Personal Poetry (No. 2)

Not so long ago I posted a Personal Poetry  (No. 1) and it was pretty successful. I had people reaching out to me to tell me how touching the poems meant to them, and that honestly made a huge difference in me. Writing and stuff, everything I show y’all here, are very deep passions within me that I’ve carried around all my life. To see people I know and people I don’t have such a positive reactin to it is a reward I didn’t anticipate being such a huge deal for me. So because people enjoyed my poetry, I’ve been writing a few more that I wanted to share with y’all. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog with your email to get updates when I post! I hope you like these:
Be There or Be Square 

Little miss guided
Walking straight lines
Little did she know
It was really a square
She gets excited
While she passes the same sign
Just like a minute ago
As if it wasn’t there
She doesn’t fight it
She feels just fine
On this path she follows
She doesn’t really care
Little miss quiet
Running out of time
She breaks the flow
To sit in a chair
Little life lived
If only she could find it
It all feels hollow
It really isn’t fair
Little miss guided
Didn’t live life
Waiting for tomorrow
For moments to share

(Okay, so I kind of think this one needs a little explanation. Basically it’s in A,B,C,D rhyme scheme, which was pretty hard to do. But it really is just about being focused on one goal so much that you miss the life going on around you. I am a workaholic and I always feel like I never have enough time to accomplish anything, so I’m always busy. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I relate to this poem very much because of it.)

Ode to Blue

His eyes may be blue
But they stain my cheeks red
and his hands may be strong
But they hold me so gentle
There is a calendar in my head
Of dates, pictures, and events
Has it really been so long
Or have I gone completely mental
His cologne smells like home
I hoard his shirts in my house
His love fills up my phone
As much as storage allows
His mouth may be quiet
But his body really speaks
He may be surrounded by valleys
But that’s because he’s at his peak
There is a heart in my chest
That was once very sore
There is a man that’s confessed
His love for me and more
I have fallen down a long well
Of wishes that have come true
I’ve fallen madly in love
With those eyes that are blue

(This one is dedicated to the best boyfriend in the world -in case you couldn’t already tell. He is such a support system for me and we are a great team. It will soon be two years for us and every now and then we return back to those butterfly days. I had that feeling when I wrote this poem at like 3 in the morning while he was sleeping and wouldn’t text me back!) 

For my Parents

11 years old and we played in the snow
Picked us up from school early
And your hands held the world steady
13 years old and my life was your newspaper
You gave me advice about everything
You hid the hard things and smiled at us
15 years old, and I’m constantly on your nerves
High school problems, I know everything
You’re fighting battles I don’t see
17 years, and my attitude’s worse
Honestly, I just want to make you proud
And you don’t know I care what you think
19 now and I got secrets
And you know that but you trust me
I don’t know how to express how much I appreciate you
We’re getting old now but I feel like I’m 8
Sitting the back seat watching y’all laugh
Eye contact through the rear view
These fights are becoming few
Although they’ve etched their way into our hearts
It helps the love flow
And I know you don’t want to let us go
But truth is, you will always be with me
Because I’ve formed myself from the shape of you
And that is the best thing I could ever do

(Alright I know that last one is a little rough in the beginning because it doesn’t rhyme and the rhythm is ehhhhhhh, not really present but the message is there. Funny story about that last one though, I actually wrote it in the car on the back from NOLA and I started crying. I was like hiding my face in my pillow, trying not to let my parents know because I was just back there writing a little gushy poem for them lol.)

Okay, so that’s all I got right now. I do have some more tucked away that can be a little vulgar based on the language and on the tone of them, but I’m just waiting to share those with y’all until we develop a better relationship lol. I do hope you like these, and they wedge their way into your hearts somehow. Thanks, as always, for reading and don’t forget to subscribe. It really helps to subscribe so that way I can see your support and you can get updates every time I post. 

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  1. ode to blue is beautiful

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