Going Through Changes

I know, I know, you’re probably getting tired of these super personal posts. However, I figure this blog should be centered around things I’m passionate about. This Lifestyle section has kind of turned into a journal type section, but I want this material to be real for you.

Going through changes. We all do it. Every single one of us. And I’m not talking about physical changes like slimming down or moving away. I’m talking about deep in your mind. Your personality even. 

I’m becoming an adult now. Some of the things that have been changing inside me have been kind of freaking me out. So I wanted to address these changes with my blog followers and provide a little comfort. None of us know what we’re doing. We’re all just trying to make our way in this life. So here are a couple of things I’ve been thonking of lately.

  1. I used to think that college was the answer to everything. My whole life my mom encouraged us to go to school so we could figure out what we liked and get a well paying job. It didn’t matter what I enjoyed doing, as long as I went to college for it. And yes, I still believe college is a great path to go down, but actually being in college made me realize that it kind of sucks. But mostly my attitude about college has changed due to the fact that my interest in career has changed. Don’t be afraid if you don’t like college. There are other options if you feel you’ve found one that better suits you. Examples are learning a trade, internships or apprenticeship, or joining the military. 
  2. “Hustle and grind all the time.” This was the definition of me. And it mostly still is. I beat myself up at failures. I torture myself with worry if I don’t complete tasks. Yes, it got me to be very successful and have many accomplishments, but it drained me mentally. This destructive mindset of mine has slowly started to change. I’ve begun giving myself more breaks. I’ve started forgiving myself for messing up. I will procrastinate until the last second. This doesn’t mean I’m less motivated. It just means I’m tired and need to rest. 

These are just a few examples of some things that I noticed about myself. There are others as well. But don’t be afraid of changes. As we grow up we will experience completely knew things and be put in new situations. I hate when I hear people say things like “she didn’t used to be that way.” Or “I liked who he used to be.” Part of growing up is not living for other people. As a child, most kids live for the approval of their parents or their teachers. When we grow up, we begin to live life the way we want. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Mostly I just want to encourage you to not be afraid to express your thoughts. You don’t have to hide your new interests behind the personality people used to like. Continue to go out into the world and try new things. 

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