How To: Perfect Eyeliner 

Alright if you are anything like me, girls with perfect winged eyeliner intimidate you because, oh my gosh HOW???? 

I would spend a really long time practicing winged eyeliner. I would get sparkling black lines smeared all over my face. This honestly got to be so annoying and made me give up multiple times. But I found a little practicing trick, or even a little outlining trick to help you achieve that perfect liner without all the annoying smeared mess. 

I applied eyeshadow to make the effect show up. You could also use this technique if you like the way it looks on top of your eyeshadow, or to help drawn on your eyeliner.

All you will need is a good concealer and eyeliner brushes. 

This one I used is Covergirl in their lightest shade. I’ve had this one for awhile, so I have my eye out for a new one. I’ve been hearing a lot about Tarte’s shape tape concealer, but if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. 

I have a thin liner brush and a pen brush. These came with an eyeliner set. I dabbed these brushes with a little bit of concealer to draw the shape of the wing I want. 

Practicing this way will prevent you from wiping your face too much and getting it all red and getting you all aggravated. It’s like a mess free practicing technique for those of you who need a little help, like me. 

Winged eyeliner has been a staple in makeup looks for awhile, and I don’t think it’s going anywhere. I saw an article on Seventeen’s beauty about “negative eyeliner”. Go check it out! It’s actually pretty cool and innovative. Its is a new way to draw eyeliner and can be achieved using this same method. I hope to play around with it some more, but honestly I still need more practice. 

I hope you found this post helpful and use this trick. Thank you so much reading. It truly means a lot. 

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