2016 Top 10 Trends

It’s a new year which means new trends. I thought that 2016 had some really unique trends develop, so I figured it would be a good idea to compile what I felt were the best trends and share them with you. 

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Eyebrows have been a big deal lately, and I personally credit Cara Delevingne for opening our eyes to beautiful brows. Some people prefer them very dark, very shaped, or very natural. It has grown to be a defining feature in full face looks.

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Slip dresses are so simple and easy to find. You can find them in all kinds of fabrics, in every type of store. The best part is that not all slip dresses are form fitting, so they can accommodate all types of bodies. 

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Ombre lips are something I’ve been seeing and absolutely adore. I am not gutsy enough to try this out yet, but I think the idea is wonderful and something we will continue to see more of in 2017. 

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I am obsessed and am regretful that I never invested in a pair of fishnets. They were sold out every time I checked my wishlist. There may still be time to wear this super edgy trend, but I feel it’s end is drawing near due to the weather. This was definitely a fall/early winter look WIN. 

Platinum blonde hair is ugh, so gorgeous. I started to see this hair trend spread across so many youtubers, and fell in love. I recently went blonde myself, which has been wondering if platinum might be in my future. 

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Choker neck shirts also spread quickly on YouTube hauls and I personally prefer this cropped sweater look over the plunge neck shift shirt dress version, but both seem to be doing sucessful. 

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This isn’t a “trend” but in 2016 we saw a lot of people defending their natural hair and hairstyles from cultural appropriation and conformity. That was a much needed social change. It’s wonderful to see beautiful women wearing hairstyles that make them feel confident. 

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Lace up everything: shoes, sweaters, dressrs, shirts, pants, EVERYTHING! This trend exploded during 2016 and I honestly don’t see it going anywhere. This technique can be used on so many verstile ways, there are many ways to reinvent it. 

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Forever 21 completely took over the bodysuit game. These look weird at least, but can be so cute! Meant to give you that perfectly tucked in look, body suits looks AMAZING with pants, shorts, and skirts. These I’ve been seeing on the decline, but they were definitely a staple in 2016 and may make their way around again soon. 

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Last but not least, we see distressed clothes. It started with our jeans and spread to tops, hoodies, hats, and I think I saw a pair of shoes out there but I’m not entirely sure. I honestly did not see it coming, and think it’s a pretty cool trend for those adventurous go getters. It was definitely popular. This reminds me of a grunge look back in the day, which I think a lot of styling drew inspiration from. 

2016 was a wild year, and although a lot of trends suraced and died, these were the ones that really stood out to me. I enjoyed seeing a lot of voice in people’s clothing. I feel like people are beginning to find their own voices in their clothing, instead of relying on expensive brands. I hope this continues in 2017, and even more positive changes happen. 

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