Hungry Pumpkin

It’s that time of year again for the festivities to start. One of the best (and messiest) traditions of Halloween is pumpkin carving. It is so fun to get everyone together and create something nice for all the trick or treaters to see. Here’s a video of the pumpkin my sweet boyfriend and I got to do for a contest this year: 

We worked super hard on it and actually won a prize! It was a great experience to have with him. 

The only problem with carving pumpkins is all the guts on the inside. They have to come out, so you might as well put those guts to good use. Something that I’ve always wanted to try was roasting the pumpkin seeds. Down below are a few recipes you and your family might want to try out: 

Carmelized spicey:
Honey and sweet:
(P.s. if you have young children or pumpkin guts gross you out then I suggest painting pumpkins. It is a great way to decorate, and you can use glow in the dark paint to light up the night. Here’s an example: 

Super cute and great for indoor decorating with small pumpkins.) Have fun this Halloween and stay safe out there!! Thanks for stopping by!

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