Amp Up Your Valentine Makeup 

Post #2 in my valentine series, and today I’m going to be talking about your makeup. If you wanna check out post #1, Valentine’s Day Outfits, please do for some outfit inspiration. So the first thing that came to my mind for Valentine’s Day makeup was bright red lipstick. And then I was like, duhhh. That’s a given. So I made myself get a little bit more creative and think of another way to amp up this year’s look.

Although your lips will obviously be important for the romantic day, I decided to focus on the eyes, (which is the best part of my makeup for me).

See how pretty that is? What my little love filled heart told me to do was start with a pink base on my eyelids. I used a matte (nonshimmery) blush pink eyeshadow, and blended it out with a soft brown, to add a neutral in there because I love neutrals. But the kicker to this makeup here is the eyeliner. 

I. Am. Obsessed. 

Remember my cute little grandma from my Visit to NOLA post? Well, she gave me sone gorgeous liquid eyeliners, and they all sparkle and they all are SO easy to apply. The applicator is a pointed thin brush that is easy to manipulate to create the shape you want. This winged look was done in about 5 seconds. The glitter eyeliner trend is blowing up, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to add it to your makeup. 

I think this eye look would match well with a nice rosey blush and a soft lip color. And it doesn’t matter what your plans are for the day, this makeup could work ANYWHERE. I see this trending all throughout 2017. 

The brand is The Color Workshop. They have all kinds of makeup stuff, like eyeliners and cream highlight. The highlight could be used to brighten that cheekbone or as an eyeshadow. Maybe I will feature that in some makeup here soon. 

Remember to have fun and show the love this Valentine’s Day. I have a couple more posts coming up themed after the special day, so keep your eyes peeled. Remember to follow this blog with your email to get updates everytime I post something trendy. You could also follow my instagram: Emmakaty_ for sneak peeks of my posts, or my Facebook page trendygazette fans. 

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