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Happy Friday everyone!!! Finally, the weekend. I hope everyone has had a good week. 

Today is Friday, so that means it’s time for another lifestyle post. And for this one, I wanted to get really personal with you guys and share some poetry I’ve been working on. 

Now writing just sort of came easy to me, from a very young age. And old friends can tell you that it was just a part of me. I used to have a stack of different notebooks constantly in the corner of my desk just waiting for my free time. I wrote a fantasy novel at the age of twelve, and competed in competitions, but as the years went on, I lost my touch. I developed other hobbies, tried other things. 

But here we are. Emma’s back on track and ready to share. Here we go. 


A broken clock
Mirrors my inside
Piece by piece shattered
Over the past
Broken hands
That tremble by the second
A transparent surface
You can see inside me
I just exist
Because you created me
But destroy me you do
Every time I call for attention
A broken clock
Ticking all night
Tick tock
Make it stop

A broken clock
Lays by my bed side
And every now and then
I hear it’s ticking
And know it’s my soft heart
That it’s mimicking
Reminding me
I can still go on


Painted and prime
Curvy and Devine
Smooth as a rock
Ageless as a clock
How many men does it take
To appraise a piece of art
That doesn’t want to be sold
Subject matter
Broken and tattered
As still as a house
As quiet as a mouse
How many artists does it take
To paint enough female bodies
To realize what they’re worth
Made of ceramic
Completely dynamic
Shiny as a pearl
Beautiful little girl
How many poems does it take
For you to realize
That you’re marble arms can move


I am okay.
I’m sitting here trying to think of something I’m upset about
In order to find something to write about
Because that’s all I used to do when I was 13
But I’m okay
I’m 18 now and things are going good
I mean, yeah politics suck and people are dying
Have you ever thought of that?
At this very moment I’m typing a sentence while someone else is finishing a test
And someone else is being yelled at for failing a test
And a teacher out there is thinking of grading the tests when really all he wants to do is call his ex wife
So he counts a few extra points wrong because it makes him feel better about himself
And here I am
Trying to remember why I used big words to describe how I was feeling back then because it made me feel more important
But really I just didn’t want anyone to understand what I mean,

 because I wasn’t ready to share my feelings 

5 months ago I was in a very different place
5 months ago I was forgetting to eat and losing sleep
And 5 months ago that teacher was sleeping with his new ex wife
and 5 months ago you didn’t like poetry but look at you reading it now
And for the first time in my life I’m struggling to find something to struggle with
I’m sure if I sat here long enough, I could find something wrong
Like the fact that a lot of animals I think are really cute are going extinct
And right now while I’m smiling, someone else’s house is burning down
Maybe 2 years from now, my house will burn down
I hope somebody will be smiling then 
I am okay
And there will be days where I won’t be okay
Or weeks
Or months
But while I’m not okay
Someone will be delivering a baby
And someone else will be moving into their new house
And somebody else will be reunited with their birth mother
And they will finally be okay
So I’m alright with taking turns

Alrighty everyone, that’s all I got. They all mean a lot to me. I figure when I look back a few years from now I’ll think they’re garbage, but they sound pretty good to me now. Please let me know what you think. And go check out some of my friends’ poetry. 

My friend Chelsey has some poetry on her blog : 

And Katherine  (my photographer) also writes:

Everybody have a great weekend and stay on the lookout for my Haul post coming up on Monday. Here’s a sneak peek. 

4 thoughts on “Personal Poetry 

  1. Beautiful, your last poem made me cry.
    You’re such a talent.

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