Holiday Nails

Nail art is a great way to be festive and since it’s trending right now, I thought I would do a post about creative nail art ideas that are so easy, it won’t take you but 15 minutes. 


For this first design, all you’re gonna need is a light blue nail polish and a white nail polish. I did two coats of the blue for the background. For the snowflakes, the technique I used was putting dots randomly on my nail, and using a Bobby pin to draw/dab in the lines. This can create a blurred effect, so if you’re looking for something more precise, perhaps try a nail art pen. 


This look is more subtle. For this design all you will need is red and silver nail polish. I used two coats of red on each nail, and then used the silver on my fourth fingers. I then created a thin french tip by lightly draw on the tips of my nails with the silver. You could do this with gold glitter nail polish if you wanted, because the red and gold combination is very popular this year.  


This next one is a lot harder, as you can see by my big blobs of color. Personally, I think it’s super cute, but some of you perfectionists out there would probably need some help with this one. This nail art design requires a nail art drawing pen like the one I used here. 

What you do is draw a half circle on your nail, and try your best to create an oval shape, kind of like a Christmas bulb. Then I went in with red and green nail polish and no dotted on the black line ro look like colored Christmas lights. It may have came out better with a black outlinr, but I figured this is as realistic as a nail art idea post can get. 

You could use any color you like, or if you wanted to use black as the background and white as the Christmas light cord, I think that’s a fantastic idea. 

Thank you so much for reading. I wanted to create a cute little blog post for the festive season. 

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