Spring Lookbook (2017)

It’s that time again for a LOOKBOOK! This is by far one of my favorite things to write about and create for you guys. It is so much fun every time and my beautiful friend/model/photographer Hailey is such a wonderful partner for this. You can check out our first Mid Winter lookbook here.

February is the shortest month of the year, so before we know it, Winter will be over and Spring will be here. Y’all know what that means!! Flowers, allegeries, and wardrobe additions. (While doing this shoot, we also got to go shopping, so I may be posting another Haul soon!!!)

This lookbook is mainly centered around crop tops, shorts, flats and we even played around with some velvet! Okay, here we go.

Here is our first crop top. Hailey told me that she’s definitely feeling these forest green colors, and I think the color looks so great on her. I also LOVE her light wash jeans. I see light wash jeans and shorts trending into the Spring season.

Extra Points for Tucking in My Shirt

Well here is a sneak peek of that haul I may create. So we went to the mall before taking pictures and an H&M recently opened up. You could see my excitement on my Twitter (JeSuisArt). So I got these pleated shorts that Hailey and I are LIVING for. The shirt is such a good investment. It has an embroidered quote that says “Life is rocky when you’re a gem.” And a little diamond. How cute!!! These sandals don’t really match. I broke the whole “don’t wear brown with black” rule, but I think it actually looks pretty nice.

Her Smile is SO CUTE!

For this look, Hailey brought this super pretty dusty rose crop top that we both adore. I think the best part is the high neck element it bring to the table. Hailey is super great at picking colors, as I see this color merging it’s way into Spring. Crop tops were trending last year as well, and I think they will continue to still be relevant. We loved this top so much, we decided to share it!

Now the style piece in the outfit above is most definitely the shorts. They are amazing. I love prints all of the sudden, and they can be so much fun to play with. I’ve been checking out other bloggers and we all agree; stripes are totally gonna be hitting the sidewalks this season. I switched out my sandals for these adorable lace up flats. This outfit is destined for the beach.

So as I said earlier, we went shopping at H&M and Hailey picked up these beautiful, high waisted, no pocket having shorts. I think they fit her body wonderfully and look so cute paired with this all black crop top. Doesn’t she look gorgeous? Crop tops ARE for everyone and honestly, it is a huge barrier to break. I didn’t feel comfortable wearing crop tops until around this year, and still have a hard time feeling confident with my tiny belly punge. But I’m slowly merging into them, and maybe if I drink more smoothies, they’ll become more popular for me. If you have worries about incorporating crop tops into your wardrobe, have no fear. You can totally work it!!!

Here’s that velvet we were talking about

This is our finale piece. Here we have for you guys the stripes, the crop top, the velvet and the shoes. It wouldn’t be spring for me if I didn’t wear a dress. And this one I got at an outlet store, and quite honestly I hate the top. I don’t appreciate the neckline of this dress, or its sleeves. But I had the idea to through this almost see through top on over it, and wow, it changes up the look completely. And the jacket, can we just rage about the jacket for a second? This jacket came with a dress in the exact same print, however the dress became too small for me so I gave it away. But I totally kept the jacket because I’m not crazy, you know. I’ve had this thing since about freshman year, but you can only wear a statement piece like this so many times. Velvet bomber jackets, and bomber jackets in general, are circulating the magazines once more. I almost bought a silk floral one from H&M that was too die for and super cheap. Now I’m kicking myself for it.

Hailey and I had such a fun time putting this together for y’all. After we were done, we went and pigged out at Panera Bread that you can see behind us. I recently got some makeup and clothes, so if you’re interested in seeing a haul of those things please let me know. Thank y’all so much for reading. Follow me for more updates via email and I will see you Wednesday.

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5 Healthy Foods for Spring

Winter is the time for warm soups, roasts, and heavy foods to heat up the soul and get us through the day. Now that the weather is beginning to get hotter and more humid, it’s time to switch our diet up to keep us hydrated, healthy, and feeling great. 

So for this blog post, to kick off the Spring season, I wanted to share with y’all a few food ideas that I will definitely be including in my daily life.


I know what you’re think: “Emma, thats just a bowl of giant snap peas. Ew, gross.” Actually, it’s not gross. It’s very popular at Sushi restaurants as a side, and also is pretty good for you. Basically, it’s a soy bean, and all you gotta do is steam up these little guys, add a touch of sea salt and you’re good to go.

My whole family loves Edamame. You can buy it frozen to eat and snack on, or head over to your local sushi place and eat a whole meal of healthy foods. This will definitely get me through the day as a snack, or even a quick on-the-go breakfast.


