Ethic Beauty

My love of makeup has been growing and growing. However, my love of animals has always been a part of my life. 

So for this post I wanted to talk about some makeup products that are cruelty free. The two photos above have makeup brands, both high end and drugstore, that are all cruelty free. 

This means they don’t use animal products in their makeup and they don’t test on animals. 

(I did not make these edits)

I LOVE Tarte cosmetics. They have such great stuff. Their palettes all smell so amazing. And E.l.f. have really nice essentials, not to mention, they’re also aesthetically pleasing. 

Colourpop has a line with Amanda Steele. It has three different eyeshadow shades, and three different lipsticks. You can check it out on their website, and there’s a behind the scene video on her YouTube channel. 

Wet n’ Wild also have BEAUTIFUL brushes. I love their line with the white handles and pink bristles. They are so cute. 

These cruelty free brands have so much to offer without the cost of using animals. I’m working on completely converting my makeup to cruelty free products.

I hope you found this post helpful and it inspired you to use cruelty free brands. 

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