is there, Emma?” you ask? 

Well, a thought that occurred to me this year that never even crossed my mind any other year was how some people once had a Valentine everyday, and then never had them again. I think it was when I was packing up an order to ship. At our store, you can leave a special message from the sender to the buyer, that we hand write. This note was along the lines of: “Happy Valentine’s Day. Dad would’ve wanted you to enjoy these.” 

This kind of hit me in the stomach. I never thought about how sometimes people lose their Valentine. So this year, my valentine and I decided to put together some valentines for others. 

We got some sugar cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, fun dip, and just a few other things to make an assortment of candy. We made up some really nice baskets to bring to a local nursing home, for the people that have unfortunately lost their lifelong valentine. 

This was a real rewarding thing for us to do. It didn’t cost us much. It was something we got to do together, and brought a lot of fun and happiness. 

I just wanted to share this to inspire others to think about someone in your life who might be a little lonely this year. And together we can help let everyone know that they’re loved. 

A few good places to start are

  • Nursing homes
  • Police families
  • Military families
  • Teachers
  • Aunts or uncles
  • Friends who had a bad breakup
  • Hospitals

Valentine’s Day is a day full of love. Spread a little more than usual, and you will receive a whole lot in return. Thanks for reading. 

Amp Up Your Valentine Makeup 

Post #2 in my valentine series, and today I’m going to be talking about your makeup. If you wanna check out post #1, Valentine’s Day Outfits, please do for some outfit inspiration. So the first thing that came to my mind for Valentine’s Day makeup was bright red lipstick. And then I was like, duhhh. That’s a given. So I made myself get a little bit more creative and think of another way to amp up this year’s look.

Although your lips will obviously be important for the romantic day, I decided to focus on the eyes, (which is the best part of my makeup for me).

See how pretty that is? What my little love filled heart told me to do was start with a pink base on my eyelids. I used a matte (nonshimmery) blush pink eyeshadow, and blended it out with a soft brown, to add a neutral in there because I love neutrals. But the kicker to this makeup here is the eyeliner. 

I. Am. Obsessed. 

Remember my cute little grandma from my Visit to NOLA post? Well, she gave me sone gorgeous liquid eyeliners, and they all sparkle and they all are SO easy to apply. The applicator is a pointed thin brush that is easy to manipulate to create the shape you want. This winged look was done in about 5 seconds. The glitter eyeliner trend is blowing up, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to add it to your makeup. 

I think this eye look would match well with a nice rosey blush and a soft lip color. And it doesn’t matter what your plans are for the day, this makeup could work ANYWHERE. I see this trending all throughout 2017. 

The brand is The Color Workshop. They have all kinds of makeup stuff, like eyeliners and cream highlight. The highlight could be used to brighten that cheekbone or as an eyeshadow. Maybe I will feature that in some makeup here soon. 

Remember to have fun and show the love this Valentine’s Day. I have a couple more posts coming up themed after the special day, so keep your eyes peeled. Remember to follow this blog with your email to get updates everytime I post something trendy. You could also follow my instagram: Emmakaty_ for sneak peeks of my posts, or my Facebook page trendygazette fans. 

My Everyday Makeup Routine 

Welcome back to Trendy Gazette. Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone has had a great week so far and is looking forward to the weekend. 

For this post I wanted to get real with y’all. Your girl gets tired. There will be many days where I will just throw on some pants and wear the shirt I slept in. Being a full-time college student, part time worker, and dedicated blog writer, I am often tired beyond belief. But those days that I do have the energy to put more effort into my look, I wanted to show y’all this simple makeup and my go-to look that can be done in less than 15 minutes. 

A little bit of my collection

Okay, starting off with what I carry around in my makeup bag, I have my Profusion Contour kit, my blush, Nyx setting spray, Tartiest Pro palette, Falsies mascara, Trend Bold Brow kit, my brushes, Hard Candy Photo Ready Primer, Revlon BB cream, Covergirl concealer, and lastly some lip liners and liquid lipstick. These are my essentials that I take with me traveling. 

My face makeup

I start off with my primer. This creates a smooth canvas for your makeup and this primer helps prevent camera flashes from lighting up your makeup. Another benefit, is that it covers your pores, which I absolutely need. I despise my pores, but I’ve been testing new ways to shrink them, like effective face masks, which you can read here.

Then, I use my concealer to cover blemishes and redness. I’m currently on the hunt for a new concealer. I really want a color correcting one, so if you have any suggestions, PLEASE let me know. After my concealer is blended, I use my Revlon BB cream to create an even skin tone. 

Next is the game changing part. The eyebrows. I love my eyebrows, and this kit gives me everything I need to perfect them. Here’s a look inside:

The. Best. Eyebrow. Kit. Ever.

It has two different brow colors. I use the lighter one to outline my brows and the darker one to fill them in. There’s also a brush, brow wax (that comes in handy), an eyebrow pencil, and clear setting gel -that I am obsessed with- 

Definitely worth every penny

Next I do my eyeshadow, which is my favorite. Eyeshadow is such a creative way to stand out. But for an everyday look, I use three colors from this palette. Three colors are a great way to highlight, define, and deepen your eyes with only a little bit of time. This palette is great because it offers so many combinations that you could use it a week straight and no one would guess. Then, I apply a thin layer of mascara.

Contouring and highlighting, I save for the end. I didn’t have much use for highlighting until my mom got me this beautiful creation. 

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate this beauty. It’s stunning, and it makes me look stunning. It’s convenient, seeing as it’s all in one place. A dab of highlighter here, a blended line of contour there, and viola, you look like you spent an hour and a half on your makeup when really it took five seconds.

For lips, I’ve been using lip liners and liquid lipsticks, and they’re all nudes or pinks. I have yet to venture out into a bold lip color, but I hope to do that soon. 

Last but not least, setting spray. I sometimes forget this step, but it is ideal for long work days, school days, and anytime you’re going somewhere that you might be for awhile. 

All these products are easy to apply in a quick manor, and easy to play with. I hope you found this post helpful. I don’t always have the energy to wear a full face of makeup, which is totally okay, but I think the basics, (face, brows, eyelids, and lips, works wonders. I usually skip eyeliner, cutting creases, and powders. These steps are a great way to do minimum work for a full effect. 

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