Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a unique day. It’s that time where you get to express your love for somebody, whether it be a crush, a spouse, or a family member. At the candy store I work at, I have plenty of people pooring in buying gifts for people in their lives. This inspired me to come up with a somewhat unique list of gift items you may like to try to give that special person, so your gift will truly be something memorable and full of love. Some of these are clichè valentine gifts, but some I think are pretty creative. 

  1. Chocolate dipped fruit (strawberries are common, but I’m really interested in some chocolate blueberries)
  2. A pillow with a cute message 
  3. Gifts centered around their hobbies or likes. (Your significant other may like not even like chocolate lol, try thinking about if they like to fish or drink coffee) 
  4. Message creams and body lotions
  5. Teddy bears with notes inside (like build-a-bear used to do)
  6. A locket with a cute note or picture
  7. A quilt made from T-shirts (this would be perfect for my bf because I always steal his t-shirts)
  8. A photo album of valuable memories. 
  9. Tickets to a romantic date or two for the future.
  10. A painted potrait of that special someone
  11. Love coupons 
  12. Some poems (especially if you aren’t the gushy type. Something out the ordinary to show your affection is what Valentine’s Day is all about!)
  13. Nice clothing like a dress shirt or shoes
  14. Cheesecake (this one is a hint for my bf)
  15. Candles or perfume

    That’s my clever little list. Some can be homemade, and others can be bought. A lot of times I see Valentine’s gifts that are centered around puns of some sort like “love bug”. I think those are cute, but if you aren’t good with words, it can be hard to think of something creative. 

    Have fun this year. Don’t be afraid to express your love or affection for your significant other. And don’t forget about your friends!!! Some of the best gifts I ever gotten were from my best friends r my mom. A loving gesture and thought really goes a long way. 

    (All these things pictured above can be found at Sweet Shop USA in Mt. Pleasant.) 

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