Okay, this one is kind of a cheat because I get this flavor packed cup of fruits from our Diary Queen, so no telling if it’s healthy or not. But I’ve always been a fan of frozen drinks, and smoothies are a great way to get all your fruits or veggies in your daily eating while also cooling down your body. Our local coffee shop has a Berrylicious smoothie that has blueberries, Greek yogurt, and a few other healthy ingredients in it which tastes great without the guilt trip. 


My favorite thing about cucumbers is that they are full of water, so it would be a great snack to keep with you while being in the sun. They are easily portable and can be incorporated into a variety of dishes. You could even through a few chopped slices of cucumber into your water bottle to add a refreshing flavor. 


Avocados are these beautiful little creations that are essential to daily life. They are so easy to carry around with you. My current favorite way to eat them, introduced to me by my mom, is with a whole lot of lemon pepper sprinkled on top. It’s a light snack that really fills you up without weighing you down. And these too can be thrown into any dish, like salads, meats, toast, and dips. They are obviously healthy for you, so a perfect way to start the new season. 


I can hear what you’re thinking. “Ice cream isn’t healthy.” You’re right. However this is gelato. And gelatio is HEALTHY-er than ice cream. Gelato is actually an Italian ice cream. It is more dense than usual ice cream, and has fewer fat, calories, and sugar. This brand of gelato has definitely become my favorite, and caramel anything always takes my heart. This little pint of heaven will keep you cool all throughout the spring and into summer season. 

Those are the five foods that I’ve been loving and will be keeping as the days warm up. I hope y’all found these helpful and creative. If you have any recipes or any foods you’re thinking about trying, definitely let me know. 

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My Very First Ipsy Unboxing 

Happy Wednesday! And we’re back at it again with a beauty post today! I wanted to talk to talk to y’all about a new program I’m trying out, and give you an honest, unsponsered review of it.

So if you’ve never heard of Ipsy, it’s this cute little subscription where you can get sample products based on your skin tone, eye color, hair color, and preferences every month for a little fee of $10.

I’ve been hearing a lot about ipsy, and thought “hey, I’ll give it a try”. I signed up and was put on a waitlist, and they gave me an option to get off by sharing with my friends and things. But I just decided to wait it out, and I revieced my first glam bag this week! I wanted to share with you what I got, and what I think of everything.

The first thing is this adorable make up bag. My favorite part is the zipper tag in the shape of lips, and the name “Ipsy” on it. The only thing is the shade of orange is not my taste, but hey, no being picky.

Well I’m already familiar with NYX, and I like them. I have a liquid lipstick in a similar shade to this lipstick, so I thought I knew what to expect. But I was wrong. I favor this butter lipstick much better than the liquid one. It goes on better, and feels amazing. The color is pretty pigmented, which everyone can appreciate. Definitely a good doupe brand, instead of buying high end.

The next thing is this loose powder eyeshadow. It’s a copper color from Marsk. I applied it with my fingertips, and it actually looks really dramatic with the lipstick. And I mean dramatic in a good way. It’s also so light that it could even be used as a highlighter in my opinion. It would be good as both in the summer time especially.

Now this brand, I’ve never heard of, but y’all know I’m always on the look out for some protection from my hair now that’s it’s dyed. I can say I LOVE this packaging. It’s so cute. But I’ve yet to use this product. I hope it works well on taming my flyaways because ever since I’ve dyed my hair, they’ve been going crazy. And since I blow dry and straighten my hair on a regular basis, this will probably come in handy.

I’m skeptical about this stuff. Everyone knows that I have a very hard time with keeping my lips from being chapped. I currently have around 6 different chapsticks in my purse that I carry around. The best kind is the wax that you apply with your finger. My favorite at the moment is the one I got on my visit to New Orleans.

This stuff is the best so far. Much better than an actual chap stick. The thing that makes me curious about what I got from Ipsy is that is says “anti-aging”. I tried it on and one thing I’m definitely impressed with is that it doesn’t leave a sticky residue and it didn’t have a taste either. But honestly, I think I’m just gonna stick to my wax tin from NOLA.

The last thing is this nail polish. I kind of have a nail polish collection. I have all kinds of colors, but I lack neutrals and nudes. This Trust Fund Beauty nail polish in the color Latte is a really pretty color. It kind of has a purple undertone. I did think this was going to be a nice little fragrance bottle from the packaging, so it was a surprise opening it.

It’s very beautiful on. I was weary about this color to begin with, but now I’m obsessed. I think this may be my go-to nail polish in the future. It’s pretty chip resistant, which can be hard to find.

All in all, this first unboxing of sample products was pretty great. I love the diversity in the type of products I received. I got something for my nails, eyes, lips, and hair. That’s not too shabby. I’m going to continue to be subscribed to them, and for sure happy. I think I’ll start showing y’all what I get on a normal basis.

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