Embroidery Babe

Embroidery is everywhere right now. It’s on jackets, crop tops, bralettes, jeans, just about anything you can imagine. I love this embroidery trend. I feel like it’s shedding light on a last art. You can find embroidered pieces just about anywhere, like Urban Outfitters, Romwe, and where I got this gorgeous satin jacket, Forever 21. 

This jacket is probably one of the sickest bomber jackets I’ve ever seen. It has this beautiful embroidery design of flowers and little blue birds down the front. I got a medium and it fits like a glove. It’s warm to keep you from shivering on these last windy days, but light enough to wear into the spring. I paired it with my tank top I got from 2020AVE, some simple black skinny jeans, and black sneakers. I love how this jacket looks with the pattern underneath, and it would look great with a monochromatic shirt as well. 

The look, feel, and style of this jacket gives the ultimate cool girl vibes. It is so easy to style, which definitely makes one of these a staple to any wardrobe. But if it’s already scolding hot where you live and you can’t help yourself from loving embroidery, I would try out some t-shirts or embroidered shoes. It’s an extra pop of color and texture that kicks an outfit up a knotch. 

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2 thoughts on “Embroidery Babe

  1. You look super chic 🙂 I was in F21 a few weeks ago and they had so many gorgeous pink bombers that I was so tempted to get them all!!!

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