Button Down Beauty

Last year plaid flannels were all the rage, and you can still find that cute staple piece at Urban Outfitters. However, I was always a fan of the layering trend, but not so much of the plaid flannels, just because of how expensive those shirts are. Sometimes I’d go looking for a nice flannel just to find out they’re like $45!! I cannot afford all that you know? These simple button down shirts can be easily found in the men’s section of your local thrift store. The one shown above was one of five that I bought in an entire shopping trip costing less than $25. 

I paired this dark blue button down with a tan skater dress and some thigh high socks. This look kept me warm, but still wasn’t too hot when the cold morning turned into hot afternoon. This outfit was a perfect mix of grunge and flirty, which I absolutely love. I see these button downs coming back for fall, as they can go great over dresses or tied around the waist. 

The boyfriend and oversized trend has been going on for awhile now, but it is so much easier to pull off now that the autumn season is back! 

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2 thoughts on “Button Down Beauty

  1. I think you look beautiful

  2. yaaassss! so cute, i am in love with that dress and those thigh high socks.

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