Second Ipsy Unboxing

Recently I subscribed to a makeup sampling company called Ipsy. They send you a few samples every month for you to try for $10.00. It’s a pretty good way to hooked on new items and explore new brands. 

My first Ipsy unboxing was a success. I use and love many of the things I recieved. This month, I’m pretty disappointed, but not completely. Let me show you what I got.

This little makeup bag is one of the items I really liked. It’s a super cute pale pink color with this black threaded design that adds a weird texture to it all. But it’s super chic. 

This bag is perfect for you rose gold hardware fans out there. I do really love this detail. This bag is roomy and can fit many items. 

This next thing, I have NO IDEA what it is. It’s a little compact of brown powder. My instinct tells me this is eyebrow powder, and since I’m pretty stocked on eyebrow stuff I haven’t even opened it. 

It’s in the color Chestnut, which is cute but not helpful. If you have any idea what this is, let me know. I think a good thing Ipsy should start doing is adding a little booklet or note cards of the products they gave you. They now send an email that tells you how to use some items, but not all. 

One of the items I’m most curious about is this argan oil and keratin smoothing serum. Y’all know me. Always looking for ways to keep my hair beautiful and healthy. My conditioner has argan oil and keratin in it, so I hope this stuff is good at helps my ends hydrated. I’ve only used it once and didn’t notice much. But who knows? 

This disappointment right here is supposed to be a blending eyeshadow brush from Skone. I do not like this. It’s a big thumbs down from me. The hair of the brush is too long, so provides no structure or firmness for blending. 

I think this brush would be so much better as a highlighter brush. I could use this to dust highlighter on my cheek bones, tip of my nose, and all those high points but definitely not for eyeshadow. 

And here we are at the end. And we have a Tartiest lip paint! I LOVE the brand Tarte. You already saw my Tarte lip paint I got for my birthday from Sephora. I love that one so much, when I got this one I was so excited. The color looks the same in the bottle as the other one, so I was kind of disappointed at first. But the one I got for my birthday was called Birthday Suit, and this one is called Rosé. This one is a little bit more romantic because its a tad darker. 

I’m in love. I will recommend Tarte products to anyone. They always stand out to me. I’ve used this a few days in a row now. I do not keep it in my purse, so it isn’t my first pick for an everyday wear, but I do appreciate it.

So all in all, I give this Ipsy month a 3 out of 5. I just was very underwhelmed with this one. But it wasn’t a complete failure. I will continued to be subscribed to this awesome company and keep letting y’all know what I get and what I think. And if you would like a follow up on Ipsy products every now and then, let me know. I would happily let y’all know if I changed my mind on any of the things I got. Thanks for bearing with me through these low quality photos and reading!! It means the world. 

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