The Importance of SPF Foundations

As Spring and Summer approach us quite rapidly, it is time for us to start tanning and switching our pale Winter foundations for our tanned summer foundations. As this transition occurs, I wanted to give y’all a little advice on keeping your skin protected as well as beautiful this upcoming sunny season. 

SPF is what makes sunscreen effective and the higher the SPF number, the more protection that product provides you with. My BB Cream that I use everyday is SPF 30. That’s good protection for my face to keep it from getting sunburned while being outside.

Your mom probably stressed the importance of sunscreen when you were a child swimming. I know my mom did. I usually use a tanning lotion for my body which has a very underwhelming SPF 4. My mom hates it, but it tans me up. However when I’m swimming I do use a more heavy duty sunscreen for my face. 

Using SPF foundations is a good trick to use to keep your face from getting a burning bright red this summer. Good for us, makeup companies have realized how significant protection is and it is easy to find affordable products out there. Another little tip from me for foundations is to use a lightweight BB or CC cream. They provide significant coverage, and there are very cheap ones out there on the market. The reason I’m throwing this out there is because I love to swim during the summer. And I also love makeup. 

The thought of applying an expensive foundation on my face just for it to be washed away make me cringe. A cheap cream that is easy to apply and buy being washed away by the waters doesn’t make my stomach churn as much. And once you’re don’t swimming, you can quickly go to the restroom to blend the cream without taking an eternity and a day. 

I hope you all have fun good summer and these tips help keep you protected and having fun the entire time. Please stay safe out there. Thanks for reading. 

Check out next Wednesday’s post where I’ll be showing y’all what I got from Ipsy this month, including this amazing lip color. See you soon!!

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