Lip Gloss Glamour

Welcome back to the blog everyone!! As stated in my previous post, Spring is coming!! I’m so excited for this season. Usually Spring falls to the bottom of my list of seasons that I like, but I’m super excited for the fashion this year. 

For awhile now, matte lipsticks, lippies, and liners have been everyone’s staple, including mine. But now I’m kind of venturing into new lighter options to accommodate the weather. I’ve found my solution. Lip gloss. For this post I picked 3 different types of colors. 


Even if I’m switching the type of product on my lips, I will probably still be sporting the same colors more often. Nudes gained a lot of popularity, and rightfully so because they can make everyone feel great, no matter their skin tone. 

I really like this color. I wish my natural lip color was this gorgeous and vibrant. I will be sticking this shade in my purse for the upcoming months. 

Pretty Pinks:

Pinks, corals, and blush colors are new additions I’ve been slowly making myself comfortable with. Bright pink matte lipsticks always made me feel so out of place, but this lip gloss adds a cute little touch of coral to my look without me feeling too extra. 

I know matte colors got outstandingly popular because they are, well, matte. But I’m adoring the sheen and shine lip glosses offer. It brings me back to the early 2000’s. 


Now I’m definitely not recommending completely throwing out your matte colors. I’m saying to explore your lip game options. There are beautiful glitter options like this that are amazing on top of normal lipsticks. They add a flare of fun to any look that you can’t get anywhere else.  

All of these products are from The Color Workshop. The brand is quickly making its way to my make up collection and growing. I love everything I’ve ever gotten from them. 

Thank you all for reading and giving me your feedback. I truly think lip glosses will be a makeup trend this season. 

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