My Cosmetic WishList

(For future reference like birthdays, Christmas, or whatever day please come back to this post)

There is so much makeup out there that I want but so little money or storage place for it all. Thus, one more product stays unowned by me in a Sephora inventory room somewhere. Lately, I’ve been more stingy with my money and there’s been a lot of things I can’t buy just yet. So I thought I’d share some of these products with you and could hear some feedback on them before actually making the buy one day. 

  • Glossier Cloud Paints 

    If you’ve been anywhere on Instagram or YouTube these past few weeks you have probably heard of Glossier. They are a smaller cosmetics brand with adorable packaging. I have yet to try out any of their products but this one in particular I have my eyes on. This is a liquid blush and it comes in 4 different shades to suit many skin tones. I love how it looks like a little tube of acrylic paint. Want want want!!!

    • ABH Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette 

      Shoot. Me. I can’t handle this palette. Ugh, everyone I know and their mom has this gorgeous palette except for me and my mom. Who doesn’t love warm tones? This palette is like the concept of romance and elegance in a pretty box. It will soon be mine. 

      • Benefit Brow Pencil

        Usually I gravitate towards powders when it comes to my brows and I’ve gotten sick of it. Firstly, I’ve noticed that sometimes when I apply my powders, some particles will fall into my perfectly blended foundation on my cheeks and it’s so annoying. Second, I hear a lot about Benefit brow products and figure this is handy with the spoolie on one end and the pen on the other. 

        • Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer

          Wow the redness on my skin has been getting on my nerves lately. The age rewind concealer I’ve been using is great at light-medium coverage but I’m starting to want more heavy duty stuff. I think this product would be a great fit for me. I don’t really trust drug store liquid concealers that come like this because they tend to be too watery, so I’m hoping a more high end product will be better quality. 

          • Kat Von D Alchemist Palette

            TAKE MY MONEY. Many of you may be wondering “um Emma, what is this strange alien thing you show us?” Well friends, this strange futuristic looking package contains what I believe to be the future of highlighting. 

            LOOK AT HOW PRETTY! This highlighting palette is like a must-have for Coachella am I right or am I right? I was buying makeup once and this darker skin beautiful woman was cashing me out and I could not help but notice the purple holographic shimmer on her cheeks. It looked gorgeous on her skin. I knew immediately it was this palette. That’s when I realized I needed it. 

            • LUSH cosmetics perfume

            Okay so since I’ve never smelled this perfume I really want it for the packaging and the name. I feel like this would make me feel so expensive and beautiful. I’ve had my eye out for their perfumes because I swear everything LUSH sells is so dramatic and clever. Could you imagine? “Emma, I love your perfume. What is it?” “The breath of God.” Yes, I want that to happen so bad. 

            Some of these most people have tried, and if you are one of those people please let me know what you think of them. I’d absolutely love to hear your feedback!! Thank you all for reading. I usually talk about products I already own so I wanted to spruce it up a bit. Trying to keep it creative for you guys. As always, thanks for stopping by. See you Friday!!

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