I’ve always had a thing for trying new trends and mixing up my looks. From a young age I was layering clothing pieces that shouldn’t be combined, painting on my clothes, cropping a lot of shirts. It takes a while to find your way in the fashion world, but we all go through it.

The only accurate way I could ever find to explain the importance of an outfit was to describe the process of creating a compisition. Any one who had ever paid attention in their year 1 art class knows there are elements of art and principles of design. There’s things like color, shape, balance, movement, that can turn an ordinary picture into an extraordinary piece of art. The same is true with fashion. 

More outfits and lookbooks are to come, but I wanted to share some sketches I’ve done. I found a nice little book that is supposed to help inspire outfit ideas and body figures. It’s also kind of like I coloring book. Here’s what I’ve created so far. 

I really enjoy using this book because some of the illustrations are half way drawn, so you already have a body form to work with. When I would try to free hand my drawings, I had such a hard time drawing postures. 

I really like some of the designs I’ve created. I also like this book because it creates different looks with body types, backgrounds, and cities. This allows me to try out different things and create a vision for more types of girls. This prevents me from only designing for a girl like me. It can be easy to get lost in only your interests and forget what other people may like. This book has helped me overcome boundaries.

I hope to share some more sketches and drawing with you, and eventually make these drawings come to life. I have no idea how to sew really, which is obviously a set back. I am trying to figure out where to take classes, because learning on YouTube isn’t a reality for me. I really need someone with me to help me learn. However, getting to the point where I can create my own clothes is in my hopes and dream, so if anything does develop I will definitely let you know. 

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