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Nails are like a natural accessory. They also require a lot of maintance. Some people like to grow their nails long, and others like to keep them short. No matter what you like, I’ve compiled a list of ways to keep your nails looking nice without the expensive price. 

First of all, a little hidden secret my mom taught me to do was whenever you’re taking a shower, you can push your cuticles towards your finger and away from your nail, like they do in salons. The hot water softens your nails and nail beds, making this process easier and painless. This technique with keep you from developing nasty cuticle cuts, scrapes, and bleeds. 

Another tip is to only cut your nails after taking a shower. As previously mentioned, the hot water softens the nails, making clipping them much easier. Be sure to file them right after clipping to prevent hang nails. 

My last tip is to use a nail strengthing polish. I recently found a “super greens” nail strengthing complex. 

I apply a light coat. It’s perfect for keeping your nails from chipping. You can use it alone, as I often do, or you can use it beneath polish. However, if you’re going to use it under polish I recommend waiting until this product is completely dry. 



After using this product for the first time I got many compliments on how healthy and pretty my nails are. It can be extremely important what your hands look like sometimes, especially at work. If you work in food, banking, or administration, chances are people will be glancing at your hands quite a bit. This is a good trick to keep them looking nice at all times. 

This product can be found at drugstores, but if it is too pricey you can also use clear nail polish to shine up your nails. You won’t get the strengthing aspect and it won’t last as long, but it’s an easy hack too. 

I hope you found this helpful. Thank you so much for reading!! 

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