Good Friday Thoughts 

Happy Friday everyone! Good Friday at that. Which means Easter is right around the corner. And since this is my lifestyle post and God influences my life everyday, AND Easter is coming, what better time to give a little glory and praise?

Some people have very differing opinions and practices when it comes to their God, which is totally awesome. I personally just call myself a believer and don’t categorize myself under a specific type of religion. I do lean more towards Christian views though. 

Anyways, I know a few people sometimes take inspiration from my spiritual journey, as it was a crazy rough one, and maybe this post will inspire more people all around the world. 

Okay for starters, everyone has trials when it comes to their faith. There’s always a time period where your faith will be tested, and in my personal case, this happens a lot. However, there was one time period in my life where my faith was literally shattered. I mean, gone. Out the window. Bye bye. 

I was a freshman or sophomore at the time, and growing up in a small town, being an “athiest” is a big deal. I started to share this temporary belief with peers and soon it was like everyone wanted to know and judge me over it. But I didn’t really let that bother me. Some people’s curiosity brought some believers in my life, and without that I wouldn’t be who I am today. 

It started to feel like people were bringing me under their wing and turning my faith into their project, which I did not like. I wasn’t a toy to be fixed. Or a book to be edited. I was just a naive girl who wasn’t sure what she believed in. One friend in particular persisted and persisted with me, although I didn’t agree with everything, our talks helped me develop a better understanding of my situation. 

I’m not going to go into too much detail but I’ve been saved at least 3 times. I know a lot of people think that once you declare yourself “saved” you’re good to go. For me that just hasn’t been true. I’ve fallen away from my God so many times. 

But now, my relationship with God is stronger than ever. I pray everyday. And I don’t just mean in the morning or at night. I mean in the car, while at work, in the shower, everywhere I am I don’t mind talking to God a little bit. My boyfriend and I pray together. God has changed my life. I ask Him everyday to help me be a better person. When I’m talking to a loved one who is struggling, I ask God to speak through me. When I’m going through a troubling time now I completely turn to Him, instead of questioning the situation. 

Not everyone needs to be this way. There are so many different religions in this world, and I am in no way telling anyone that my way is better than theirs. I am just expressing my spiritual journey and the way it’s impacted my life. 

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone enjoys their Easter weekend. Come back Money for some more fashion and photos!

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  1. You are so beautiful inside and out! Your writing is open and genuine. What a blessing you are. Happy Easter!

    He is risen!

  2. 💕💕

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