Chic Slick Back

The slicked back hairstyle look as been around for awhile, and I always thought it was something I couldn’t pull off until recently. Now I’m in love with doing this. It’s a really simple and easy hairstyle to have. It literally takes about 5 seconds. 

You could rock this look so many different ways, but I decided to go a little dark. I straightened my hair the night before and left my hair up in a low pony all throughout the night. Today I went in with my brother’s hair sculpting cream (Biolage Styling: Blue Agave). Comb through your hair with a touch of this stuff and bomb you’re done. It’s really that simple. 

I love this look so much because it keeps my hair out of my face. Ever since I dyed my hair I get these constant fly aways, and now that I cut it I have a few pieces that will not leave my face alone. This hairstyle solves both of those problems for me, but still allows me to have volume to my hair. 

And honestly, if you couldn’t already tell, this hairstyle is perfect for lazy girls. Say you dyed your hair recently -like me- or you are really into healthy hair and you wait a few days to wash your hair. I like to wait a normal 3 days before washing my hair again because the oils that naturally come are beneficial and healthy. However, it can be hard to style my hair during those few days, but this look makes it easy. You just comb your hair back and maybe add a touch if water, and the oil in your hair will keep it in place naturally. 

For my face I used the Sweet Peach Too Faced palette, Maybelline Butterfly Mascara, Maybelline Lasting Drama eyeliner, Essence lip liner in the shade honey berry, Wet and Wild lipstick in the shade dark pink frost. 

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  1. This looks so good on you! Love the style very chic…. follow me back!

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