Sunglass Season

The sun is coming out to say hello, which means it’s time for a lot of things I’ve been discussing lately, like SPF foundations, new trends, and now sunglasses. 

I wear presciption glasses everywhere I go. This usually prevents me from getting to wear sunglasses. However, I’ve been thinking about switching to contacts (for various reasons) and then I would be able to enjoy styling sunglasses and looking trendy! But just because I usually can’t wear them does not mean that stopped my impulse to buy them. So since the time is here, I thought I’d show you some ways I’d like to style sunglasses if I ever get the pleasure of wearing them on the regular. 

Simple & Sweet

I bought these sunglasses awhile ago, so I have no idea what any are called. I do remember getting these from Old Navy last year and could not get over them. Maybe they’re selling something similar to this style this year. These sunglasses have clear acrylic framing and purple lenses. I paired these with my peachy lip velvet you would’ve seen in my Peach blog post. I kept my hair natural because I woke up with these wild waves. 

Minimalist at Best

By now you should realize I adore big eyed glassed. I like to look like a bug beetle roaming around. I have no idea where these glasses came from but I own them. They’re white framed with tinted lenses. They are a cool like braided gold design on the sides. I paired these glasses with this e.l.f. lip color pencil in the shade tea rose.

This color is like a really pretty pastel purple. It comes off as more of a bare nude shade but it’s different than that. You kind of have to go in with a few layers to get the pigment to show up. I think this look is really easy to  throw together. 

90’s Baby Girl

I really like this one. It’s easily my favorite. The round black frames with purplish black lenses. They also have these cute gold details that I love. I decided to go with a dark lip color because I think it really brings the whole thing together. I tied my hair in a bun and pulled a few flyaways out to frame my face. I was definitely feeling myself in this look. 

I hope you found these little examples helpful. I’m definitely trying to wear these this summer. Thanks for reading!!

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