New Years Glitz

New Years is right around the corner which means new year parties, fireworks, and midnight kisses. So for this post, I wanted to put together a few looks and styling ideas that you could wear alone or together. 

The Cut-Crease: 

Every beauty guru is doing it, and you can too. The cut crease eyeshadow trend is taking over, and it is so cute. 

For this look, I decided to use purples instead of nudes, because I was feeling festive. I encourage you to use whatever bright colors makes you feel wonderful! 

The trick to this look is concealer and a crease brush. I used a pigmented purple and a dark shimmer purple and concentrated on my crease. Once that was blended to my liking, I dabbed a little bit of concealer on my lid. I blended it with an eyeshadow brush. This technique cleans up your eyeshadow and gives you that sharp look. And then, because I was feeling extra, I added some very glittery white eyeshadow to my lid. 

I  wouldn’t recommend this look unless you start getting early like 2 days in advance. No, I’m kidding, but yeah it really does take a long time. I was actually very pleased with this look, but I do see room for improvement. I dont usually go for looks like this. But hey, the New Year is starting! Change and risk is what it’s all about. 
Tipsy Lipsy:

Matte lipstick has been the staple for the past few months. But this look is inspired by what your lips would look like when the fireworks go off in the night and sparkle off the beautiful color.

For this look I used a matte liquid lipstick underneath and applied gold glossy top coat. 

If you wanted to match the cut crease with glittery lips, I commend you. I personally think switching from the cut crease for the morning and then going to bold lips for the romantic evening. 

The Nyx matte lipstick came with my Madrid palette, and my gold lip gloss came with a set. The mixture of red and gold has been my absolutely favorite for the past few weeks, but this is something you could really have fun with. A pale pink with a white gloss would be stunning. I’m hoping gloss comes back in 2017. 

Sparkling flare in your Hair: 

Oh my God, we’ve seen glitter roots trends running around all over social media, and I thought this trend would be so wonderful for New Years. 

Honestly, when I was putting this together I was like “oh God what have I done” but I love this so much. To recreate this all you need to do is find some multi colored glitter. I had some lying around, but you could get it at any dollar store. I parted my hair on the sides to get that undercut look.

I sprayed some hair spray in a dish, then poured in a little glitter. I used my finger to dab it in my hair. After I was done, I put on more hair spray to keep the glitter in. 

Even though this trend is so cute, you should be warned about the clean up. Getting glitter out of your hair is very hard and takes a while. Don’t be surprised if people are saying in a weird voice “you have glitter in your hair???” Just reassure them you had an awesome New Years. 

I hope you found this styling and beauty thing helpful and use these techniques. Have a safe New Years and set some resolutions. I will write about mine soon and would love to hear about some of yours. Thank you so much for reading. 

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